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- Studio 60 - Gen Fanfiction Recs - I don't actually read a ton of Studio60 fic, but when I do, I tend to like a lot of genfic because what attracts me to the show is the friendship between the characters, the comfortable relationships that let them be absolute idiots at each other. Plus, there are a handful of clever little crossovers or focusing on aspects of the series that are just fun--I have yet to tire of fic about the clock, for example. At least so far. The section is small so far, but it'll at least give you an idea of where to start with the fandom.

- Studio 60 - Danny/Matt Fanfiction Recs - I can never make up my mind whether I'm a gen-only fan or if I sometimes actively ship Danny/Matt. I suspect I tend to fall towards the idea of something maybe being there, but mostly implied in the fic I read, rather than outright relationshipping/expressing the feelings. I'll read just about anything if it's got sharp enough dialogue, I'm open to the idea, but the longer canon goes on, the less the show seems to focus on that aspect and the harder it is for me to maintain. Still. I like it. So here are some fic recs for it.

- Studio 60 - Jack/Jordan Fanfiction Recs - I never expected to really glom onto this pairing, much less to the degree that I have. It seemed interesting at first. Then there were little moments and I saw chemistry every time they were in the same scene together. And fandom had a small handful of authors who were writing the pairing brilliantly, exploring the darkier, messier sides of it without making it a depressing pairing. And they were sharp, intelligent, and good fics., naturally, I was won over and I kind of completely OTP these two now. If any pairing is going to get the lion's share of attention in this fandom from me, this is going to be the one.

- Studio 60 - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - And, occasionally, there will be a Matt/Harriet fic I like. Or a story with side pairings or implications that are just enough to still let me read. But mostly I might as well have labelled this the Matt/Harriet section, despite that it's probably always going to be small. (I really like the pairing, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of fic being written for it yet. I'm sort of afraid to go looking, too.) If I ever come across something that looks interesting--and I'm trying to keep myself open here--it'll go in this section, obviously.

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