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- Tenjou Tenge - He wanted to be as strong as his brother. by Vikki - *happy, sated sigh* THIS is the kind of thing I want from the Tenjou Tenge fandom... the Takayanagi brothers' relationship is the thing that fascinates me the most and this plays beautifully on it. It's short, but it really encompasses a lot of how I see Masataka--I figure he must have had a good previous relationship with Mitsuomi for the lack of hatred (and the desire to prove himself/be strong enough for his older brother) in current times and he really shows a remarkable lack of jealousy over others being stronger than he is and, as Vikki pointed out, he's a natural follower, than a leader. And this short little ficlet plays all that up beautifully without bashing us over the head with it and heart-tugging all at the same time. I just... I was in wibbly GOO afterwards. ;__; (No pairings/warnings.)

- Tenjou Tenge - Untitled by hoshi no koe - Eeeee! Tenjou Tenge fic! Tenjou Tenge fic that explains Mitsuomi to me. Do you know how fabulous that is for me? And I adore this story because I thought everything felt right--down to the way Mitsuomi talked (this sort of... determined and fierce tone, but still calm and steady, not necessarily an easy mix, I wouldn't think) and the way he thought about Maya and Masataka, the two most important people to him WITHOUT being sappy about it. This Mitsuomi cares about them, but he's not conflicted, which is a wonderful thing, because he's not in the series. The way he thinks of his father is spot-on as well, the way he's not really angry so much as something like uncaring once the old man was out of the way. Just... I thought this was pretty much pitch perfect for the series and what I was hoping to find. (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say, except for some spoiler warnings for those who haven't read the manga.)

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