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- Supernatural - Stay by fryadvocate - As I try to entice my flist into watching this series, I try to sell it as a light, easy series. One that I just watch and feel no pressure for, that I wouldn't even dream of reading fic for. But then I read the author's DLM/BSG crossover and it was really good and I see she has Supernatural fic and I thought, oh, what the hell. And, you know? I'm glad I did. Because this fic was just absolutely gorgeous. The writing of it was just so perfect that it was like I sunk into it, that the words just flowed over me, that I was watching the TV show instead of reading fic. All these little details about druid protection circles or fighting or cleaning knives or the endless stretches of road, it all just nailed the surprising subtlty of the show itself. And, oh, man, the relationship between the brothers that's handled with such a deft hand? This was absolutely what I was hoping for from the fic, because that's the heart of the show and... just... yes. This was everything I could have wanted, right down to the way I could feel how much they ached even as they kept going, always wandering for the next hunt or trying to find their father. So good. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Hell Demands by Ingrid - :DDD! Ingrid wrote fanfic again! And, oh, god, it's beautiful in its... oh, hell, I don't know what to call it. But it's like the best of Dean and Sam's dumbass relationship with each other put into fic form. It's sort of like the best of Buffy meets Supernatural is the best way I can think to describe it. The arguing between the brothers, while still underscored with their dysfunctional relationship with each other, is a thing of beauty for several glorious pages. It's not just a few lines of good, snappy dialogue, it's pages of it and it's got Ingrid's fabulous sense of timing and charm to her take on the characters. It was just so damn much fun, so damn quotable that I itch to put half of the fic in italics to make people read it, her demon was absolute perfection and I just... everyone needs to pester her to write more fic. This is quite possibly my favorite Supernatural fic now and it really deserves a better rec than this. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - It's Got Bells On by lyra_wing - One of the most fun things about having a shiny new paid account for tomomichi is that I can now browse friendsfriends list and find a lot of shiny things I wouldn't otherwise see. Which is how I came across a rec for this fic, clicked out of curiosity (A fic about Sam and Dean as slightly younger, playing pranks on each other? I was so there.) and immediately fell in love. The author manages to write humor with these characters while still keeping with the feel of the series, complete with actually funny (and in character) pranks the brothers play on each other. The dialogue is sharp, the reactions to each other are beautiful, the way they both try to keep a lid on it while their father is around, the beautiful internal voice for Dean, all of it came together perfectly. This is the kind of fic I've been pining to read in this fandom, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - You Get What You Give by Alethia - You know, in some ways, I feel a little badly for Dean, because his life is such crap sometimes, especially at that awkward age and he's trying to find something for himself and then... his life is one long line of suckitude. But the author is absolutely brilliant at about a hundred different lines of dialogue or Dean's narration that I wanted to quote or the absolute perfection of descriptions so that I could just imagine the whole entire scene unfolding in my head. And, really, how can you not want to read a story where Dean is forced to dress up like an M&M, John actually gets to be teasing for a few minutes, and Sam is kind of a little holy terror? "You're an evil, bad--holy crap, is this M&M stoned?" he asked, getting a look at the M&M's expression. "I'm a round, gay, stoned M&M?" I laughed pretty much the entire time XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - The Lost Boy by Alethia - So, I read the previous fic by the author, was charmed by the Dean POV and the shit that happens in his life filtered through an amusing lens, and then I was curious about this fic. This... was not the same tone at all, where the other was amusing, this one was almost sad. It wasn't dark or horrible, it was too much about childhood innocence (even if it was about growing out of it, to some degree) wrapped up a beautiful Supernatural-style plot for that. What I loved about the story was what the author achieved with it--she told an actually interesting story from Sam's childhood, used it to create one that was interesting for the supernatural part of the story and for its affect on Sam, the parallels drawn between Sam and the lost boy, the way it said so much about what Sam was going through, the way he just wanted to be normal even back then, even before he was angry or bitter about it, the quiet longing for it shines through here. The Sam POV from this story was fabulous as well, because it shows an aspect rarely seen--the way Sam must have felt about John and Dean and how well they clicked into this lifestyle, the way Sam always felt like the odd one out with them. There are also hints of Sam being special/different, John's caring about both his boys, the brothers being such brothers at times, and the story of Willie and... it was an incredibly satisfying read for all that it managed to put into one story, the way the heartache written here was so... quietly effective. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Under a Haystack by Emily Brunson - This story. I mean. I've read the author's work before in other fandoms (Babylon 5, Sports Night, etc.) so I was extremely curious about her writing a mutli-part Supernatural fic, even if it was labelled "crack". And, well. For all that the idea--Dean being mysterious turned into a child overnight--is sort of crack, the author does brilliant things with it. Like, weaves together various ghoully things much in line with the series itself and the brothers' childhoods, what Dean was like as a kid, what Dean is like as a kid with an adult Sam, the way Sam is coming undone at the ends trying to deal with this, all of it. It's a brilliant story because it actually has a plot, but it also highlights their entire lifestyle, bringing up many insights--like a new understand of their father and how hard it had to have been raising kids with what they all knew and had to do. The story isn't just a little short thing, either, it actually takes its time, so that you can see Sam grow increasingly frazzled and the way he cares about this little version of Dean all over again and the way he misses his older brother so intensely, the way being on his own without the safety net of someone to back him up really is so much harder this way.

