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: Star Trek XI - Gen Fanfiction Recs - The longer I'm in the fandom, the more I kind of get disheartened with both sides of the whole shipper thing and all I really want is gen fic. I'm pretty easy for whatever character it might focus on, I like exploring the new versions of these characters, especially the ones that were so different from the original or just didn't get any personality in the movie at all, but ensembles are definitely my favorite. Well, that and fic focused on Kirk, who I never liked that much in the original, but I came away from this movie really fascinated with him. This will probably be the most consistently updated section and definitely my cherished one.
: Star Trek XI - Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Recs - I never shipped them in TOS. I can't really say I even ship them now. Just that I find them to be two of the more interesting characters in the movie and their relationship was very different from TOS and, I guess, somehow that made it okay for me to read fic for them. But mostly it's that I thought Chris Pine and Zack Quinto had a lot of great chemistry and they were pretty enough that I let my guard down.
: Star Trek XI - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Occasionally there'll be other pairings that pop up, like the occasional Spock/Uhura fic that actually feels spot-on to me or how I'm developing quite the soft spot for Kirk/Gaila in fandom or how I'd love to see more Uhura/Gaila fic. Occasionally Sulu/Checkov or Sarek/Amanda (whom I still love from TOS) gets some interesting fic as well! I generally don't branch out that much, but I still needed a section to toss all those fics into.

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