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      S T A R     W A R S

            [ Films + The Clone Wars + Rebels + Comics + Novels ]

Once upon a time, I was only very vaguely into Star Wars, it had never caught me the way other fandoms had. Then I saw The Force Awakens and realized how much I cared about this world and thus wanted fix-it fics, but to do that you had to go all the way back to the prequal era to really fix things and then I realized, oh, shit, I actually have a lot of feelings about Anakin Skywalker and now I am super, super invested in the Skywalker & Extended Family Drama like you wouldn't believe.

Recs are separated out by era/timeline effects, rather than my usual strictly by pairings. I'm very weak to Fixing Things via Canon Divergent or For Want of a Nail fics, but I like character pieces or anything that soothes my soul. I'll read full AU (modern or fantasy or otherwise) but my heart belongs to Making Things Better, as well as a good amount of focus on the Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme trio or Master & Padawan pairs.

Star Wars - Pre-The Phantom Menace fic
Star Wars - Padawan Anakin Era fic
Star Wars - Clone Wars Era fic
Star Wars - Rebellion Era fic
Star Wars - Force Ghosts Make Everything Better fic
Star Wars - Sequel Trilogy fic
Star Wars - If Things Had Been Different fic
Star Wars - Just Kiss Already fic
Star Wars - Luke and/or Leia-centric fic
Star Wars - Cross Generational fic
Star Wars - Human/Modern AU fic
Star Wars - Post-ROTS Hijinks fic
Star Wars - Sith!Obi-Wan is my weakness fic
Star Wars - Time Travel fic
Star Wars - Padme Deserved Better/Padme Lives fic
Star Wars - Gender/Sex Swap fic
Star Wars - Other fic
Star Wars - Luke & Rey fic
Star Wars - Finn/Rey fic

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