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- seaQuest DSV - Children Will Listen by Diena Taylor - After talking to RubyD last night, we discovered we had a lot of shows in common, one of them being seaQuest; we both loved the first season to bits, and were total Lucas fangirls. I decided that I was going to make it my mission to find at least one decent fanfic that didn't have Lucas all weepy and pathetic. (Which most first-season seaQuest stories do to him. >_<) He was a brat here, but he was the brat that I remembered, and the story was... neat. I liked the ending, and I believed all the characters. So, go me! I found seaQuest fic that didn't suck!

- Dogma - You're Welcome by Brenda Antrim - And so my search for Firefly fic wound up with me getting distracted for a bit with Dogma fic, because I really adored that movie. What I really liked about this story was the way the story seemed to... glide across the way the author wanted the story to go, the events she laid out for them, not getting too caught up in the details, just sailing right by. And that really worked for this fic, the way she still managed to capture the feelings of the characters and I was just especially impressed by the way she captured Bartelby's POV. Bah, I'm rambling and not saying anything of value, so just go read. Happy fix-it for the Bartelby/Loki fans among us. ^_^v (Bartelby/Loki, some graphic content.)

- Will & Grace - Adventures in Homo-Sitting by brooding_soul - You know, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I clicked on this, other than that it was supposed to be really funny... and, damn, it was. I marvel that Will&Grace can be funny to me again because the last two years of the show have really driven a lot of nails through my fondness for the show (to the point where I almost never watch anymore), but this... oh, man, this spec script (be warned that it's only about half-finished) brings back why I loved this series in the first place. The writing is just so incredibly spot-on that it makes me YEARN to see this in episode form--the characterization is perfect, the jokes are FUNNY, and the amount of rather high-brow pop-culture (if there is such a thing XD) references were just NAILED by the author. This was a brilliant "episode" with the characters and don't let the script format put you off--usually I cannot STAND script format, but this just sucked me right in. Fantastic writing here. (All the usual W&G warnings apply, nothing more/less.)

- Brimstone/Dogma - Divine Comedy by tigerlady - ....granted, I was a little hesitant at reading a Dogma/Brimstone crossover, because... well, crossovers are often awkward, but, holy crap, this one was GENIUS and just utterly NAILED the style of both. It melded both series' takes on god/heaven/devil/hell/religion far, far more seamlessly than I would have thought and, yet, didn't make a big deal out of it, just went straight for the fantastic narration by Brimstone's Zeke Stone and the FANTASTIC way the story unfolded. Just... damn, I could see this and the writing was fabulous and, god, that's a brilliant opening paragraph: So a demon, an angel, and a muse walk into a bar. Or more specifically, a little strip club in the middle of Nowhere, Indiana. Throw in Satan and you've got the makings of a beautiful joke on yours truly. Of course that's par for the course when it comes to my second tour here on Earth. So, so, SO MUCH LOVE for this. ♥ Oh, and the scene with Zeke, Metatron, and the Devil in the strip club? Totally worth reading the fic for that. (No warnings/pairings that I'd count.)

- Desperate Housewives - The Progressive by boundbyspells - I know, I know. Desperate Housewives fic seems so... I don't know. Superfluous, maybe. Unncessary might be better, or perhaps just an ill fit. And yet... and yet, I couldn't help reading this fic and marvelling at what a terrific story it is. The little moments, the lovely writing, the character insight... the entire concept of the fic (a progressive dinner, that moves from house to house so that the workload is lighter on each person) just fits so damned well with the series and makes the most of the concept to work in all those little character moments. The conversation between Lynnette and Rex at the climax of the fic is one of those that I can so easily see coming together with the canon of the series. It's pitch-perfect and fantastically insightful and just so... right for this series. Gah. I know! Desperate Housewives fic! Good Desperate Housewives fic! What is the world coming to? (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X-Men Movieverse/The Bourne Identity - untitled? by Vagabond Sal - So, Harukami mentioned this fic to me and I happened to read the first few lines and was immediately sucked into the story because of the really good, solid writing. I've often said that I'm not much of a fan of crossovers and that still holds true, but it's stories like this one that sort of make me reconsider that, because it's a really good melding of the two worlds, the crossover feels seamless and is genuinely excellent writing. Logan's characterization is fantastic, the chase and the fight very well-done (it captures the feel of both movies, really had a sense of an action scene--I mean, I could just see the buildings and streets around them) and the premise really effing cool. I'm terribly impressed by this fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Star Trek: The Next Generation - Just Stopped Breathing by Ana Lyssie Cotton - *sigh* Yes, I know. Star Trek fic. I'm not sure what posessed me. It's been years since I even thought about Trek, much less read fic for it. And it was Picard/Crusher fic instead of Riker/Troi like you'd have thought. And yet. There's something about the idea of these two that's stayed with me even until today, so when I was looking for BSG fanfic, happened to stumble over the author, saw she'd written P/C, I decided, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. And I'm glad I did because it was a messy, complicated, painful fic about the aftermath of the "four lights"/"five lights" torture they endured (if things had gone just a little differently, which sort of helps with my fuzzy memory of the fic, so I'm not all, "Hey, wait, didn't--"), the way it changed and didn't change the characters. Of the way they coped with something so awful and made me utterly believe it and the way it did justice to the episode and the characters and the series. I'm not explaining this very well, partially because I feel like my squeeing and flailing would be horribly out of place for a fic that's so... rough and hopeful and sad and beautiful all at the same time. And the ending, jeez. (Picard/Crusher, slight content warning.)

