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Teen Wolf: when it don't come easy by obeetaybee - I was SO MAD when I read this fic. I spent the entire time cursing in my head, because I hated this fandom SO MUCH for dragging me in and making me like these characters and giving me a new embarrassing fandom to read a ton of fic in. But, well, I'm weak to dynamics like this, especially with a character like Stiles, who is so engaging and fun to read about, who avoids the usual abusive relationship bs that so often comes with this kind of pairing, by saying, well, fuck Derek Hale if he's going to be an asshole, I can already tell that this is going to be super good for me in this fandom, that it's the right foot to step into the fandom with. And the writing of this was sharp and fun and really delightful to read and it involves Derek getting his head out of his ass for awhile and, hey, that's a thing that appeals to me. Goddammit. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: We Should Become More Adventurous by skoosiepants - This is the second Teen Wolf fic I found myself reading, the second one that is ALSO MEG'S FAULT, GODDAMMIT, MEG, and I was just intending to read the beginning of it, just a little something to distract myself while I ate my dinner quickly, but somehow found myself sucked into and it wouldn't let me go until I was done with it. Goddammit. This fic is an AU, it's where Stiles finds himself with Derek's daughter showing up on the doorstep of his apartment kind of a lot, winds up adopting the cat her dad won't let her keep, kind of hating his life, until somehow it sort of all works itself out. That should be terrible! But instead it's kind of amazing! It has a great voices for the characters, Stiles especially (which is half the reason I'm reading in this fandom at all), and I kind of loved everything about this. Goddammit. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: I Never Knew Daylight Could Be So Violent by harlequin421 - This is the other fic I read where I just glared mutinously at the screen the entire time I was reading because I HATE THIS FANDOM SO MUCH. I hate it because it's everything that appeals to me and yet I don't have time for this shit except APPARENTLY I DO, especially for fic that is OH HEY SEX POLLEN FIC YES GOOD I haven't read one of those in ages--wait, what do you mean there's not actually any sexytimes in this fic? Why am I reading this? Why am I enjoying this so much? What is this fandom doing to me? Am I hallucinating right now? Why is this my life? What's going on? I don't understand--! Except the writing was really good and enjoyable and Stiles is a delight when he's tripping out of his mind and practically rubbing himself on everything that moves except he just really wants Derek, god, why is this his life, and fuck, this fandom is so good for me. Goddammit. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: A Revelation in the Light of Day by harlequin421 - [NOTE: This fic is the second in a series of fics, which you should read first.] This fic is... well, it's all about the happy, snuggly wolf pack dynamic and fluffy direction (even the angst is pretty fluffy) of everything, including the Derek/Stiles relationship. With a writer that was less capable, I may well have wandered off from this fic, but somehow I just kept reading this one. It might not be why I got into this fandom (which was snarky, biting banter and a ton of porn), but I found myself enjoying it and sometimes I need happy things to balance out everything else, sometimes I just want happy family fic. And the writing of this one was very solidly good and now I'm left feeling pretty fuzzy on the inside--this one would be best for when you're in the mood for that, I think. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: A Craze You'd Endorse by k8andrewz - Okay, this is why I'm reading Teen Wolf fic. Because Stiles is a 16 year old boy and that means he's going to jerk off a lot, that's what 16 year old boys DO and he's got a right to it as much as anyone. Which, naturally, leads to hilarity and Stiles not being able to shut up, even when he's terrified and maybe should shut up, but, oh, I love it when Stiles refuses to back down or be cowed. Sure, I'd have read it anyway for the porn, but I was totally onboard with the humor and the A+++ characterization even more. Fuck this fucking fandom for having fic like this because it's not fucking fair. