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Star Trek: TOS: Message in a Bottle by DebbieB - So, not that I've seen it yet, but the new Star Trek movie being pretty much got into my brain and made me want to dive back into that old TOS nostalgia. And, since this was a show of my childhood, naturally I gravitated right back to Christine Chapel, who was one of my favorite characters from the original. (Well, I say that like they weren't all my favorite characters at some point, but the only thing I really felt the urge to fandomize was the Spock/Chapel pairing.) And so I hit up Google to attempt to find fic and stumbled over this one. It's fairly long and, while I was reluctant to start something so long, it was ultimately worth it because the characterization of this Christine sucked me in right away. The fic does a really marvelous job of having her get caught up in Spock's whirlwind yet again, even so many years after she'd last seen him, but giving her this strong, sensible, fully realized personality of her own. I love that she is her own character here, her choices are her own and that's what the fic's ultimate point was, to be about Christine Chapel. And that's why I loved the way this ended (and I loved the inclusion of the characters' fates from TNG being worked in there) and how Christine ended up. It was so much more satisfying a fic than I was expecting. ....and I realize how lame this rec was, but it was hard not to spoil anything, okay. :| (Implied Spock/Chapel.)

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