- Dead Like Me/Battlestar Galactica - This is the law and the prophets by fryadvocate - I snatched the link for this off of ireadthat, intrigued by the idea of how a Dead Like Me/Battlestar Galactica crossover could even work. But then I read and just... oh, man, ouch. It manages to combine the style of both series somehow, manages to take a hard situation to watch and make it hurt even more. The character voices were lovely and all the little touches were brilliant and, god, the baby. Really, really worth reading. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Boston Legal - Jolly Roger by -- - I approached this fic with trepidation like you would not believe, because Boston Legal isn't really a show I need fic for so much as... I just want more. I worried that fic would be weird and uncomfortable and I would have to scurry away to protect my virgin eyes. But I don't think I needed to have worried, because the story was really excellent, the way the writing just nailed the style and feeling of the series itself was amazing. I had no trouble picturing any of this, right down to the way the actors would say their lines or a certain look would cross their features. The author did a brilliant job with Denny and Alan's friendship, the way it's quirky and random but genius all the same. The fic was actually clever without being too stuck up about itself (again, much the way the series is) and it fit together so neatly with the recent events of Alan's night terrors. I'm pleased. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Special Recognition by Telanu - I had originally intended to watch the Pirates of the Carribean movie tonight, but I couldn't find it, so I popped in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead. I found myself utterly charmed by the movie and Depp's portrayal of the character and somehow I just couldn't resist trying to find fic. This is the first piece I read and it just. It nearly ruined me for any other fic in the fandom because it was so utterly eccentric and charming and delightful and perfect for post-movie canon that I fell in love. It's such a wonderful little idea and the author's take on Wonka's character in text is beautiful for the way she absolute nails him. I can positively hear both actors in their roles, I can picture it effortlessly in the style of the movie, right down to the little turns of phrase in prose. Not only that, it's such... such a neat way to show Wonka coming out of his shell because of Charlie, the way he opens up a little bit more, but in that strange, bizarre, eccentric way of his. This was perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - In Camelot by Telanu - If I thought the previous CatCF fic was good, this one was simply divine. Set in the movieverse, sometime after the movie, Dr. Wonka visits his son's factory for the first time and... when I read that summary, part of me realized that, yes, that was likely the fic I was searching for, that one defining fic in fandom that lets you relax and say, "All right, there is one perfect fic, it's not absolutely imperative that I keep searching at a frantic pace." And, by god, that's what this fic was for me. Every last word of this fic is brilliant, not a single bit of it went to waste or wasn't perfectly crafted in my eyes. Wonka's characterization is genius, he's eccentric and damaged and brilliant and flighty and weird and all the brilliant, brilliant little bits of body language and expression that Johnny Depp put into the character. It's amazing how vivid he is in text here, how much he positively shines through in this fic. The characterization all around is brilliant, Charlie is just so... likeable here, his family is so perfectly themselves, the dinner with Dr. Wonka awkward and effective and perfect.

Even the descriptions are gorgeous without distracting from the story one bit, every bit of image blossomed beautifully in my head, whether it was the Chocolate Room or a particular expression on Wonka's face or-- or-- or anything. The way Wonka's so nervous, but still that loopy genius! The way Dr. Wonka was contrasted against his son, the way things are so awkward and uncomfortable, but it's still something nice! The way they still care about each other, even though they're complete opposites! The warm feeling of love and happiness I had by the ending! The sheer whimsy and imagination in Wonka's character! It's just. This fic took the essence of the character, of ALL the characters and the entire world of the factory... and bottled it up and let me re-experience that same feeling of delight I had when I watched the movie. I wish I could write a better rec, this is one of those fics that make me feel badly because I feel like it deserves so much more. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Petshop of Horrors - sweet Delight by Jaelle - I snatched the link for this off Aishuu's rec comm and the second I saw the premise, I thought, "This is either going to be very, very awesome or very, very awkward." Given that it's Jaelle, I'm not surprised that it turned out to be completely FULL OF AWESOME. Just. Oh. Oh. This was brilliant and perfect beyond words. Wonka and D in the same factory, the squirrels, and just. Oh. Oh, Leon. So perfect. So brilliant. I can't decide if it's the characters I love the most (because Jaelle does a brilliant job with both casts, that faint sense of creepy lingering along the edges of both universes, even when Charlie's such a good kid or Leon has his heart in the right place) or the concept/point of the crossover itself. It all comes together beautifully, every little bit of this fic is just... just... brilliant, really. One of those things that just simply works and satisfies. Wonka and D in the same room? This fic does that idea justice. (Implications of Leon/D if you're looking for it, but this is gen more than anything.)

- The Cutting Edge - The Ugliness You See (to your left, the fallout) by bantha_fodder - This is one of those movies that I had to watch every time it came on TV, because I adored the movie that much. I honestly never thought that fic would exist for it that needed to exist, the movie was just fine as it was. I thought fic would be superfluous. This fic was anything but; it took everything that I loved about the movie and turned it into fic form, this was Kate and Doug. It's been years since I've caught the movie on TV now, but everything about it, their voices, their faces, their body language, all of it came rushing back when I read this fic. It's a brilliant post-movie fic that captures both characters brilliantly, Kate and her pride, Doug and his laid-back ways until he gets wound up, too, the way they clash and the way they come together. And it's all centered around skating. I could easily believe, so, so easily believe, that this is exactly what happened after the movie ended. Gorgeous fic. (Doug/Kate.)

- Pirates of the Caribbean - Shadow and the Soul by She's a Star - [Note: There will be spoilers for Dead Man's Chest in this fic.] After my confusing feelings on which way to go with ships in the PotC series (Jack/Will? Jack/Elizabeth? Jack gen? Which one!?), I stumbled over a Jack/Elizabeth fic here and figured I'd just read a little bit of it. Then, before I knew it, I was sucked into the whole piece because the voice for Elizabeth's character is wonderful. It feels like a novelized version of the movie's spirit of amusement and whimsy, it feels very much like Elizabeth's character (I couldn't have NOT heard her voice saying all these lines or pictured her thinking these things if I'd tried), beyond just that it deals with four seperate moments in canon. The fic took all the potential in the character and made her interesting (for me!) to read, as well as showed the progression of the Jack/Elizabeth relationship in a way that I could believe. The whole thing fairly well sparkled the entire time, especially when they were both drunk on the island and, oh, the ending was hauntingly lovely. (Jack/Elizabeth.)