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Any Way You Slice It by thebodyeclectic - So continues my descent into Teen Wolf. At least this fic was only 20k words, so my shame isn't yet too terrible. And, of course, the problem is that the fic is so good and I'm enjoying it so much and it's... it's not just a whole lot of words about nothing or porn (though, there was some lovely sexytimes here, too!) but it's about actual progress of a relationship and I love that it wasn't perfect and it wasn't easy, that there's a lot of misfiring of the communication between Derek and Stiles, because of course there would be, and I love that Stiles doesn't just sacrifice everything of himself for the relationship. He still goes to college, he still gets out of Beacon Hills, he still does the things that he needs to do for his own life, and somehow the relationship works around that (or doesn't work around it, sometimes). But it's not an unhappy story, either, instead it was just about the right level for me, especially so early on in my reading, when I'm still establishing myself with these characters. Urgh, this is a terrible rec, but it's an excellent, excellent fic that, oh, man, does a lot to actually establish the world around these characters and made me feel like they're not just two characters in a bubble. There's a whole background going on and it's almost as interesting as the relationship itself! (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: know just where you've been by listedheart - I hate Meg sometimes. I picked this up off her Pinboard, just when I thought I was maybe finally getting this fandom out of my system, but, oh, I just need a quick thing to read for a minute while I wait for my dinner here, and then, oh, hey, fic that revs me back up again. Fuck this fandom. But, oh, this was such fun and it's the reason werewolf fandoms are so great--SCENT KINK, YES, GOOD. Especially when Stiles' voice is so delightful and I love that the fic pokes just enough humor at Derek's brooding good looks and serious glaring face and oh hey THAT'S JUST HIS FACE and then Stiles wearing the shirt Derek wore and then there's banter and ahhh so good for me. Fuck coherent recs. (Derek/Stiles, somewhat NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: headlong (I'm falling in a) by hito - This fic kind of sent me for a loop over the past several days, because I got sucked into it and couldn't really read much else until I finished it, which was both super easy and not as easy as it seemed. The fic is very well written, it was easy to just get lost in the world of it, I read the whole thing in a very short time, and I'd love to drag the author into any of my fandoms, because the writing was so lovely. But, I'm not familiar enough with these characters to say how well it fit, other than that I immensely, immensely enjoyed this Stiles and, honestly, that's what I'm really reading for. The beginning of the fic was slow and the ending wound up being slower than I'd have liked as well, which is hard to avoid when it's a fic about kids going to college and having normal lives, rather than having a constant stream of supernatural and dangerous events cropping up in their lives, as well as I had some trouble tracking what was going on in some scenes. And I mention all this because I still finished over 80,000 words of fic and didn't regret it one bit! It's long and it's all about the progression of the relationship between Derek and Stiles, it's about the slow realization of Stiles' attraction, it's about trying to figure out how to get a werewolf and a human to have a relationship, it's about their entire gang going to college and the pack dynamic shifting to accomodate that, both for good and bad at times. I enjoy fics that deal with pack dynamics and, for all that this is centered on the main couple, the other characters all have a presence here and importance in their own way! And it's about Stiles navigating a relationship with someone like Derek, who can be hard to read, but he's goddamn going to make it work. Oh, this is a terrible rec, I have a tough time describing my interactions with this fandom so far, because I'm still so new to it, but I really enjoyed this and it was nice to have a fic that I could just submerse myself in for awhile, a fic that was surprisingly well balanced when it came to the Derek/Stiles relationship. I feel better about my time in Teen Wolf fandom after having read this now. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Good Intentions by Helenish - I was so mad at Meg the entire time I was reading this fic. Every time I think, oh, well, maybe I'll catch up on the Teen Wolf fics she tags for me, NOPE, HERE, HAVE SOME MORE AWESOME STUFF, she says. So mad! Except this fic was kind of seriously great, because Sheriff Stilinski runs into Derek at the grocery story and procedes to have A Talk With Him, because he's not stupid and he's seen Derek leaving out Stiles' window at odd hours. And, oh, that's perfect because Derek has no idea how to respond to any of this, then there's the awkward but sweet conversation with Stiles about this weirdness, and it's all really cute and funny and happy making. Goddammit. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: Hey There Little Red... by 1lostone - So you know what I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing yesterday? Mindlessly mining sparkly rocks in Glitch while I read Teen Wolf fic on my reader. Jesus, this is my life now. But, well, it was pretty worth it because, hey, 52k of delicious fic and I made myself a whole shitload of extremely hallowed shrine powder. o/ And this fic definitely gave me what I wanted, which was tasty, delightful build-up to a Derek/Stiles relationship, a fantastic Stiles voice for the entire piece, and adorable pack dynamics. The writing is lovely, the fic just sailed right along for me and I love that the relationship--for all that Derek scares the shit out of Stiles sometimes--was actually pretty well balanced, because it was all about Stiles finding a bit more sure footing in the relationship and figuring himself and stuff out (without being a big thing, it's just a natural part of maturing) and OH MAN okay so I haven't read a ton of Teen Wolf fic yet, I'm still just kind of poking at the fandom but! This is the first time I've read fic where Stiles' dad has been all over his son, worrying about him and figuring shit out (well, first one in a longer fic, I read at least one shorter one) and now I think I want ALL THE FIC where Stiles' dad is like I WILL END YOU to Derek if he hurts Stiles. Because this was pretty fantastic. Basically, an excellent, satisfying fic all the way around, with bonus hilarity when the situation calls for it! (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: That Stalky Thing by LolaFeist - Oh, the best part of this fic is that, after Derek offers to make Stiles a wolf, who says no, but also thought Derek was coming to him for another reason, is that this Stiles does not wilt or hide, nope, he manages to become even more of a little bastard to Derek after that. Beautiful. It's even better because the fic is from Derek's pov and his growing realization of his attraction to the little shit, and eventually having to accept that, yes, he wants to make out with Stiles. Who is so... Stiles about it. I don't think I quit laughing the entire time. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: Scientists Document This Stuff by LolaFeist - [NOTE: This is a sequel to "That Stalky Thing", which should be read first.] And then there's a sequel! That already had a really great summary! And this is one of those fics that reminds me that, yes, I am interested in the Derek/Stiles relationship after the initial get-together (which I was beginning to think I didn't enjoy as much as the first difficult part of actually getting them together) which is helped because the author writes an amazing Stiles. And I like that he keeps pushing back, that Derek knows kids are stupid at sixteen and the fic acknowledges the age gap (which is important at their ages) without making me feel like a creeper for still shipping it anyway, because they know it and they're trying to wait (well, Derek's trying to wait, until Stiles pushes hard enough to show he's ready) and this is all wrapped up in amazingly perfectly timed lines that had me shrieking with laughter. The moment where Stiles compares Derek's claws to Wolverine's, that's when I was lost and never fucking came back. Beautiful. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Five Thousand Unicorns and a Gold Star by glitterandlube - This is RIDICULOUSLY cute! Stiles as a kindergarten teacher! Which works out surprisingly well, especially because the author has a delightful Stiles voice, who is more settled with himself as he's older and out of school and teaching now, but still so very Stiles. And that's not even counting the bonus Avengers (well, Thor and Loki) references worked into the fic, which made me even more delighted because my fandoms collided! But mostly this was just a really cute, fun story about Stiles' life and sort of being parent except not quite yet close enough and making me smile the entire way through it. Totally a feel good, humorous fic. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: last night's dress (tiptoe out of this mess) by hito - Oh, man, so, last night I picked up this fic and two other fics that brought my total reading up to about 40k words last night and I honest to god though, "Yeah, this is just a little light reading before I go to bed." That's what my two current fandoms fucking do to me! But it's also because hito is kind of an amaaaaazing writer, where everything just absolutely sails along and doesn't feel nearly as long as it should, because it's just so damn charming and so much fun and so HILARIOUS. I am honestly tempted to click on the Sherrif Stilinski tag now and try to find all the Derek/Stiles fic where Stiles' dad is overprotective about his son's lovelife. Or assumed lovelife. And, oh my god, I was CRYING at points during this fic because everyone's lives are so hard when Sheriff Stilinski assumes that his son and Derek are in a relationship because Derek keeps sneaking into Stiles' room in the middle of the night.