I enjoyed the story right from the beginning, it had so much promise and was living up to it with each successive chapter, but... it was somewhere in the middle of chapter 9 that the story totally sucker-punched me and before I knew it, I had tears in my eyes from the heartache of it all. The story is a brilliant piece from Sam's POV, one that makes me fall in love with his character all over again, makes me fall in love with the series all over again. And, god, the ending just... the ending threatened to undo me, there's a sort of wibbling feeling in my knees and my chest and, okay, maybe it's past midnight and I read the whole fic in one sitting so I'm prone to this sort of thing, but really. It's a powerful story and has made me fall in love with this series all over again. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - And Fools Shine On by gekizetsu - I snagged the link for this fic off X-parrot and it's one of those fics I probably never would have read if she hadn't pointed it out, which would have been rather a shame. Admittedly, the fic felt almost short because the audience was dropped right into the middle of whatever had happened and were left to sink or swim. The author does a good job of this sort of technique, you pick things up pretty fast, but it did make the fic wind up feeling kinda brief for it--despite that it's over 12,000 words long! That aside, I really did like this fic--in the continuing trend of this night, it's another Sam POV fic that made me like the character even more than I previously did. The desperation to save Dean from whatever it was that was inhabiting, the same intensity of personality from Dean while he was trying to fight whatever it was off, the little insights or flares of their usual sense of humor when facing these nasty things, the little touches of detail that the whatever-it-was did while in Dean's body, the way it taunted Sam, the actual atmosphere of intense desperation from the characters... it was all a really solid fic that I liked a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk) by clex_monkie89 - Oh. I came here for the humor, stayed for the quiet insight with the characters, and wound up a pile of mush on the floor because the drama in all the right places suckerpunched me like you wouldn't believe. This is one of those stories that can define a fandom for me, the ones that have a humor so sharp and biting that I'm laughing and quoting snippets at friends who don't even know the series because it's Just That Funny and Just That Damn Perfect. Brilliant humor and I love it so, so much. But even more than that? In these little snippets you get a sense of what the Winchesters were like growing up, how nuts those boys must have driven John Winchester, how hard it was for all of them, how they're all such boys sometimes and then... oh, god. When it hit, it didn't pull its punch and it's heartbreaking how much a father loves his sons and what he has to do. Fantastic writing, brilliant characterization, and it's everything the author set out to accomplish with it. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatura/X-Files - Stopping for Pancakes by Constance Eilonwy - Dude, Supernatural and X-Files! I'm surprised this crossover hasn't happened more often. Though, maybe I just haven't seen it or maybe that's a good thing, because it seems like an idea with the potential to go really kinda wrong. But with this author--who has long been one of my favored authors for her fabulous B:TAS fic--does a beautiful job of it, the blending of the two series is seamless and just random enough that it totally works for the length/pacing. It just seemed so... logical a conclusion that Mulder would have run across John Winchester at some point. And, man, were the little things and the atmosphere in full force here, I totally loved this. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Works in mysterious ways by lyra_wing - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - I was so onboard with the concept of giving Dean his own powers, the second I read the summary for it, I wanted in. And the fic wasn't quite what I was expecting (I'm not sure what I was expecting, though), but the author had this lovely knack for dialogue between the characters, showing the connection between the brothers through little things, and keeping this all in a very Supernatural-style universe. The case/plot of the fic was actually really kinda neat, the way Dean came into the powers was very cool, and... I liked the thought of why those powers came to him. It's hard to get into why I liked the fic without spoiling it, because the answers/not-answers the fic gave were what struck me the most. But I will say that it was a good, solid read that I enjoyed a lot and totally hit that guilty pleasure point of mine that wants to make Dean a little Special, too. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Brothers & Strangers by Emily Brunson - God, sometimes I forget just how much I really do love longfic by authors that aren't just decent or good, but who tell a story that can genuinely move and engross me. This is one of those authors that I've always, ever since I first stumbled over her in the Babylon 5 fandom, gotten sucked into and never been able to look away from until I've run out of fic. It was the same with her "Haystack" fic and now this one as well. It's just. Her sense of pacing and building tension that isn't immediately dealt with, while still maintaining interesting is fantastic. The first two chapters were spent suspecting I knew where things were going, knowing something was deeply wrong with Dean, but not really quite sure. The lack of instant payoff with this author only makes things better, though. She doesn't wait too long, she doesn't tease it out endlessly, so when you get there, it's just the right time and, god, was it... effective.

