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- Suikoden Tierkreis - Fanfiction Recs - There's really not a lot of Tierkreis fic out there, it's a small fandom English-wise, but I kind of pine for fic for these characters. I remain hopeful that maybe it'll catch on eventually or that I can con a friend or two into fic. There's a lot I really want to do with these characters, I actually really fell in love with them and see so much potential with them. My tastes will probably run along the lines of my fanart tastes, but I'm willing to give a lot of things a shot since I just want fic.

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Gen Fanart Recs - As much as I love pairings in the game, I came to love the characters for themselves and the sites I visit will be for the purposes of just seeing art of the characters a lot of times. So there'll probably be a lot of pairings on the sites as well, but still worth visiting just for the characters by themselves, too. This will also be the biggest section on the site and the main characters will get a lot of focus, but I do occasionally pay attention to the background characters as well. ♥

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Luo-Tao/Liu Fanart Recs - If I were forced to pick only one pairing that I could have in the game, I think this one would have been it. I'm not sure I could really even put my finger on why this one caught me so hard or what makes me love it even more than all the other fantastic pairings, but it's definitely the one that really sucked me into j-fanart. Other pairings might be more popular, but this one had my heart, I think. Luo-Tao's quiet insight and support of Liu, Liu's reliance and trust in him, it just worked for me. I'm a sucker for pairings that can have the potentia for lolz and flailing, but are also built on two people who genuinely trust each other.

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Hero/Liu Fanart Recs - This isn't my pairing, but I have a fondness for it in my own way. A lot of it was that Liu sort of snuck up on me as my favorite character and I had a real fondness for the Hero for the entire game and I just liked seeing art for the two of them. But it was also that there's some really amazing art for this pairing and, well. As always, I'm weak to pretty fanart. So this section will probably be pretty big, as far as the size of the fandom goes.

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Other Het Pairings Fanart Recs - No matter how far I got into the game, I could never quite not ship Asad/Chrodechild at least a little bit. There might not be a ton of fanart for it, but there're a couple of sites that I had to recommend. Or there's also the occasional Hero/Marica site that I fell in love with, because I still ship them as well. Those two will probably be the main ones, but there are a lot of really awesome potential het pairings in the game that I'd love to see art for one day!

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Other Yaoi Pairings Fanart Recs - Sometimes there's a yaoi pairing that I'd love to see more of (Japan really gave me a thing for Meruvis/Asad) or just pairings that are really popular that I don't mind (Tsaubern/Buchse, hero/Roberto, etc.) or that are just completely random but still really pretty, any which way they weren't quite enough to give them their own section. This will probably be one of the bigger sections of the site just because, well, Japan likes their gay and I go where the pretty is.

- Suikoden Tierkreis - Other Yuri Pairings Fanart Recs - Chrodechild/Fredegund is such the hardcore OTP for me, pretty much everyone else disappears for both of them when they're around each other and it's a really fascinating dynamic and I love it dearly. But because it's yuri, that means there's probably never really going to be a whole lot of art for it, unfortunately. So, the few sites I do scrounge up will go here, along with the occasional site for pairings like Manaril/Sophia (which I also loved) or whatever fandom might come up with. I expect it to be sadly quiet, but at least there finally is a fandom that has some yuri art, that's a start.

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