So, Stiles is like WELL CAN'T EXPLAIN THE TRUTH so we've got to play along with this and Derek just sort of shrugs and does because it's easier than the alternative and then it's just-- it's beautiful. I don't think the face-hurting grin left me the entire time I was reading about how complicated everything got, how embarrassing everything became, how the author's Stiles voice was fantastic, but I also love her Derek who kind of finds some things meanly funny (even as this is hard on his life, too) and PROTECTIVE DADS ARE THE BEST. Have I mentioned that yet? Because, oh, this was super fun and satisfying and hilarious. Fucking Teen Wolf fandom. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Let's Make a Deal by by Mosca - I liked the use of scent in this fic, how Stiles smells of so many different things to Derek, it's an interesting take on the whole scent thing and it worked for me here. But mostly I enjoyed reading this fic for it being about... Derek and Stiles aren't precisely in love here, but there's an attraction there and Stiles is a sixteen year old kid who would be more than happy to lose his virginity and maybe it should be creepy that Derek's willing to help him out with that (because Stiles has been pretty useful), but that's not really why Derek's doing it. It's this really good mix of a bunch of different things that I'm horrible at describing and just... *throws hands up* Good fic! Go read it! (Derek/Stiles, nsfw.)

Teen Wolf: keep going by gyzym - Oh, this fic had so many lines that I want to quote back, because they were just such perfect turns of phrase, the kind that show such character insight and sharpness that I fell in love with them. I love how... this fic is so bitter, while still being very Stiles-like, there's almost a sense of panic underneath the writing, given how much shit is constantly happening in their lives. And the relationship with Derek is... it's not happy, shiny, falling in love, but there's an intense gravitation of some sort between them, and, oh, it's harsh, but so good. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: Holy Water Cannot Help You Now by affectingly - The author warns ahead of time that this fic is on the darker side of dub-con and it definitely is that--more than I usually prefer, but I was intrigued by how well-received this fic seemed to be, so I gave it a chance anyway. And it's definitely a little outside my usual range, but it's very well-written and I can't deny that it was kind of hot, largely because Stiles was more into the possessive, forceful claiming than he would have expected beforehand. But what really made it work for me was almost a sort of throw-away line (in amongst the way Stiles thoughts almost seemed to be rushed together here, an undercurrent of panic that was actually almost subtle in the way it was worked in, it wasn't about being told that, it was just... I felt it, while reading this) is that Stiles feels like Derek's humanity has been either buried or gone now that he's the Alpha and this fic reflects that darker edge very well. (Derek/Stiles, dub-con, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: There Ain't No Heaven by blacktofade - Having enjoyed this author's work in the Thor fandom so much, I was immediately attracted to this fic and I'm so glad I read it because, oh, one of the best things about this fandom is that there's a lot of dub-con and a lot of typical (yet super hot) excellent first time fic, there's also awkward, semi-humiliating teenage first time sex with someone who is so emotionally constipated, which means FUN TIMES ALL AROUND. I do have a bit of an embarrassment squick, so I was a little hesitant about reading this one, but it's actually not that bad at all, largely because of the way Stiles handles things and he makes any situation delightful fun to watch, and, boy, was I laughing at all the right moments, but also because Derek is not as unaffected as he tries to be. Then, add in some really hot frottage and I'm happy with this fandom once again. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden - If I could, I would steal thehoyden away into every fandom I ever read for and, idk, chain her to her desk and make her write forever. That's probably a little creepy. But I mean well. And, so, I sat down with this fic, an AU where the timeline is a little different, where Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills and his dad's new deputy is super hot and, oh, if you'd mentioned ahead of time, I wouldn't have known that this was something I super fucking needed, but having read it? I definitely needed this in my life. The writing is so very good, the Stiles voice is just so sharp and funny without trying too hard, it's that natural sort of constant stream of banter that doesn't detract away from the story happening, just so casually snarky in that perfect, perfect way, and, oh, this Derek is so perfect, too. I can't even tell you how easy this was to just slide right into, then read the entire thing in one sitting! Or how... this is one of those stories that makes me feel good, that gets something softer, almost a bit domestic in, while not losing the sharp edges of the characters and you don't know how rare that is to find in an author. Perfection and everyone should read this fic if they're in the fandom even a little bit. Or even if you're not. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

Teen Wolf: Go Big Or Go Home by thefarofixer - [NOTE: This is the first fic in a series that should be read in order.] As soon as I saw the summary for this fic, oh, I knew I wanted to read it. An outside perspective on the Derek/Stiles relationship has such potential for hilarity and this author did an amazing job with it, that balance between having a keen observer but not necessarily being able to put everything together (because, really, who guesses werewolves?), at least not until everything is laid out in front of them. And, oh, Danny + Lydia, their interactions are gold. I love that it's not all happy fluffy everything, but there's... a lack of real menace yet still keeping the characters believable, even when they discuss Stiles and then decide to gang up on him for his own good. This was PERFECT and, oh, I am just so in love with Danny and the entire world after this fic. (Derek/Stiles.)