The characterization is absolutely astounding as well, Dean's reactions were gut-wrenching because they were so on-target. The angst in this story is just... normally I don't like fics that make me cry (and this one certainly put a sheen of tears in my eyes at all the right moments) but... a fic that deals with Dean's issues, winds him up even tighter so that something has to snap and give? Oh, I had to be there. I don't want to give too much away, it's hard not to spoil certain moments/scenes because the writing devestated me in that way that I wanted the fic to do. It plays with the potential for real hurt and drama with the Winchester family, it delves into Dean's issues of his place in the family, it does justice to the bond between the two brothers and yet still tears everything apart... but, I believe, for a purpose and it never felt over the top to me. One of the most beautiful things about the fic, really, was watching Dean's emotional reactions, the way he would spiral off and then supress everything back down, the way sometimes anger would spill out of him or his need to protect his little brother... all of it is beautifully done and I desperately, desperately want stories two and three of this one now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Wreckage by clex_monkie89 - When Sammy was eight he was in a car accident. This is one of those fics that I went back to reread when I was finished with it because it was an interesting read the first time through, interesting imagery, effective little snapshots of their life, good atmosphere, all of that. But getting to the end and understanding what the author intended with the story added a whole new layer of cool to it that came sharply into focus when I went back to the beginning. I love fics like that. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - And by opposing end them by hopeful_fiction - Occasionally, there are "five things that never happened to" fics that really take the concept and just run with it. This fic takes the Supernatural world and makes it a little less lucky, a little darker and maybe things don't go quite so well and there are all these different ways the series could have gone if just a few seconds had been different. Each one of them is a fascinating look at the Winchesters and/or Max, each one of them is painful in its own way, and it really is difficult to pick a favorite. The way each one unfolds and you realize what went a little differently and it's painful all over again and... yeah, okay, little!Dean with little!Max was probably my favorite because it just... oh, man, ouch. Though, the first one struck me as just far, far too plausible in that ouchy but good (for good storytelling, not a positive thing) and just... it's a good read that explores the possiblities Max's character raised. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - We All Fall Down by estrella30 - John Winchester is a character that fascinates me, both despite and because of of his flaws as a father and a person. This fic does a beautiful job of highlighting his character, giving insights into the way his mind works and what drives him, how he balances out the hunt with the love for his sons. (Actually, it's probably more like compartmentalizing than balancing.) The fic is just really well-written, the kind of fic that I don't really even see words, I just have that mental slideshow going in my head because the character's voice is just so, so dead-on. With this fic, the author attempts to express her views on John Winchester and it's... for me, it's hard to see it that way, as a piece of fic expressing a certain view on him, because it's just so in tune with how I absolutely do see him, it's like a little slice of canon in fic form for me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - The Cup of Silence by Emily Brunson - [ part 01-02 - part 03 ] - I think I would probably follow this author like a baby duckling to just about any Supernatural fic she wanted to write. I've enjoyed the previous stories, I sat down and read them straight through in one sitting, the utterly fabulous writing and emotional connection to the characters absolutely rivetting me to my seat. But this one... god, it took just the first post and I had fallen harder and faster than anything previous to it. Just. Oh. Even though I'm still poking around the Supernatural fandom, I am convinced that no one writes Dean fic like her. It's only the three chapters so far, which means there haven't been any real explantions yet, just that sense of building tension and suspense and making me wonder what the hell is going on and I might be annoyed with any other fic, but not this one. ....and, man, this is a piss-poor rec because I can't really talk about it without spoiling it. Just. Really cool concept and an interesting way to get at the Winchester family dyanmics and, man, that scene after John and J.D. met for the first time? I think I was seriously about ready to cry. Way to strike at me where I live. ;__; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Searching for the Truth by dragonsinger - I liked this story for the interaction between John and Missouri, about when he first came to her to start understanding just what it was that had killed Mary, what was out there. It's got this great sort of emotional ache to the writing, you can feel how desperate and devestated John is, I could hear Missouri's voice, concerned for him but steady. However, the really neat thing about this fic is the little twist that the author wrote on John's character, her theory that was well-executed here, like, yeah, that could have totally made sense. It's AU now because of the last couple of episodes of the first season, but reading it as an AU is still pretty cool. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - It's Not Hiding If Everyone Knows Where You Are by Troll Princess - Supernatural fic is starting to spoil me, because I'm getting used to these 10,000+ word stories that actually have plot along with the character insight stuff. Plus, with a series like Supernatural, you have to read at least one end of the world zombie fic, you know? And trollprincess makes it a good read, she gets in everything she needs to, right down to how there's actually something a lot like a hunt, a non-annoying OFC that the brothers get involved with, supernatural world building background (her zombie!world felt very well fleshed out--ha ha--despite that they don't really know what caused it, they're just trying to survive in it, but there are a thousand different details packed into the fic, the kind that make it come alive and fell fully realized rather than just distracting with them), and a genuinely touching story. Y'know. Amongst the creepy, ucky zombie parts. What the fic did was... it felt whole for me, like there wasn't an aspect of the story left out, like it could have easily spun off this way in the series itself if these events had occurred. There was a darkness to the world, even when Sam and Dean still snarked at each other, a sort of tension that was under everything even when things were going okay. It was just... a really, really solid, good story. (Hints of Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, but so not the point of the fic.)