- Spider-Man - Identity Crisis by jjonahjameson - [Note: This story takes place in the movieverse and contains spoilers for the second movie.] This was an interesting, fun little coda to the train scene in the second movie, a way of being a bit more realistic about how all those people having seen Spider-Man's face, despite their promise to note tell anyone. They were New Yorkers, someone, maybe two someones, would want to spill once the adrenaline wore off. This fic was a neat way of dealing with that, something I can absolutely see fitting together with the movie, a clever little way to wrap up that loose end, tied off with some really fun characterization for the people on the train. The narrator's 'voice' is nicely done, making the fic a treat to read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Scrubs - My Life In a Box by angelgazing - Most of the time I run screaming from the Scrubs fandom because their OTP is one I just can't see. So I'm really wary of clicking on any links for the fandom, even if they promise to be gen. But I was lured in by the promise of an absolutely fabulous Cox voice. And omg. Omg. Much as the Cox voice was indeed brilliant and so painfully on the money, what really sold me on this fic was the J.D. voice. It's one of the best I've seen, even including the show, it was absolutely stunning how brilliantly the author managed to portray the way his mind works without being able to use any of the usual video cues. It really and truly felt like I was reading/watching an episode and just... god, little!J.D. and the button and... I laughed so hard I had to pause during reading. That is what all Scrubs fic should do. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Studio 60/Sports Night - Five things that happen during the week Dan and Casey guest-host Studio 60 by scrunchy - I really didn't expect to be reading Studio60 fic. But there was a link for a Studio60 crossover fic with Sports Night and I was just so not going to be able to resist that particular one-two punch. And this was just so... fun, entertaining, and a really good fit between the two series. It helps, of course, that they're both Sorkin shows, so the tones would be similar, but the author really was very creative and intelligent about putting the two of them together. She was really good at giving those little moments of insight and emotion to both casts, both of touching drama and moments of bright humor. It's just... a really neat way to start off my Studio60 fic reading. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Scrubs - A Good Day by kHo - God, I loved Ben and Cox's stupid friendship because it was just the most brilliant thing ever, like it should never have worked but somehow Ben was the best guy in the world and not even Cox could deny that. Because Ben could make Cox not entirely hate life and this fic does a wonderful job of showing that. (And their pseudo-gay relationship makes me laugh hysterically every single time. This fic was no exception.) The voices for the characters are fabulous, I could hear Ben's voice and it was brilliantly insightful and just... it's one of those fics that I could completely see pre-series, made all the more brilliant because Ben was one of the best things in Cox's life. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Friends - all the spaces you will fill by Zau - I used to go to FFNET to look for Chandler/Monica fic, but I always backed out after a few minutes because I got scared off. I sort of eventually just gave up hope of finding fic to my tastes and then forgot about it all together. Then Zau write Chandler/Monica fic. I think I may have squeed even before reading it. Certainly after. She has such a knack for settings, for finding that place to put them or that conversation for them to have, that illuminates the best, most fascinating parts of their characters. It seems simple, Chandler and Monica in bed, but she spins magic out of it. And, god, they are the perfect couple. ♥ (Chandler/Monica.)

- Friday Night Lights/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Title IX by Sophia P - Technically, this crossover is only meshing the two worlds, the Buffy characters don't actually appear. (Thus, I'm not going to put it in a Buffy section, but I wanted to list it to give an idea of what the fic was about. Anyway.) That aside. OMG OMG OMG. BEST CROSSOVER ALL WEEK. I wasn't sure what to make of the idea of an FNL/Buffy crossover but since I like the author so much, I decided to read anyway. And then. Beautiful set-up. Lovely dialogue, great pacing, great imagery. And then the (ha ha) kicker, the punch at the end of the ficlet and it was awesome. I could totally hear the entire conversation in the characters' voices and I ♥ this fic so hard. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Friday Night Lights/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Blood ties by Sophia P - Where the first FNL/Buffy crossover by this author was light-hearted and fun, this one is much darker in tone and brilliantly creepy. I really love the way this is done, the way it's from the FNL series' perspective, so the Buffy weirdness is very strange and unfamiliar, the way it has such a deep affect on Tim's character. But even aside from that, this story is worth reading for Tim's POV and character insight, which is so painfully spot-on that I just... I mean, I didn't think I'd ever want to read FNL fic, what was there to fill in, really? But this story manages to find that something to fill in and then knocks it out of the park. Brilliant writing, brilliant pacing, brilliant idea, brilliant all the way around. (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Agony Aunt by Sophia P - [Note: This is a sequel to the fic Not Your Average Kelly Girl.] Oh. Oh. Anya in a meeting with Subaru and adfslkjadsflkjasdlfj "Of course, I generally only offer my special services to wronged women, but hell, you're feminine enough that it sort of counts, right?" Anya's take on the CLAMPverse happenings is both hilarious and a great way to highlight just how ridiculously angsty some of it is and her characterization as a vengeance demon is so beautiful that I can only flail my arms geekishly in appreciation. There are just too many lines and little moments that I'd love to quote in this one, I'd wind up quoting back the whole thing. This should absolutely, absolutely not be missed. (Some Seishirou/Subaru, but it's not the point at all.)

