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- Stargate: Atlantis - Gen Fanfiction Recs - I have a great, goofy affection for the series as a whole, which means I actually would really like to read a lot of genfic more than almost anything else. It's just that it's difficult to find when it's not pre-something and I'm sort of wary of stepping into the wrong puddles with this fandom. That said, there will be the occasional little dorky fic or possibly a lengthy plotfic or two that I will hunt down, dammit. I don't expect this section to grow much, seeing as I have no idea how long I'll be into the fandom after I've finished mainlining the episodes.

- Stargate: Atlantis - Sheppard/Weir Fanfiction Recs - I have had this strange urge to lean towards het pairings in the last year or so, which means naturally I go for the semi-obscure pairing that doesn't have a million and one fics written for it. But I was leaning towards them anyway and then "The Eye" came along and I was all, "....!! UST OMG." and I am easy for the right kind of UST. Which is what I lean towards in the fandom, though, I'll read/rec RST if that's all the decent fic I can find that day. (I tend to waffle back and forth if I OTP the pairing or just sort of like the idea of the potential of it. I think I like their chemistry more than I want a romance--at least this is what I'm saying after four days of mainlining episodes. I may change my mind any day now.)

- Stargate: Atlantis - Ronon/Teyla Fanfiction Recs - I have this thing. I have this thing where I go for the "background" pairings and OTP them and get all obsessive over them and totally shoot myself in the foot when it comes to fandom. I suspect that this is what I'll do with the HOT LIKE BURNING pairing of Ronon/Teyla. They're just. They're just. It's not just that they're hot enough to burn your face off together. It's also that they're two people who don't quite know how they fit into the universe, two warriors who understand a lifetime under the Wraith, two people who look at each other and their expressions say, 'We're going to have to save these earth people when they do something stupid, aren't we?' And I love that kind of thing.

- Stargate: Atlantis - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - Once in awhile, I'm sure I'll branch out from the above listed pairings. Or I'll read a fic that's just so good that I'll not care about the pairings. Or it'll be something signifigant on the side/in addition to the pairing I'm reading for. Whatever the reason, every section on the site needs a catch-all that's not a gen catagory and this is the SGA one. *g* Expect it to be quite thin for awhile, though. I'm pretty stuck in my ways already. *sheepish*

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