- Supernatural - The Cup of Silence (chapter 04) by Emily Brunson - The downside to having caught up with the author's fic is that now I'm probably going to wind up pouncing on every chapter, rather than letting them build up like I should. But, enh. My site, my journal, I can rec every single chapter of a fic if I want to. *wry grin* And pretty much everything I said about the previous chapters holds true with this one as well, the way it creates this sense of yearning in me with not!Dean interacting with John and Sam, the way they both know it's somehow Dean and yet not him, seeing him with this life that maybe he could have, should have had in the first place, with not knowing them at all... it just tears at me. It's also a testament to the fantastic writing of the fic that I'm actually sort of unnerved by how... soft this Dean is, how he doesn't know what to do when the werewolf comes at him, how he's not really quite sure how to react to all this new info or these intense people who do know all of this. ....I'm also sort of chewing the furniture waiting for the inevitable confrontation to come out, for the explaination to finally be unveiled. *chewchewchew* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Et hoc transibit by Constance Eilonwy - There is something about these five shortfics about John Winchester that makes me want to cry, in that way that I've been looking for from the Supernatural fandom. The harshness of his life and this world, the way he really does love his family so much, the way he has to be strong and yet it hurts him, too, but he keeps soldiering on... all of this is said without having to say it. So much more is shown through a careful selection of words here than we have to be directly told. I really couldn't pick a favorite, each one of these hurt me, every time I think I could pick one that hurt the most... no, another one was just as wrenching. This was a beautiful fic, one of those rare short character pieces that did as much for me as some of the 10,000+ word fics I've read. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Looking for Salt by Constance Eilonwy - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - As a note, this story references the author's previous Supernatural/X-Files crossover and it would help to have read it, but it's not essential. The concept has not lost its appeal for me yet, the way the two series slide together so seamlessly here, just Dean and Sam and Mulder and Scully out in the middle of nowhere... with zombies. Right from the beginning, when Dean and Sam are arguing about whether or not to let them in, I already felt the tension of a really good build-up, wanting to get to that next moment because, omg, such potential for coolness with these four characters. The author totally lives up to that potential, too, alternating between genuinely touching scenes and hysterical little detailed moments and really clever ways the two series could cross. I also mentioned the zombies, right? Because I loved the zombies here. The pacing of the fic is fantastic, too, it just sailed right along and I'm only sorry that there's no more of it. (Some het implied, but it's not entirely the point of the story, especially not on the Supernatural side.)

- Supernatural - There Is No Spoon by Tracy - The whole fic of this is really cute, Sam trying to deal with his powers post-Nightmare, trying to find a way to tap into them again and control them... and Dean totally breaking his calm in that way Dean has. It's cute brother snarking that I like so much about the series without being over the top about it... and then the ending line just totally sells it completely. I burst into laughter because, yes, that was perfectly timed and I can so picture the expressions right along with it. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - The Longest Night by Weesta - The writing of this story could use a some polishing and I may have skimmed it instead of reading it fully if not for... oh, man, this author found my kink button and hit it hard. I have a thing for protective father/son stuff, especially when you mix it in with h/c and this fic gave it to me in spades. Dean with a high fever when he was younger and John's worried about him and you can tell how much he loves his son even when he barely says a word or thinks in terms like that. It's interspersed with memories of when Dean was younger and Mary was still alive and he's always been prone to high fevers and those little touches of a father checking on his son and, ohhhh, the glorious, glorious h/c and son issues and I could wriggle around with utter glee at this kind of fic. Shut up, this is totally my kink and Dean is sick and his family is taking care of him and aahhhh, I enjoyed this so much~! (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Wednesday by Pixel - As I've mentioned before, I almost never read deathfics but I was lured in by the beginning, already set some time after Dean's died, and Sam and John are drinking beer and not talking about Dean and it was beautifully written on a technical level and threatened to rip my heart out on every other level. The way Sam nearly sleepwalks through his life after that, the way there's so much unfinished business roiling around with him, the way it's all so painful and brutal... it feels like the way Supernatural would go if Dean died. And, oh, this fic was worth it to me for those opening scenes alone. And then Sam's time back at school because that's just the best bittersweet thing ever. Also, the ending may have hurt me kind of a lot. ;__; In the right way, though. (Deathfic, no pairings.)

