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- Gurren Lagann Fanfiction Recs - Gurren Lagann is one of those series that looked really kind of huge from the outside, but is actually pretty small from the inside. (J-fanart aside.) So, I don't expect to find too much fanfic that I like, but I will keep an eye out. I'll probably waver between Kamina/Simon and Kamino/Yoko + Simon/Nia, I'm pretty easy to please with this series, I'll go wherever the show or fandom takes me, since I like everything. Though, gen would be fabulous as well.

- Gurren Lagann Gen Fanart Recs - One of the things that surprised me about the show, considering how much I love the characters even above the awesome plot, is that I like them on a gen level already. Sure, I love pairings because the relationships in the show are so fantastic, but I also love them as themselves. This section will be fairly decent sized, but a lot of the links will probably also contain pairings, just that I feel they're also worthwhile to gen-only fans, so long as you're prepared to use your scrollbutton if any of the pairings squick you.

- Gurren Lagann Kamina/Simon Fanart Recs - I didn't plan on liking this pairing, but... there were a couple of little moments that just sort of spoke to me, most notably when the earthquake was happening in Jiiha village and Kamina put his arms around Simon in a protective embrace. It was gen, of course, but the way it looked.... Or the way Kamina put his arm around Simon as they slept and Simon leaned into him during it. Again, totally gen, but the way it looked... it was just enough to get me to think about the pairing and decide that I thought maybe it might be really interesting. It helps that it gets some of the prettiest fanart, too. ♥

- Gurren Lagann Kamina/Yoko Fanart Recs - I'm pretty content to go wherever the series was going, so when they had Kamina and Yoko finally get together (which had obviously been building for awhile), I was fine with that. And I even liked (as much as one could) the aftermath of their relationship, it was really bittersweet and well-done. I adore both characters and of course they'd be awesome together, even if it's not my primary ship. Plus, hey, they get some totally hot fanart and I always enjoy that. There are actually more than I thought there would be available, there's a solid corner of Kamina/Yoko art sites to be found, even if it's not a huge-huge pairing.
- Gurren Lagann Simon/Nia Fanart Recs - A lot of times, I find myself annoyed by pairings like Simon and Nia... so why the hell I found these two so completely adorable, I'm not sure. But love them almost instantly, I did, especially because I wanted so badly for Simon to find someone that could make him happy again and if Nia could do that, then I was happy to watch her do so. The more I watched Nia, the more I genuinely liked her as well, there was something really well-done about her naivete and optimism and weird way of speaking, she was just terribly endearing. Also, I like any Simon pairing, so! ♥ There's not a ton of Simon/Nia art, but there's a decent corner, so I hope to have a nice section here.
- Gurren Lagann Other Pairings Fanart Recs - Sometimes a few other pairings will pop up, maybe a little Simon/Rossiu or I would seriously, seriously love to find some Simon/Viral fanart. I keep thinking that maybe there'll be a Simon/Yoko site out there someday, since the series did kind of flirt with that pairing for a time. Basically, if I can't figure out any other place to chuck the rec, it'll go into this misc section, which I hope won't be too terribly anemic.

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