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: Soul Eater - Fanfiction Recs - There's not a lot of Soul Eater fic to be found yet, but I keep hoping one day. :< I'm mostly geared towards gen, Soul/Maka, and Stein/Spirit, but because the fandom is really small, I'm more likely to pick up whatever's available. The fandom is really small and I crave more of it! It's really hard to wait between chapters! And fandom isn't yet giving me my Stein/Spirit fic yet! I keep hoping but. >:| Anyway, this section is small for now, but I'm working on it.
: Soul Eater - Gen/Everything Else Fanart Recs - As much as I like pairings and all, I really did fall for the characters on their own, I really like their platonic friendships between all of them or the rivalries/fucked up whatever you want to call it that's between Stein and Medusa. I do look for a lot of pairing fanart, but I'm also still at the point where I'm looking for ANYTHING that looks pretty. I was originally going to seperate out the gen/no pairing stuff from the "everything else", but I don't think I can yet justify breaking this section down that much. I'm pushing it for the OTPs even. >_> So, this'll basically be my catch-all section!
: Soul Eater - Soul x Maka Fanart Recs - I honestly didn't expect to fall for Soul/Maka as hard as I did, but they're such a fantastic and genuine partnership that I was so very won over and now I want more and more of them. (I-- I also kind of hope that canon actually is going there.) There's not a ton of fanart for them, but I've made trips specifically to look for them and there's a handful of really cute stuff! While not everything is truly pairing-oriented in this section, it will have a large focus on their relationship and hopefully grow with time. ♥ : Soul Eater - Stein x Spirit Fanart Recs - Dammit, if the English fandom isn't going to give me Stein/Spirit, I'm going to have to wade into the j-fandom to find it. >:| There isn't nearly as much as I'd hoped for, but considering how small the fandom is in the first place, it's probably one of the top two pairings to be found and I'm certainly doing my best to hunt all the sites down. It's just. I couldn't help it! They were so awesome in the manga and there's an actual dynamic there that's so intriguing, partly hilarious and partly something deeper, and then the anime went and made it even more lolarious and full of surprising complications and. Yeah. OTP here, too.

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