- Supernatural - On A Steel Horse by trollprincess - [Note: There will be spoilers for the first season finale.] As mentioned in the rec above, I tend not to read death fics. But. This one intrigued me. And for as much as it hurts, this was an awesome read. John Winchester surviving and both his boys are gone that night and the line between raw, aching loss and steel determination is beautifully, beautifully walked here. This is a John Winchester fic that I can absolutely believe were the show to go in this direction, right down to the way that he's not a regular father burying sons, not by a long shot. And then the little details, how some of them are amusing as hell (in a bittersweet way because you know what they really mean underneath Dean and Sam screwing around with their dad), some of them make me want to tear up and cry, and then there's that last line. That last line did something to me, sent something down my spine or made my knees weak or something. Just... this is one of those stories I am absolutely glad I read, it's a must if you're interested in John's character, I think. (Deathfic, no pairings.)

- Supernatural - Out In The Open by mellaithwen - [Note: There will be spoilers for the first season finale.] I don't know Grey's Anatomy (I just never seem to find the time to sit down and watch it), but I think this fic reads pretty well even without knowing the other half of the crossover, you just have to know that John's actor played a recurring character on the show and fit the pieces together from there. But. Man. I had to read this because I've been pining for post-finale fic, especially anything where John lives and this is just... there's that beautiful, aching, raw, brutal quality to it, even while you want to hope for more. And it's about John and his sons and everything he touches turning to ashes and how he can't even forgive himself and, oh, god, Dean. A beautiful, beautiful read. (No real warnings, a slight het pairing, but.)

- Supernatural - needs must when the devil drives by LadyJaida - [Note: There are spoilers for the first season finale.] There are some fics that are just intense from beginning to end, the kind that won't let you go because it's almost like a stream of conscience, except not nearly so incoherent. There's something very raw and unpolished about the way Dean and Sam's thoughts go 'round in this fic--not unpolished by the author, it's lovely writing, but that sort of mixed-up, painful, raw sort of thought process that would come after getting nearly run over by a truck. And the voices are so... especially after what happened to them that night, the voices are so spot on. This is a really good fic, quite the ride that I couldn't get off until it was done, you know? (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Just a Freight Train Coming Your Way by gray_light - [Note: There are spoilers for the first season finale.] Oh, this was gorgeous and so perfectly in line with the episode itself, everything fit together and the little extra scene between leaving the safe house and getting hit by the truck is just as gut-wrenching as those scenes were. The way everything, absolutely everything here is coiled tension and Sam knows what their dad is thinking, knows that Dean is seriously hurt, knows that he doesn't regret not shooting their dad, and there's so much anger under the surface and it's all brilliantly played. There are a couple of lines, especially when Sam thinks about Dean and what happened tonight, that make my fangirl heart seize up in that way that I keep looking for with Supernatural fic. This was just... wrenching. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Crash by Maygra - [Note: There are spoilers for the first season finale here.] You know what the coolest thing about this fic is? Aside from all the stuff that I want out of fic, like really good writing, solid characterization that's not too over the top, but makes me feel like my heart wants to seize up anyway, really good background details and use of guest starting characters, really creepy atmosphere, and all that? That I could absolutely believe this is a plausible direction for the series post-first season finale to go. It actually deals with the plot first and foremost, takes the less is more apporach just like the series, so we never really know what happens when the demon takes Sam for those few days, only see the haunted, quiet look on him, only see Dean going tighter and tigher, more and more angry and determined. And, oh, was that build-up beautiful. Dean's characterization was fabulous here because you felt it, it was more in what he didn't say, rather than being over the top with the declarations. That, too, was just like the series. (I love Supernatural fic, but if I see too many more gushing, over the top angsty confessions about how deeply entwined Dean and Sam are, I'm going to be in danger of losing my lunch. This fic hit just the right balance for me here. So. Good. *__*) And, yeah, okay, the use of the Bobby character from the finale, the way the fic ended... I could totally, totally see the show going there and once again it was so effective because it did it like the series. Just... man. This is what I want more of. More, more, more. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Stigmata by Layton Colt - I, too, have a kink for the idea of Dean with powers, even while I get why it could never happen in canon. And this. Oh, this. It's not just neat or fun or a joy to read, it hurts, it's like the same two-by-four to the proverbial chest, like I've had the wind knocked out of me because it's so damn Dean. He can't resist abusing it, can't resist helping people because Dean gives damn near everything of himself for others and just... oh, man, the whole piece ached. From the initial time with Sam to Layla to the way it affects Dean to just... everything. I can barely restrain myself from making whimpery little squeak noises and keyboard mashing with how much I loved this fic. It deserves a better rec, it was brilliant. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Packing Heat and Various Articles of Clothing by Layton Colt - Oh, should all fic feel like a solid whack to the chest like this fic did. Four scenes, three ways Sam nearly left, but didn't, and then one time he did. The fic is filled with these moments where I want to quote them because they're the kind that can grab your fangirl heart and make it seize up. I keep saying that because it keeps being true. The way the author writes Dean and Sam and even their father, the way it's not too over the top and all the more powerful for it. The way each scene illustrations another way in which they're screwed up, in which Dean will always give more of himself than either of the others realize (and absolutely break my heart in the process), the way he always pulls them back together even when it hurts, the way Sam is full of anger, the way John is such a flawed father. Every scene is filled with details that make it come alive, so it doesn't just feel like a sketch in my hands, it feels fully realized, there's a... weight to each one of these. All the more heavy because the author achieves it through subtle writing. I just. Oh. This is why I read Supernatural fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - The Good Son by witchofthedogs - I'll state upfront that there are references to Wincest in this fic and that's very firmly not my thing. I thought it felt superfluous to the fic, that it would have worked just as well without the reference, but neither did it destroy the tale the author was weaving. I mention this as a caveat because I still want to point out that the fic was marvellously written, dark and surprisingly subtle and effective in that same way the show has, the way these creatures move through the world, the way they hate or cause pain and suffering, it should be cheesy, but somehow it works. The way it's never elaborated on too much, this creature that offers a deal to Dean and why it makes this deal and the way it's so darkly... beautiful and an awesome concept/execution. Which sounds like a crap rec, but I can't think of how else to put it. (....uhh. Read it anyway? It's good!)

