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- Slayers Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Back when I originally read a lot of Slayers fic, there were a lot of epics without pairings (and even more epics with pairings) and I tended to pass them by because I was really, really focused on pairings back then. Which makes it a shame that I'm more of a gen fan now that I've slowed down with the fandom... however, there are still a handful of gen stories (or stories that might as well be gen, probably along the same lines of the series itself, which did have some romance with Lina/Gourry) that I thought were really good and were very satisfying.

- Slayers Lina/Zelgadiss Fanfiction Recs - Lina/Zel was never quite my OTP, but it was probably the pairing I read the most fic for because I really did love the dynamic between these two. I just... sort of put it into a little mental compartment that didn't acknowledge Lina/Gourry (who I think are very good for each other, I just don't have the same interest in them fic-wise) and went from there. This pairing gets some gorgeous fic for it--a lot of it I haven't recommended properly because, when I started, I wasn't very good at this, but I do at least have links to several that will get a fan started.

- Slayers Xellos/Zelgadiss Fanfiction Recs I have a feeling that Xellos/Zelgadiss gets brushed off as a pairing that's about pairing two pretty male characters up with each other and... maybe that's true for some people, but it's really not the reason I fell for this one. Sure, they never really interact much in the series itself, but it's all in the idea and the characters' personalities potentially meshing very well together. They're two of the characters I see the most shades of gray in, something that I crave with both pairings, both have their darker moments (Xellos far, far more than any of them, of course, but Zelgadiss in his own way, too) and that's what I really crave with the pairing. I tend to shy away from stories that try to make Xellos nice, I like when this pairing is harsher and darker and not something nice. Sadly, it doesn't get written nearly enough in fandom, woe.

- Slayers Lina/Gourry Fanfiction Recs - I am very much a supporter of the Gourry/Lina pairing in the series itself, I think Gourry is probably just about perfect for someone like Lina. It's just... somehow, that doesn't translate into fic very often for me, there's something about it in fic that doesn't quite work 99% of the time for me. However, every so often there is a fic that'll come along and be genuinely good or that I'll get sucked into for the plot and it'll have just enough Lina/Gourry to make me happy. I just. Don't expect this section to grow much, despite that I honestly like the pairing.

- Slayers Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - I actually enjoy certain other pairings in the Slayers fandom--Val/Filia is a huge favorite of mine that doesn't get written nearly enough. There's the epic Zelgadiss/Sylphiel plotfics that are some of my absolute favorite fanfics ever. Every so often, Xellos/Filia will be in the background of a story I'm otherwise enjoying. Sometimes I'll read a crack pairing or an obscure pairing and enjoy the hell out of it. This'll be the section for it... which means it'll probably always be small. If it's not Lina/Zel or Xellos/Zel, it tends to be difficult to get my attention long enough to read something.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Slayers Gen/No Pairings Fanart Recs - Like with the rest of the fandom, the Slayers fanart is often focused on romance more than gen, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There may be some hints of pairings (or outright pairings) on the sites I recommend here (though, I'll try to always make a note of them), but they will also be worth skimming through for those who either dislike those pairings or don't like any pairings in the series, I hope. Since a lot of them have a bunch of single-character illustrations or group work that are mixed in.

- Slayers Lina/Zelgadiss Fanart Recs - Sadly, there's not much Lina/Zel fanart (there's not much Slayers fanart period), but I do make an effort to hunt down as much of it as I can. There is, of course, also Eugene's artwork and, I swear, sometimes she could make up an entire fandom all by herself with how amazing her artwork is. Maybe someday I'll discover that stash of fanart that I'd never managed to get to before... until then, this section is going to be terribly small.

- Slayers Xellos/Zelgadiss Fanart Recs - Surprisingly, there actually is some Xellos/Zelgadiss fanart to be found and much of it is genuinely pretty. A lot of it is getting more and more difficult to find as sites go down because of the age of the series, but there's always Eugene's incredibly gorgeous artwork and Cherrywood is still one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen and there are a handful of artists drawing it up on deviantART... but, yes, like the rest of the art sections, this one will be small. Decent, considering the rarity of the pairing, but small.

- Slayers Lina/Gourry Fanart Recs - Lina/Gourry art is... surprisingly difficult to find sometimes. Though, I suppose one must consider that I'm not as hungry for it as I am other pairings and maybe I have rather high standards for it. I don't tend to search very hard and when amazing sites don't simply plunk themselves down into my lap, I tend to give up and wander off to the other pairings... but I haven't given up hope of finding (or relocating) some of the really, really pretty sites that I know must be hiding out there somewhere. They're the main pairing of the series, you'd think it'd have to be out there! XD

- Slayers Val/Filia Fanart Recs - Val/Filia doesn't really get that much fanart, but, dammit, I love them enough that I'm going to give them their own section anyway. They're a pairing that... quietly touches me, makes me ache a little for both of them, and hope that they manage to build something together. I know a lot of people dislike the idea of the pairing because of the way Slayers TRY ended, but somehow that doesn't really bother me, I still think of them as a romantic pairing. The image of them in each others' arms and naked certainly doesn't hurt. ♥__♥

- Slayers Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Mostly, this section will likely be a place to chuck all the sites that have background pairings that I didn't know where else to put. Or sites that have themes I'm not really sure about but definitely have romantic connotations to them. Or, who knows, maybe someday I'll brave my way into Xellos/Filia or Zelgadiss/Amelia waters because I get desperate for new Slayers art and they do seem to have some pretty art on their sites. Will probably always be small, though, since nothing really grabs me and sparks my passion unless I already have a section for it.

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