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- Tales of Vesperia - Gen/No Pairings Fanart Recs - With any (video game) fandom I like, I almost always go for the gen fanart because I spend enough time with the characters that I grow to be really fond of them and I want more of them as a group. I definitely had pairing leanings as well, but it seems like there's always this great stash of gen fanart when it comes to Tales fandoms. A lot of the gen art will probably focus on Yuri mostly (or maybe that's just what I've been finding so far), but I think most characters should at least have some decent art here.

- Tales of the Abyss - Yuri/Estelle Fanart Recs - To my surprise, I really kind of fell in love with this pairing and I'm not precisely sure I could put my finger on why. They're just really adorable! I loved them pretty much instantly and they look beautiful together and get some amazing fanart! That's pretty much enough for me. But it helps that this will actually be a really sizeable section because, apparently, for once the het ship is the popular one? \:D/

- Tales of Vesperia - Other Pairings Fanart Recs - But it also wouldn't be a Tales fandom unless there was a whole bunch of pretty boys that you could slash with each other and I am totally fine with that. :Db Yuri/Flynn is probably the most popular one here (and my favorite of the various other possibilities) but there's a healthy selection of Yuri/Duke as well. I don't branch out too much beyond those two pairings, but neither do there seem to be a lot beyond those two. Still, stuff pops up once in awhile!

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