- Supernatural - Before You Come in Here With Some Kinda Attitude, You Better Read the House Rules by ignipes - This was one of those fics that I wasn't sure was going to work, so often an author just doesn't have the sense of humor to pull off a fic where they go out and get drunk and do embarassing things and then are hung over the next morning, but this author... yet again, I am proven wrong by the Supernatural fandom because this was just fun and totally the way Dean would wake such a lightweight up and then tease him and then be a little horrified at how incredibly lame Sam is and then the absolutely PERFECT ending. Because Dean isn't a bad brother. But he's still a brother and he totally would. This was highly amusing and had some great dialogue and a great ending. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Five Things that Never Happened to the Winchesters (and Two Things That Did) by Vikki - I am utterly delighted that Vikki has come over into the Supernatural fandom, especially since she's now ficcing and because she shares many of my fandom kinks. Already, she's written a fic that's... in this fandom, I really like the whole "XX things that never happened" concept because it works so well for the characters and Vikki does a fantastic job with the family dynamics. Right from the first one, the way things could have turned out a little differently if only they'd been a little different, there's something a little bit haunting about this piece, something that vaguely aches. And, oh, number three was such a powerful little kicker because, yes, I can totally see Dean acting that way in his teenage years. I really adored this piece, it fits the series. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Things Sam Has Not Missed About This Life by Dee - Vikki pointed out this fic the other night and I'm really glad she did because... I tend to be wary of fics that are all about how dependant Dean and Sam are on each other, how tied up in each other they are, because a lot of it feels a little too over the top for me. This? This hits me just right, all those little details that are just so Dean and Sam. The way so many emotions, especially Sam's, shine through with the piece as he thinks of all those little things he hasn't missed, but strangely it's not really a bitter piece. It's a bit of an ouchie piece because the Winchesters have ouchie lives, but filled in with all those little details (like the way Dean smiles or the way Dean snores or the "Sammy" nickname) that are all just RIGHT. I loved this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Brothers & Strangers part II (chapter 01) by Emily Brunson - [Note: This story will make little sense if you haven't read the first story of this intended trilogy.] Perhaps I should wait until there's more of this story to rec, since I want to at least try not to rec every chapter as it's posted. Just. Just. This is that one fic that's so well-written that it positively tugs at my little fangirl heart and I've been waiting ages for it to be continued. There's still a long way to go, but... Sam's reaction to Dean's disappearance, the way the author conveys this incredibly raw quality to it, the way it's not just anger or loss or any one thing, it's this mix of so many different things and it feels so real. I mean, I can totally get past my nagging doubts that fandom overdoes the connection between Dean and Sam (given how willing they were to split up, how much time they spend apart) when it's done with such gut-punching power like this was. Way to hit all my issues and make me beg for more, man. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Top Thirty Dean Winchester Facts by madam_rosmerta - I followed a rec for this fic and I'm quite glad I did because this is one of those time when list-fic absolutely hits me the exact right way and I wound up both laughing and more than a little bit in love all over again. It's just. I love Dean. And this list totally plays into that because, yes, Dean really is JUST THAT AWESOME. I mean... how can you not love 19. Jesus owns and wears a bracelet that reads, "WWDWD?" or 6. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Dean Winchester. I still laugh every single time I reread. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - Five Powers Dean Doesn't Have by clex_monkie89 - I am always intrigued by the idea of Dean with some sort of power, so a fic with five different possibilities? From an author I know is good? Well, I had to read it just about as soon as I stumbled over it. Alternating between funny and poignant and hearbreaking, this fic did a lovely job of covering an array of possibilities for how things might have gone if Dean did have some sort of powers, both in the way things could have gone so very horribly wrong and how things could have hurt just a little bit more because Dean can be so Dean sometimes. The Ghost Whisperer one is my favorite, the way Dean used his powers was so strikingly in character that I would have loved to seen that one fleshed out into a full-length fic. As this stands, though, it's a lovely read and draws me back a little closer to the fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural - It Comes At A Price and The Beast Within by clex_monkie89 - I confess that I stared at the screen for awhile and debated whether or not to rec this set of three fics because the third one is very much Dean/Sam, which isn't my thing. Since the three of the fics were posted together, I wondered if I should still rec it... but I liked the first two fics so much that I decided to go ahead with it anyway. The author's writing is lovely, the way she can spin words together to make a great narrative, but also the way she's really good at bringing the ouch out in these characters. Sam going to Standford with various bruises from various sources and a really kickass ending. Then the Winchesters dealing with werewolves and why they're the worst for Sam and... yeah, I can really see these both sliding right in between the frames of canon. (No warnings/pairings, except for that third fic.)