- xxxHOLiC/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Not Your Average Kelly Girl by Sophia P - At some point I seem to have gone from merely being willing to read crossovers to positively enjoying them. Damn HOLiC, I'm sure it's their fault. This crossover was all kinds of brilliant, though. The utter culture clash of sticking a Buffy character into the HOLiC universe is fantastic, Anya sticks out like a sore thumb, yet the reason for her being there, the way she reacts to the circumstances around her by being so herself, the way the two universes blend so beautifully together is still yet more brilliance. I just. Anya. And Watanuki. It's fabulous from start to finish, every last word of this one. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Terminator/Supernatural - What We Make by Gen X - Dude. Dude. This was awesome. Terminator and Supernatural aren't two series that you expect to go together but the way the author writes it is in this stark, numb tone that fits the bleak picture she's painting so incredibly well. I love the attention to detail in this, these little mentions of things that contribute to the whole of the world she's built here, impressive for how much the author clearly knows her stuff, but also because of the way they're woven into the story. This is not a happy fic, this is the Terminator world and it's not easy and it's a dark place they have to survive in now and I felt so much for the Winchester boys, but god was the fic so awesome. Dean's characterization especially is so spot on that it hurt to watch him survive because somehow Dean Winchester is always the one that survives. The way the SPN and Terminator characters came together, the parallels drawn, the connections made, the clashes that resulted.... It's just. This fic. This fic was keyboardmashingly awesome. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Boston Legal - Manful by LadyJaida - I only meant to read a little of this one. But somehow I got sucked into it and couldn't stop reading because it was just somehow so perfect for both Brad and Alan. They're both characters--but Alan especially--I would think that would be difficult to come across in text form, there's a certain something that the actors bring to both roles, a certain tone of voice or tinge to their expressions. But this fic captured that so beautifully that I had absolutely no trouble seeing this story unfold in my head and slide between the frames of canon. Beautifully written, exquisite characterization/voices for the characters. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Black Donnellys - Brothers Like by Gen X - I wasn't sure I was going to get into something like the Black Donnellys for fic, I was thinking I might just quietly enjoy the show and leave it at that. But then this author posted fic and it was easy to read and I found myself really enjoying the Joey Ice Cream POV. It works here, it balances out all these things from the show (like how annoying the character can be, yet still how interesting he can be, like how he knows certain things, but is still not quite accepted in spite of them) and the style of this piece is just quietly very cool. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Scrubs - Five For Five by Alissa - Omg! Scrubs fic! Fabulous Scrubs fic! I wouldn't have thought I'd be so over the moon for fic about JD and the Janitor (which can get to be a bit repititve at times) but Alissa writes it so well, she makes it so much fun that I was practically bouncing in my chair the whole time. Her sense of timing, her characterization and dialogue for the characters, the whole tone of the fic fits with the series so well that I want to keep her in the fandom until she writes at least a handful more for me. It really does read like this could have happened in an episode, I can see the characters and hear their voices without any trouble, the sense of it being just another one of those insane days is perfect. I loved this so much. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Doctor Who/Life on Mars - Life on Earth by Aria - Tammaiya pointed this fic out to me as a lovely gen Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover and, of course, ever since season three I've been curious about how someone would work such a thing. This story is brilliant, the writing is amazing and set so beautifully in tune with the tone of both shows. The little details, the pacing of the story, the way everything builds to that final scene, the tension that slowly ratchets up through the piece, all of it is masterfully done. I love that I can believe this fic, I can see the two series weaving together like this, that it does justice to both characters, both the Master and Sam Tyler. It's perfect all the way around, right from the beginning to the very end, I don't know that any other Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover could ever compare to this one (for me) now. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Star Trek: The Next Generation - Tempest Tost by Yahtzee - It's interesting. For all that I'm am very much the diehard Riker/Troi fan, I find myself reading more Picard/Crusher fic in fandom. Not that that's much, but I suppose I feel satisfied with the way things eventually ended up for Riker/Troi, while I was always left with a sort of pining for these two. And I really liked this fic, it has all the little details woven into the fabric of the story to make the premise work, the way the two of them interacted with each other in this relationship, both of them having an interest in the old ways of things, so very comfortable in that style, while still very much having a charged sort of chemistry. And, as the fic delves into darker matters, as you start to see more of their characters, it gets really interesting, especially for what it says about Picard and what he's been through in his life. Plus, you know, these two are really kind of hot together. ♥ (Picard/Crusher, maybe some strong PG-13 content.)

