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- Tales of the Abyss Fanfiction Recs - The fandom seems to be relatively small in English-speaking circles, so there probably isn't going to be a lot of fic I can recommend. I'll lean towards my favored pairings and gen even more than I do with fanart, because I tend to be fussier when it comes to fic. Mostly I really want Asch/Natalia and Jade/Dist fic, those will be the ones I concentrate on trying to find the most, but if a good piece of fic happens to fall into my lap for another pairing, well, I'm hardly going to ignore it.

- Tales of the Abyss Gen/No Pairings Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two - page three ] I like pairings a lot, often times they'll be what get me really deep into a series, make me really care about the characters. But eventually I'll also reach a point where I like the characters for themselves, so seeing fanart for a single character is almost as much fun for me as a pairing. I'll be all over the map in this section and a lot of the sites will have pairings on them, but will also contain enough of a gen presence that I hope gen-only fans will be able to enjoy the sites as well. So long as you step lightly.

- Tales of the Abyss Luke x Tear Fanart Recs - I didn't expect to fall for this pairing, but then the game started actually building it up and putting emotional weight in their relationship and having them actually get to know each other and react to each other. I fell for the idea right about then. Sadly, there's not a ton of art for it out there, but I'll keep looking and hopefully someday this section will be decent sized. (But, then, it often feels like the main pairing of any series/game hardly gets that much art. At least the ones I follow. *wry*)

- Tales of the Abyss Asch x Natalia Fanart Recs - If I was surprised by my love for Luke/Tear, I was even more surprised at myself for hardcore OTPing this pairing. (I mean, I'll cheat on it for fanart, but I truly love this pairing more than any possible pairing for either of them.) It's just. It's so true that all Asch ever thinks or talks about is 60% Natalia, 30% the replica, and 10% Van. And she does the same right back, any time someone mentions Asch's name, she spins around to ask about him. They are obviously SO STUPID for each other. HILARIOUSLY stupid for each other. Who am I to resist that? And there actually is a decent amount of fanart for them! ♥

- Tales of the Abyss Ion x Anise Fanart Recs - I'm not sure when I started liking the idea of this one, but Anise was always extra protective of Ion and always wanting to go with him, always wanting to stick near him. He trusted her, always depended on her. I slowly absorbed that while playing, not really thinking about it much, until it just sort of slowly occurred to me that I might have shipped them. There's not a lot of fanart for them (and it's often mixed in with other characters), but there are a handful of sites I really liked. And, you know. My site, I can do what I want! ♥

- Tales of the Abyss Jade x Dist Fanart Recs - I really did waffle back and between this pairing and maybe Peony and Jade. But the more I played the game, the further I fell in love with Dist's obnoxious character and about the time they met with him in Keterburg and had the most hilarious scene in the game, I was sold. Dist is so desperate for Jade's attention, his whole motivation for everything he does pretty much ever seems to be all about Jade, he clearly wants to be around Jade so badly that I was just smitten with him. Especially since Jade is such an evil bastard to Dist (not that I can blame him) in the most hilarious way and I love it when people tease Dist. ♥ There's a solid amount of fanart for them and I suspect I will probably try to hunt down every site possible.

- Tales of the Abyss Asch x Luke Fanart Recs - Asch/Luke is one of those pairings that I don't think could ever happen fic-wise or in the game, they both clearly love other people. However, that goes flying right out the window when it comes to fanart, because they're one of those pairings that just seems destined to have all this gorgeous mirror image fanart done for them and I knew I would want to see just about all of it that I could find. And, sure enough, the fandom was pretty happy to oblige. This section will be solidly sized, it's not really surprising that it's fairly popular and gets some really insanely gorgeous art.

- Tales of the Abyss Sync x Arietta Fanart Recs - This one is all the fanartist's fault. I doubt the idea would have occurred to me naturally, certainly not as early on as it did, but once I started thinking about it... I really kinda liked the idea. I could see how it would work, how a connection between them could be formed, and it seems like Sync might possibly be weak to someone as gentle-hearted and trusting (of certain people) that Arietta is. Plus, they get some really super-adorable art. Not a ton, but enough that I could convince myself to give them their own section!

- Tales of the Abyss Keterburg Group Fanart Recs - Originally, I was just going to have this site be Peony/Jade since there's a fair amount of art for them out there. But, really, I just love the whole Keterburg gang all together and I didn't want a section for Jade/Dist, Peony/Jade, and other pairings from the group, so I'm dumping everything into one section. This will also include any Peony/Dist sites (it exists, bizarrely enough!) I find and someday I am determined to find a good Peony/Nephry artist. Also, any sites with the Keterburg kids in a gen way will also be tossed into this catagory, because I desperately crave that as well.

- Tales of the Abyss Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Sometimes there'll be a really pretty Guy/Luke site, which I can totally see where fans of that are coming from, I almost shipped it myself. Or there will be some Jade/Luke fanart that's just too pretty to resist and I'm totally loose with fanart links. Sometimes there are sites with a bunch of pairings that get one or two illustrations and I just label it as "other yaoi/het pairings", those sites will be chucked into this section as well. A miscellaneous section, if you will. Will contain both het and yaoi, but probably mostly het, if only because that's what the fandom draws and thus what I can recommend.

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