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- Spiral - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I clicked onto this site completely randomly (from a YYH page, I think) without meaning to, but I'm very glad I did because a) it gives me a starting point for Spiral fanart (whenever the heck I finally finish watching the series) and b) because the art is really very pretty. The artist seems to especially have fun drawing Eyes and KanonexEyes, but I find myself drawn to her group illustrations the most, because they're just wonderful. The colors are bright without being gaudy, soft without being washed out, and they're nicely detailed. (KanonexEyes.)

- Spiral - W.QUAKE [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, there are some series/characters that really look good done in a CG style and some that don't. (Though, I'm fond of anyone who can do it well.) Eyes is one of those characters who just looks really good done in the CG style, it really seems to fit him. And what I liked so much about this artist is that the style she uses makes him almost seem to glow with a soft light, his eyes also such a vivid color. And while it's pretty all on its own, what really made me like it was that it fit the character so well. Plus, lots of art here! *sparkles*

- Full Metal Alchemist/Spiral/Gundam SEED - Omega+Gimmick [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I was hesitant to rec this site at first, because I have a lot of negative associations with the pairing after the atrocious behavior of (several of--not all, mind) the fans on the English-speaking side of the ocean, but... well, to be honest, I was won over by the Roy/Ed art on the site, which was lovely. There was this one that just took my breath away because of the lines and the colors, not necessarily traditionally pretty, but if you're an art junkie like me, the feeling of it was grand. There were also some gorgeous Roy illustrations, some adorable Winry illustrations, some pretty Hawkeye illustrations, and a squee-worthy Winry/Al illustration that had me dancing a little jig. I like the watercolor-type style and, hell, I figured if the Japanese fen can be tolerant and like all things, I can, too. The Spiral art is just... cute, even if the pairing isn't my favorite. Ayu/Hiyono doesn't hit me quite the right way, but I HAD to rec this site because the art is just so PRETTY; it's more of the same watercolor-like style that give the illustrations these soft, gentle feel to them without being all sacchirine or shoujo-y. As for the Gundam SEED art, it continues in the same vein--very soft, pretty colors, watercolors-type style, a good selection of just about all the characters. I have a real fondness for sites that cover a wide range of stuff. ^_^ Plus, even more than her other art, the artist's lines look fine and detailed here, making it all just really PRETTY. Or, you know, I could just be squee'ing because the artist drew a Kira/Frey illustration and I still have massive Frey love. It was just the one, I think, but that was still enough to win me over. ♥ However, the Kagari 22 section is chock-full of BEAUTIFUL illustrations. *__* (Roy/Ed, Roy/Hawkeye, a little Ed/Winry, Ayu/Hiyono, all over the place with G-SEED, a slight nudity warning.)

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