- Burn Notice - Something on the Books by Laura Smith - I was journalhopping and stumbled over a recs post that mentioned a Burn Notice fic, which I was intrigued by, especially since it was gen. I don't mind the canon, but I'm not sure they're in the right place for it, so this being a genfic intrigued me. And it's a really fantastic, genuinely creepy look into what Michael's childhood might have been like, what would make him into the person he is today, set in a narrative that made it almost impossible for me not to hear Jeffrey Donovan's voice in my head. It's insightful, it shows how he may have become who he is and why being stuck in Miami is so torturous for him, all wrapped up in short flashes of scenes. An excellent read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- American Gothic - Visiting Hours by Andraste - Once upon a time, I was so heavily involved with American Gothic, it makes my current fandoms look rather tame. I lived and breathed it, it was my first real fandom. So, I have a lot of extremely nostalgic memories and they're hard to live up to, especially since I was never a fan of Matt Crower. But this fic is beautifully written from his perspective after he tried to shoot Lucas and wound up in Juniper. What he understands now, the way he isn't crazy, but he still is in a rather hopeless situation... it's all just beautifully written. I'm so glad to have read this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Firefly/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Serenterprise-D by inlovewithnight - There are some fics where you see the two series that are crossed over together and you just have to click on it. And this was totally worth it, because the crossovers and comparisons (and contrasts) between the crew members of both ships is really delightful. In a way, it almost seems kind of destined to happen (and not, you know, like there's a formula to these things) and the author is amazing at finding little connections between various characters. By far my favorite had to be Jayne meeting Worf, though. That was beautiful, deeply and truly. The whole thing was, really. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Ocean's 11 - Boy Wonder by inlovewithnight - Not long ago, I finally watched Ocean's 13 and I've been pining for more of the series and sort of afraid to go looking into the fandom because I just want gen antics instead of anything else, but... well, I was wandering through some of the Yuletide fics, stumbled over this one, and decided to read. It's an adorable fic set from Linus' perspective, showing his frustration at having to hang out with people like Danny and Rusty, the voices and pacing of the fic are delightfully in tune with the movies themselves, it's so easy to picture the actors in their roles, Linus' frustration is especially perfect because it's both understandable and hilarious. The comic book references add that extra special touch that make this a fantastic read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Outsiders - These Three Words Have Said It All by imparfait - The Outsiders is one of those books that I had to read in junior high just like so many other kids and I think it was probably one of the moving books I've ever read. I don't know why, but something about it really got to me, especially the relationships between the brothers. So many parts of the book left me feeling wobbly and kind of totally in love with the characters and wanting to squish them into big hugs, and this fic produced that exact same reaction out of me, that sense of wanting to cry over the hard situations they always seem to stumble into. The author just nails the voices of the characters down, both Sodapop and Ponyboy come through so very clearly here, the way they miss each other, the way Darry is always sort of lurking in the background of the fic, it's just gorgeous. And now I want Outsiders fic again. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Outsiders - Mercury Knew by Aiko-chan - So, after reading the previous Outsiders fic, I had to at least go poke around a little bit. Not too much later, I stumbled over this one and was really impressed with it, it's got that head-in-the-clouds, but still thoughtful and intelligent and more than a little painful, style of thoughts that run through Ponyboy's head. The style of writing is lovely as well, it also fits with Ponyboy's character and the world around him, almost a simple piece as thoughts go through his head while he runs a race, but full of so much detail and thought that it's really wonderful. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Queer as Folk UK - And All I Got Was This Lousy Vodka by Derry - You know, about a month ago, I bookmarked a bunch of QaF fics to read and I have no idea what happened to them, despite having been kinda in the mood for them. So, I stumbled over the Yuletide ones for this year and decided, eh, I'll give these a shot instead. This is a short little piece, but Stuart is so very Stuart that it's just utterly perfect. He's so abrasive and obnoxious, even when they're visiting Vince's mother, and yet you still somehow love him anyway. XD ( real warnings/pairings?)

- Queer as Folk UK - Negative Space by Steph - This is my second QaF-UK fic tonight and now I remember why I was so delighted with the show for awhile, because there's all this history and chemistry with Stuart and Vince, even when they're not together and with other guys, the both of them. (Or sort of with other guys, in a way.) The friendship that has that something more possibly lurking underneath it, the way Stuart is so self-centered and yet you can see just how much his friendship with Vince really does mean to him. The voices for the characters, the writing, it's all sharp and lovely, it reminds me of why I wanted to read the fic in the first place, mm. (Some NSFW content, maybe a light NC-17.)

- Scrubs - My Bad Hair Day by Aderam - I generally don't read a lot of Scrubs fic, but the premise of this one caught my eye--Elliot has a bad day and the Janitor makes her feel better. It's very cute and just a quiet day (as quiet as any of their days can be) and does a nice job of showing the J.D. - Elliot - Turk friendship set at Sacred Heart, as well as including a lot of elements I love about the show. The Janitor - Blonde Doctor dynamic is an interesting one, since it's so obvious to the viewers, but Elliot herself has no idea, and then there's J.D.'s rambling thoughts and references to The Todd being possibly gay, and it's just really fun! (Possible one-sided Janitor/Elliot, but.)

- Scrubs - My Destiny's Anvils by usomitai - Oh, my god! Two Scrubs fics that I can actively like, instead of trying to wriggle around to an angle where I could agree with the author? Two fics that actually jive with my own feelings on the show? It's marvelous! And this was fantastic, the author gets the characters' voices down so well, especially J.D., who has this... child in an adult's body persona a lot of the time and I kind of wanted to shake him and tell him to grow up in this fic after awhile, which is spot-on in terms of characterization. The Carla voice is brilliant and her Elliot is fantastic and there is MINI-GOLF. The whole thing was beautifully easy to picture in my head and the framing of the story with the Janitor and Cox is also fantastic. Definitely a story that actually does justice to the show. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- The Skeleton Key - Night-blooming by inlovewithnight - [Note: Both the fic and this rec itself will contain SPOILERS for the movie's ending.] After reading the author's Ocean's 11 fic on Yuletide, I got curious enough to poke around for some of her other stuff and happened to stumble over fic for The Skeleton Key. The sheer novelty of it got me to click on the link, but I'm glad I did because it's a beautifully creepy little piece set post-movie from Cecile's point of view. There's a lovely sense of power and hoodoo mysticism and the Louisana bayou, all things that fit so very well with the movie itself. But it's more than that, it's the way Cecile and Justify were written here, the utter indifference to the lives of others, yet the power and passion that still resides in them, it's a rather disturbing contrast that's beautifully done. (Somewhere around a PG-13 rating?)

- Knocked Up - Do What You Gotta Do (Five Pieces Of Advice Ben Completely Ignores) by hkath - You know, I was going to wander right past this story. I just didn't think a movie like Knocked Up really needed anything else said about it and there was a whole pile of other stuff I wanted to get to. But there was a rec on one of the Yuletide lists and it got me curious and I'm so glad I clicked on this story anyway. It's post-movie and it's brilliantly in character, having the same charm that made the movie itself so much fun to watch, and the writing is clever and sharp, there's actual character growth here without it being too much too fast or too preachy about it, and it's just-- It's so delightful to see how utterly crazy Ben is over Alison and what a surprisingly sweet guy he is. I love that even the vulgar comments or the annoying guy things just make me laugh, so so much like they did with the original movie. Fantastic. ♥ (Some Ben/Alison, but with other reasons to read, just like with the movie.)