- Supernatural - Desperately In Need Of A Hobby by trollprincess - I don't think I stopped laughing the entire way through this fic. Dean enters NaNo! There is no way in which that is not awesome, especially when written by this author. Because setting it from Sam's POV, watching Dean spiral off into further and further weird behavior and yet still so Dean is just... I seriously did not stop laughing the entire time. And, god, you can tell it's by someone who's seen NaNo go around a few times, the deadlines, the scrabbling for every minute, the quotas, omg. I laughed and laughed and laughed and this was brilliant. Hell, I'm still laughing. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural/Death Note - One Name Sam Wrote, and Three Dean Didn't by Nozomi - Another rec I'm ganking from Aishuu's rec, but I have this thing about Death Note crossovers, where I swear it's second only to xxxHOLiC in the awesome crossovers it can produce. And the idea of it being crossed with a show like Supernatural is full of potential. While I'd still like to see more of this idea explored, this fic was a good start on it, the way something like the Death Note would fit into the Supernatural world, the way Sam and Dean would react differently to it. There's something especially interesting about the way Dean is written in the last part of this, that something that makes me ache for him because he's so... well, Dean. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Terminator/Supernatural - What We Make by Gen X - Dude. Dude. This was awesome. Terminator and Supernatural aren't two series that you expect to go together but the way the author writes it is in this stark, numb tone that fits the bleak picture she's painting so incredibly well. I love the attention to detail in this, these little mentions of things that contribute to the whole of the world she's built here, impressive for how much the author clearly knows her stuff, but also because of the way they're woven into the story. This is not a happy fic, this is the Terminator world and it's not easy and it's a dark place they have to survive in now and I felt so much for the Winchester boys, but god was the fic so awesome. Dean's characterization especially is so spot on that it hurt to watch him survive because somehow Dean Winchester is always the one that survives. The way the SPN and Terminator characters came together, the parallels drawn, the connections made, the clashes that resulted.... It's just. This fic. This fic was keyboardmashingly awesome. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Supernatural/House - we speak in idolatry by fated_addiction - I'm fairly certain it was Zau who mentioned this fic somewhere and the idea of the John/Cameron pairing intrigued me and I follow along like a good little puppy wherever Zau goes ^_~ and this was... I don't think it was precisely what I expected, but I'm not sure what I was expecting either. It's certainly intriguing, the way the two series wind together was perfectly clear in my head, the quiet almost understated characterization here was really fabulous, and I have grown to really love the author's style, the short scenes set over a longer period of time that shows the progression of the non-relationship. This was just... really intriguing and a really cool little piece that said so much about both characters through their (non-)relationship with the other that I enjoyed reading. (John Winchester/Allison Cameron, somewhere around NC-17.)

