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- Tales of the Abyss/Tales of Destiny/Harukanaru Toki no Naka de/Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think this might be the first Tales of Destiny site I'm properly recommending, which I normally avoid because I only know of the game through second-hand knowledge and having read a few volumes of the manga, which give me enough info to recognize characters, but not a deep appreciation of the game. However, there is Leon + Rutee fanart on this site! And it's very cute! The Abyss and Destiny art are mixed into the same catagory together, which is part of the reason why I'm recommending for both series, but it's also really cute stuff. It's often chibi or pairings I don't see nearly enough of (like Guy/Luke) and not really a ton here, but... enough to make it a worthwhile distraction for a bit. As for the Harutoki art, it's more of the same cute, almost water-color-style painting, using bright colors and cute designs to make me really quite like the artist's work. And, finally, the reason I stumbled over the site in the first place--the REBORN! fanart, which is sometimes a little shakey, but overall is quite solid. The artist does a really good Tsuna especially, but a damn good Gokudera as well. Her Gokudera/Tsuna is super-cute, which isn't a pairing I was expecting to find here, but am delighted at nonetheless. In the more recent art, the artist has gotten really good at drawing these characters, her lines smoothed out and tightened up and there's one of kidlet Gokudera and kidlet Tsuna playing on a swing that's just fantastic. I love. ♥ (Gen for Abyss and Destiny and Harutoki, some Gokudera/Tsuna for REBORN!.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Tales of Destiny - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here through a MONSTER fanart site of all things, then stumbled over the Abyss art and fell a little in love. The chibis are very cute and I like how much fun the artist had with them, but it was really the handful of beautiful Asch illustrations that did it for me. With a lot of the art here, it starts off a little shakey or they're just simple doodles, but it's totally worth it for the handful that are gorgeous and my new favorite Abyss fanart--the one of the Keterburg kids when they were younger, ice skating. Jade being unconcerned that Saphir is about to skid right through the ice, the look on Saphir's face, Peony and Nephry holding hands in the background. a sd;lfkjasl;kj it's like it was made for me, right down to the soft, airy colors that are beautiful. The sketches are just beautiful as well, the artist does soft, light colors and light, easy lines and it's just. aslkdjfaslk PRETTY. *___* It's the same with the Destiny art--it starts out a little shakey, but quickly becomes just so lovely. And for once it's not completely focused on Leon/Judas! ....not that I would have complained at that, her Judas is easily the prettiest. (No real warnings/pairings consistent enough to mention.)

- Tales of Destiny - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I was just planning to skim a few random illustrations from this site, I only wanted to see if there were any Leon/Judas illustrations that caught my attention, since the early illustrations were a little shakey. And I'm not sure where exectly I was won over on the site, but the Judas illustrations got really, really pretty and then there was a cute one of Rutee and then a cute one of Rutee and Stahn and their kids and then a gorgeous one of Harold and some stunning ones of Leon and then gorgeous Philia art and-- w-well. It quickly became a rather amazing site to go through. Some of the illustrations are just gorgeous for the amount of detail in them. *___* (....nothing I'd really warn for.)

- Tales of Destiny - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It kind of took me a rather embarrasingly long time to figure out where the main galleries on this site were, but! Eventually I found them! And, okay. See, I have this thing. I don't really know Tales of Destiny that well, I'm mostly just familiar with the manga, which I read for a friend. (Shut up! It's not like I'm writing the fic or anything! I'm just looking at the pretty art!) And because I didn't know much about it going in, I was kind of, "....I want to ship Leon and Rutee, is that wrong?" before I knew who they were to each other. And, yet, like that really completely stopped me. So, when I come across a site that is all about the two of them, I'm going to be weak to the art. Rutee and Leon are both really cute on the site and the b&w with just a hint of color style really works well for this artist! It's mostly oekaki-style art, but the artist is really consistent and does these characters well, I love a mostly black and white image with just their eyes in vivid color or the bright red of Rutee's outfit or the blue of Leon's. It's a cool effect and there's a decent amount here. I'm happy. <3 (....I'm not sure if this is Leon/Rutee or just gen. I could see it either way.)

- Tales of Vesperia/Tales of Destiny - Poreporerikka [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I hit this site almost by accident, I was just sort of randomly tooling around and happened to stumble over one I liked well enough to recommend. It's not going to be for everyone and it is a bit of a small site, I suspect it'll mostly only appeal to those who already like the idea of Yuri/Estelle, but. I've been in the mood for them this morning and this artist did some really pretty sketches, there's a lot of soft, flowy lines to them, especially with Estelle, who does well with the shoujo style. Also, I totally caved at the single page doujin/comic of Yuri licking Estelle's bruised/cut finger and it was just. ad;slfkjal;skj way to hit me hard, site! Well played, you win this round. The ToD art reminds me of much the same, except even more solid and detailed and how it looks like it would make some really good doujinshi. I enjoyed this site a lot. <3 (Yuri/Estelle for ToV, mostly gen for ToD.)

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