- Pushing Daisies - Purls Before Pie by fresne - One of the things I like best about Pushing Daisies (and I cannot believe I'm reading fic for the show, honestly) is Emerson, because Chi McBride does such a fantastic job with the character. And this fic absolutely does him justice, I grinned the whole way through it (except for the parts where I was actually giggling aloud, because it's genuinely funny) and utterly loved how much the style of writing fit with the narration of the show as well. It's a brilliant little story set in the lull between cases and Emerson's take on the rest of the cast is fantastic, I loved it so much. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Jekyll - Gauntlet by Dolevalan - I marathoned the Jekyll series last year and it was such a fantastic little thing that I was almost satisfied with it as it was. And, yet, when Yuletide came around and there was fic for it, I put it on my to-read list and I'm glad I did. Just a short little thing pre-series, Jackman still trying to figure out how to deal with Hyde. The fic captured the quiet unsettled tone of the show and Jackman's creeping desperation in dealing with Hyde so very well, it was utterly easy to picture the whole thing in my mind's eye. It's just a short little piece, but fits together with canon very well. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Jekyll - Now and Then by LJC - Of all the Jekyll characters, Katherine was not one of the characters I expected to find myself reading about, despite that I did have brief thoughts that she didn't get enough backstory during the series itself. This fic reminded me of that, especially because the background information here fits so beautifully with the character, the tight control she had over herself, the defensive walls she had, all without the fic needing to explicitly state anything. You simply felt it while reading. The writing itself is gorgeous as well, the narrative and insights into Katherine's character, the way she was such a human, empathizable character here. It was a really lovely addition to the small collection of Jekyll fic available. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Jekyll - Toiling Upward in the Night by ainsley - Yet another Jekyll fic that focuses on a character (well, two characters) that weren't the main focus of the series, but breathes such life into them that it's wonderful. The writing is smooth, the characterization is spot-on, the underyling creepiness from the series was absolutely present, and it fit together perfectly with Min and Miranda's characters. While I liked them well enough, I wouldn't have thought reading a fic about them would be so interesting as this one was, but. Well, it certainly was a treat to read. (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Journeyman - Beacon by neko_chelle - I've been sort of hesitant to get into Journeyman fandom because I really liked the Dan/Katie relationship and it felt like most people didn't really care for the two of them or were more interested in crumbling the relationship, which I can understand why. So, to read this fic, a lovely story that shows how hard it is on Katie to always be waiting for Dan to come back, to not be able to help, to not even know, but still shows how much she loves him and why their relationship works, is wonderful. It's a beautifully written story and struck so true for me that I heartmark it violently. (Dan/Katie, but it's on the level of the show.)

- Spider-Man (movieverse) - Just a Face On a Train by katheryne - One of the most interesting things to come out of the Spider-Man movies was in the second movie, the scene with the train, and all the people that saw Peter's face, which is something I love to see explored in fic. Add in a fantastic narrative from an original character's point of view and a neat, clean writing style, and I hardly realized the fic was over 11,000 words long, I whipped through it so fast. Everything about the fic is utterly engaging, it does a brilliant job of grabbing me with the empathizable original character, and fits together with what I want out of the Spider-Man movieverse, including just being a damned good story. It actually made me feel emotional over the characters and how tough Peter's life often is, because it wasn't overplayed. Just. What a fantastic fic to have read this afternoon. (No warnings/pairings.)

House/Bones: untitled by thornsmoke - I was journalhopping through this author's FFVIII/KH fic and noticed some of the links she'd put up to her contributions to the fandomsecrets crossover meme, so I settled in to read. I haven't actually watched Bones, but I don't think that really hindered me that much from enjoying this beautifully written, sharply witted crossover. Practically every line out of the characters' mouths felt perfectly done and it's just... it's so sharp and clever. It's fantastic, I loved the whole thing. (No warnings/pairings.)

Fringe/Pushing Daisies: Saving The Best For Last by Layton Colt - mklutz linked this fic awhile back and just the sheer oddity of crossing these two series caught my attention. I may have read it anyway just to have read a good Fringe fic (since I like the show so much) but the crossover was entirely fabulous. The narration in the style of Pushing Daisies, the characterization for all of the regulars at the Pie Hole, was fantastic and just completely spot on. The Fringe characters walking into this atmosphere for a short while was both entirely fitting/a seamless fit and yet used to contrast how they are compared to normal people. The dialogue was also just fantastic and I love the way the two series tied together and there were so many little moments or lines from a character that had me nearly keyboard mashing in my glee. Especially Peter. a;sldkfjalskj oh how perfectly the author had him spot on. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Fringe: Plus ša change by Zinnith - I'm sort of wary of trying to find Fringe fic in the great wilds of fandom because I like the show, but not enough to seek out and wade through the crap to find the gems. But I stumbled over this fic and was curious enough to read it and it's. It's one of those little scenes that feels perfect to the characters, like it could so easily slip between the frames of canon, and touches on the dysfunctional father/son relationship between the Bishops. It's bittersweet without being too much, it hit all the right notes, just a perfect little extra set of scenes that go hand in hand with canon. I almost don't need any other fic for the fandom now. (No warnings/pairings.)

House/Scrubs: Take Two Martinis and Call Me in the Morning by ijemanja - I was a little wary of this crossover, largely because I ship both Jordan and Cuddy with other people and I wasn't sure how the Cox/Jordan relationship would fit into a fic like this, but I'm really, really glad I kept reading because as;dlkfja;lskjdsljk what an awesome Jordan voice. I wasn't sure about Cuddy's characterization at first, but she was seriously pretty rocking once the fic got underway and the author just absolutely, completely nailed Jordan's voice, right down to asking Cox for permission to sleep with the hot doctor lady and it was the perfect resolution to that sticky issue. And just. Oh, man, when the fic pointed out just who Jordan reminded Cuddy of, I was keyboard mashing pretty hard because I hadn't even thought of it myself and then just OMG HAHAHAHAHA YES and-- as;lkdfjl;j okay, I am clearly too much of a spaz this morning to properly rec this. Go read it anyway, it's fabulous. (Jordan/Cuddy.)