Psych/Supernatural: Burnt Ash and Golden Eyes by trolllogicfics - Seriously, this fic had me at "Psych/Supernatural crossover" because that just sounded too much fun to miss out on and boy was this a fun read. It's actually sort of creepy and there's obviously some dark stuff going on, but it never loses that light-hearted Psych touch or Shawn's particular way of dealing with everything. It has so many cool little touches that blend the two series together and it's an awesome concept (Shawn being one of the ones chosen by the yellow-eyed-demon, waking up in that ghost town with the others, after he kinda realizes he has some sort of abilities) and seeing the Supernatural events through Shawn's eyes is A+++. I love how... plausible I found this and the pop-culture references and the moments of interaction between Shawn Spencer and Sam Winchester. Just. Everything about this was really fun and really awesome. *thumbs up* (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and the Haunted Computer by Tassos - This is actually more of an NCIS fic than a Supernatural fic, but Sam and Dean do show up and are really fun. But the main point of it is a totally rocking light-hearted NCIS fic about a haunted computer that has loads of fun little scenes, some great Abby lines, a truly great moment for Gibbs, and just the right attitude about it. It's happily on the silly side of things and yet the author does a great job with making me able to totally picture everything in my mind's eye and really nails the fun of a group fic, rather than looking for a character study or a pairing fic. I enjoyed the hell out of this, it was surprisingly long, but an actual quick little read! <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and Five Encounters with the FBI by Tassos - [Note: This fic is a follow-up to the>previous one, it would help to have read that one first.] Since I liked the first one so much, I pretty much immediately zipped over to read the sequel and it was totally just as much fun. I really like it for the crossover aspect--this time Hendricksen is hot on the tail of the Winchesters, which leads him to NCIS--especially how the author uses NCIS' previous encounters with the FBI (and Fornell! Who is also awesome in this fic!) to totally spin this great little yarn, but it's also... the way that the author just nails the fun of a group fic. Everyone is spot-on and she manages a large group of people really well, making this just so much fun again. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and the Bus Stop Phone Booth by Tassos - [Note: This is part of a series of crossovers, so it would probably help to have read at least NCIS and the Haunted Computer first.] There are some friendships that you just sort of can't really fathom until someone writes a crossover between the two series and it just works marvelously, like this fic does with Abby and Sam's slowly growing friendship that is so delightful and perfect for both characters. The author has a great Abby voice, the kind that makes this fic just sail right on by, the kind that makes the two shows blend together so very well. It's a mix of all the things I'm looking for in a crossover--sharp attention to little details without overburdening it, great characterization, a cool little plot to bring them together, and connections between characters that wouldn't have otherwise happened. I ♥ this author and this series so. (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: Out for Blood by SBG - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 ] - It probably wasn't the smartest move to read a ~40,000 word story when I'm kind of crunched for time and could probably have read, well, 40 other fics in the time it took me to read this one, but. I couldn't help it. It was just so engrossing and all the things that a good crossover should be--two series that maybe shouldn't blend as seamlessly as they do, yet it was so easy to picture both NCIS and Supernatural characters in the same scene. It's also all about the h/c with characters like Dean and Tony, who sort of just ask for it with the secret vulnerabilities that they hide under sarcastic comments and, boy, did the author ever deliver on that. Actually, she delivered on all the characters, the various povs and all the details that she put into an actual CASE FIC, without bogging it down or forgetting what the crossover was really about--the glee of putting these two characters in the same space--was really, really fantastic. And did I mention that there was an actual case? With actual action scenes and vampires and murders and casework and investigation? Because I don't get to read that nearly often enough. And it was actually a good one, this felt very much like it could have been an episode out of Supernatural (for all that it tended to focus more on the NCIS side of things, but I actually thought it was pretty well balanced between the two) and just. as;dlkfjal;sklj I want to write an epic rec for this fic, because it was just so good and it had absolutely everything it needed to leave me feeling incredibly satisfied by the end of it. Right down to an actually satisfying ending! But trying to pull specific moments out of it or talk about specific things from it is kind of impossible because it was a fic that just sucked me right in and would not let me go. Seriously, one of the best fics I've read lately, go read it now. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

Supernatural: Easy as Pie by musesfool - I don't read much Supernatural fic these days, either I'm just not that into the series or I'm tired at just the thought of wading through the fandom to find the gen fic that would suit my tastes, but. Every so often I stumble across an author where the stars align or whatever and this one just happened to hit me at the right time and it was just. This really fun palate cleanser of a fic after all the angst from the current season. It's happy and fun and has a couple of really, deeply excellent lines (you'll know them when you get to them) and just made me happy to read. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Supernatural: heaven wasn't always hell by oceansex - The thing I love about commentfics on a ficathon is that it gets me to try out new authors and fandoms I haven't touched in ages and I often find little gems that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to read. This Castiel piece isn't one I would have set out to look for, but stumbling over it this morning on the post? Really quite a fantastic little piece. The characterization of Castiel, remembering what heaven used to be and the determination to save it and the way he looks at his job and his duty and destiny and the people on earth is all very, very lovely here. (No warnings/pairings.)

Supernatural: The Greatest of These by wanttobeatree - I picked up the link for this fic from this recs post because I was curious to read a fic about Sam getting his soul back and this was just. Oh, this was kind of perfect. It's not precisely how they think it would go, there are touches of humor and things unsaid here, but mostly it's... it's not an easy journey, but they get there, just the way Supernatural should be. And, oh, the emotion of this was perfect, both in Sam and in me as a reader. The ending was just. It was perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

The Hammer of Thor by JediSapphire, supernatural/norse mythology crossover, dean & sam + thor & gabriel!loki, 12.6k
    Sam and Dean find themselves in a mysterious wintry wasteland and face some particularly bloodthirsty enemies. All because Dean couldn't leave those runes alone when he saw them.
    This isn't a Marvel fic at all, but it has a lot of Norse mythology in it, which is the real reason I picked it up in the first place. The jokes are repeated a little too much in this fic, but it's otherwise such a delightful charmer of a fic that just sails right by as you're reading it. It's such fun to see this universe's take on Thor and Loki as characters, who are very... Supernatural meets Norse Mythology, which is perfect for this crossover! It's the retelling of the Thrym story and it's totally worth a read, if you're at least somewhat familiar with the SPN universe!

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