Teen Wolf: The Fight, And Fate by thefarofixer - [NOTE: This is the second fic in a series that should be read in order.] This time, the fic is from Derek's point of view, which does even more to fill in his characterization and I just... really love the way he and Stiles interact with each other, which has all that delicious banter that I love, but it never comes off as squicky or unfair, while also not forgetting that Derek is a dangerous werewolf. And! Derek has some sense of self-awareness here! It's just... he has different priorities! And that works so, so well and then, oh, there's sex outside on the Camaro. That was really, really good for me, too. The fic also has a beautiful opening scene of a younger Derek with his mother that's just absolutely perfect, he's softer then, but already so serious, and his mother is amazing! Basically, this is more amazing writing and a Derek/Stiles relationship where they actually talk to each other and then have super hot sex. I couldn't ask for more. (Derek/Stiles, NSFW.)

TEEN WOLF: Kid Tested, Father Approved by Pero
SUMMARY: "I've woken up in an alternate reality. It’s a CW show. Werewolf Cop. Oh god."
REC: So, I was catching up on lj when I saw this fic and my immediate thought, upon realizing that Pero and I were in a fandom at the same time again? Aww yiss, as I had the most ridiculous grin on my face and immediately dove into the fic. Which did not dissapoint, because, yes, yes, yes, a fic from Sheriff Stilinski's point of view on the shenanigans in Beacon Hill and his son and the werewolf that finally starts learning how to make friends. And, oh, these characters are beautiful in Pero's hands, because she knows how to write dialogue and narration that walk that perfect line between mocking and still showing what great characters these are. The sheriff finding himself beginning to catalogue Derek's sourwolf expressions? I was just about crying. Everyone is beautiful here, my face actually hurts from smiling, and I want to write a coherent rec but SORRY I JUST LOVE THIS TOO INTENSELY TO BE COHERENT, basically it's everything I want from Teen Wolf fandom forever, because I get to laugh at the pain of every character here, but also get to genuinely appreciate them and that's so important and someday I will rewrite this rec because Sheriff Stilinski, I love him but for now, basically, I love this forever. (Some Derek/Stiles, but it's only half the point.)

TEEN WOLF: Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices by Pero
SUMMARY: No one really knows why they’re friends.
REC: Because I'd just finished reading the previous fic, well, I had to pounce on this one, too, didn't I? Especially since I was curious how Danny and Jackson's friendship would be tackled and I figure I should read outside of my usual characters at least sometimes. And, oh, this was absolutely grand, because I can never figure out if I ship Danny and Jackson or if I just want them to be surprisingly good best friends forever, and this was more the latter, but still leave me with that feeling that maybe I might be okay shipping them. Either way, this is a brilliant read because Danny has such terrible taste in men and best friends, because Jackson is such a douchebag and Danny is so much nicer and yet... somehow it works? I love the way their friendship is here, how Jackson is just... Jackson and somehow that's exactly it. Their friendship is perfect teenage boy friendship and hilarious and I don't think I stopped grinning the entire time. Okay, now I want more exactly like this, goddammit. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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