Leverage: The Hole by darkeyedwolf - You know, it's Wolfie's fault that I'm even watching this show. I'd downloaded it, but I probably would have languished forever if she hadn't mentioned it and I'm glad I did because it's a really fun little show, but I never expected fic out of it. And I-- I have this thing. Maybe I shouldn't, but I would totally read Spencer/Hardison fic and this story balances the idea of seriously shipping them with being all about the lolz brilliantly well. I can't tell you how many times I burst out laughing at the humor of this story, there were at least a good five LOL moments and a dozen more moments where I was grinning so hard, she does just a fabulous job with the characterization and the voices of the whole cast and the sense of a team dynamic and just. I usually don't care for gay nightclub fics, but this. Oh, man, this is the best one I have ever read, it's perfect. Also, Hardison is totally my favorite character on the show, hands down. (Spencer/Hardison.)

Gone with the Wind: Clean Slates by Claudia - I never really expected to find myself reading this fic, though, every so often I give passing glances at the fandom, mostly because I am weak to pairings like Rhett and Scarlet, but I never really wanted to invest that much time into the fandom. This is a short piece, though, one that was very easy to read and really captured the push/pull dynamic of their relationship, the passion, both positive and negative, that they both had. A very nice little read and how I'm choosing to believe they ended up. :|b (Rhett/Scarlet.)

Psych/The Mentalist: Not as clever as you think you are by blackeyedgirl - I wasn't sure what I was going to get with a fic that was for the Shawn/Jane pairing, but I was so intrigued that I had to at least read the beginning. And it was a really snappy, intriguing beginning. So I pretty much found myself sucked right into this fic before I knew it and I love the play of two hyper-observant people and the connection of fake psychics between them and the way this is set through Shawn's eyes and the way he reacts to Jane, the way Jane reacts to him, it's all really delicious and sharp as hell. Fabulous. (Jane/Shawn.)

The Mentalist: No Good Deed by mswyrr - I'm not sure what I expected to get when I picked up this fic to read, the summary of it intrigued me: Sooner or later, somebody's going to get a look inside Jane's house. It sounded like it had the potential for fun or to be an interesting character study and the writing was very smooth and so easy to see in my mind's eye, everything unfolding here. But then there was this one moment in the fic, where the author pulled off the story beautifully and made me so glad I picked this story for (one of) my first fics in this fandom. The characterization here is spot-on and I can totally, totally see this. (No warnings/pairings.)

Fringe: The Ultimate Fate of those Gerbils by Franzi - You know, I was sort of wary of venturing out into the Fringe fandom because it's this show that really shouldn't work as well as it does and I didn't think fandom could really match up to that. And yet I've found a couple of good fics and, hell, Yuletide is often good for finding smaller fandoms. And this was a delightful little piece, it has a really good Olivia voice especially, after Peter dies on a routine day (for them) and all the craziness that goes through the Fringe world. It captured the spirit of the show nicely and I love the use of the gerbils. (No warnings/pairings.)

White Collar/Leverage: Accessories by halcyon-shift - I was a little wary of this crossover (I shouldn't be, crossovers have been amazing these last few years of fandom) but I had to give it a try. And, oh, lord, Neal and Hardison talking over his tracking anklet and then there is a conversation about Battlestar Galactica that is so perfect I can't even describe it and just. She does amazing justice to both Neal and Hardison in this fic and it's so easy to see and then there's actual moments of real emotion in there and just. Perfection. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Jennifer's Body: Impure by anenko - [Note: There will be spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] Having watched this movie just the other night, I remembered that anenko had written a piece based on it and I zipped over to read. This was a fantastic coda to the movie, set just before the ending credits and capturing all this rage that Needy had by the end. That's what really impressed me, how much that feeling came through, how it was so easy to put together with the movie I'd just finished watching. I absolutely think this is exactly how things went. <3 (No real warnings/pairings, aside from what was in the movie.)

Jennifer's Body: Best Friends Forever by seriousfic - [Note: There will be spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] So, I couldn't just leave it at one fic. And I can't say I was precisely shipping Jennifer/Needy in the fic, but that's what most of the fandom's fic revolves around and I wasn't running screaming at the thought and then... I found this fic. Which has this feel to it that really captured the movie's... well, teenagers who say some really awful yet hilarious stuff, the fic really nailed the way Jennifer (especially posessed!Jennifer) talked to and about people. It captures the Jennifer/Needy dynamic really well, the power imbalance there that's kind of hot in its own way and it's just a simple fic about Jennifer staying that first night and Needy cleaning her up and just... the whole thing being fucked up. In a really great way. (Jennifer/Needy, NC-17.)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Beside You In Time by lion_heart - So, I'm reading through the entries on the porn_battle and stumbled over a Riker/Troi fic and, well. I pretty much pounced on it immediately. And this is a lovely piece that satisfies so many things I wanted from these two--beautifully written, wonderful characterization, that sense of history between them yet still moving towards the future, the connection (and total OTPness) they are, and porn. Well, it's more R-rated than anything, but that's all this needed. It was lovely. (Riker/Troi.)

Modern Family: The Maury Povich Effect by crackers4jenn - So, I was wary of reading this fic, because, well, Modern Family isn't exactly a show that I would think I'd need fic for! But I was super curious. And then I got sucked in! And, oh, I was doing the stuffing my hand into my face so I could muffle my laughter thing by the end because the author just completely, totally nailed the style of the show and the little touches that were spot on. All the characters were amazing, I love that she even got the comedic timing just right, that you could easily picture the facial expressions to go with every single bit of dialogue and they were all perfect. But mostly. Her Phil. Oh, her Phil was perfect and I honestly do not think I could love this fic more than I do. (All the usual canon pairings, focus on Phil/Claire.)

Modern Family: Two Approaches to Baby-Naming by polychromic - Okay, see, this is why I am still all over this ficmeme, because it provides me with a) Modern Family fic (which I need more of, like, all the time) and b) it's so adorable and sweet and happy that I'm just happy and floaty now, too. It's so much fun, because it really nails Cam and Mitchell's voices and their interaction as they try to decide on baby names just before the adoption, it has some great images for how they approach this situation so differently, and there are even little touches of the way they move or the way Cam uses his hands, and then. Just the sweetest, bestest finish up ever. D'awwww. <3 (Mitchell/Cameron.)

Dirty Dancing: How You Call Your Loverboy by lowriseflare - I picked this story up from this rec on het_reccers and was immediately intrigued because... Dirty Dancing fic! I, like a lot of others, have a soft spot for that movie that I can't really articulate, but love it kind of ridiculously anyway and get sucked into it every time it's on tv. This is a beautiful little piece set during Baby and Johnny's practicing for the performance at the Shelldrake, it's about the growing attraction and hesitation that Baby feels even though it's all been pretty innocent so far. It's a gorgeous little piece that made me feel all the things the movie did. (Johnny/Baby.)

This Means War: twin prop airplanes (passing loudly overhead) by katydidmischief (cassiejamie) - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the movie in this fic and this rec.] I spent the entire time I was watching the movie thinking, yeah, the only way this makes sense is if they're sublimating their feelings for each other. And then this fic came along, beautifully written, set post-movie, heartbreaking in all the right spots, showing the eventual dissolution of the relationships that ended up in the movie, but without making anyone a villain (instead, I felt for everyone here). It's about the progression of their relationship, the past, the movie, the future, and it's just... I'm kind of tempte to throw my hands up and just make flailing noises because it's just absolutely everything I wanted from this fandom, it was absolutely pitch-perfect, minus the desperate need I had for more porn. It's that one fic that will keep me satisfied until the movie comes out on dvd and I can see it again and then maybe con more people into writing for it. (Tuck/FDR, some background canon pairings.)

Common Law: The Friday Night Boys by pyrodynamo Ahhh, yes, good, Common Law fic that captures the feeling of... well, it's set from Wes' point of view, how it's a simple exercise in therapy that just sort of brings everything slowly crashing down around him and it's almost a claustrophobic or hyperventilating sort of feeling, the author does a lovely job of bringing across that undercurrent of panic because it's change and it's kind of terrifying. But in amongst that is also a great Wes voice and you can really feel his attraction to Travis through the little details of the fic, and, honestly, the only thing missing was more sexytimes. An excellent start to my reading in the fandom! (Travis/Wes.)

ELEMENTARY: Solve For X by Yahtzee


SUMMARY: Their relationship as it stands has one mathematical certainty: It will end in twenty-five days.

At that time, her sojourn as his sober companion will end. Either Watson will pass out of his life forever, or Holmes will have to devise another option.

REC: This fic was written for Yuletide 2012, which means it deviates from the direction canon took on the whole, "Our relationship will be up in six weeks." aspect, but I never mind that sort of thing, especially when it's something as gorgeous as this fic was. It can be difficult to get into the head of a character like Sherlock Holmes, but this fic does it and packs such an emotional punch, for how Joan has just quietly slipped into this tremendous presence in his life and how he doesn't want her to go. All the little details, all the little touches of things they discuss or things he thinks about are related back to her, little ways designed (possibly without even him fully realizing it!) to strengthen their connection and, oh, it's just so exquisitely done. This is just so very Sherlock and how he sees and reacts to the world and Joan Watson's presence in his life, there are so many gorgeous lines (My favorite is Sherlock's thought: How is she so small? Watson fills a room, commands attention, commands him. It seems hardly possible that he could fold himself around her like this. That he could even begin to contain her.) and it beautifully takes him from platonic to romantic and, ahhhhh, it's so good.

Snow White and the Huntsman:
rooted, not adorning by BlackEyedGirl Having just seen the movie today, my immediate reaction was pretty much, yes, yes, I do need post-movie fic. And this was a gorgeous piece, the language of it suits the movie so very well, but also it keeps the spirit of the characters and the atmosphere--Snow White has forged herself into a weapon and she will not be so easily unmade, no matter how they may treat her afterwards. The way she does and does not adjust to her new peaceful life, the way she still yearns to ride out and fix things, the way the Huntsman is the only one who will raise a blade to her when she asks, all of it is gorgeously done. (Some Huntsman/Snow White, but it's only half the point.)

Snow White and the Huntsman: all hearts use their own tongues by tosca1390 Ahhhh, yes, this is also what I wanted. The way Snow White goes from prisoner to queen, the adjustment there, the way she is a symbol and yet that is not all of her, the way the Huntsman sees her in a different way than others, that all is done beautifully here and fits with the movie so very well. It's a beautiful look at what happens afterwards and it's written gorgeously and doesn't even need to be explicit to be super hot, just the implications and intimate touches are wonderful enough. (Huntsman/Snow White.)

A Song of Ice and Fire - [ deviantART Account ] - I'm not sure what made me decide to wander around the ASOIAF fandom today, but I stumbled over this artist's stylized image of Daenerys and a dragon where the dragon was just fucking gorgeous and I was just... sucked into everything here! (And you can find the artist's ASOIAF gallery here.) I really like the stylized look of everything, there's so much detail put into the images, everything seems to be curling around and twisting up, which looks so cool. Some of my other favorites are Robb Stark and Eddard Stark and Asha Greyjoy and Jon Snow. I didn't think I would spend that much time on ASOIAF art, but I kind of think I want to now that I've seen work like this. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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