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- Tenshi ni Narumon! Fanfiction Recs - There's not very much Tennimon fanfic out there, but there were a handful of fics that I really liked and just as soon as I hunt them down again, I'll rec them.... XD Almost purely RaphaelxMikael, since they were really what made me fall so hard for the series. (I adore Noelle-chan, but Raphael and Mikael have my heart with this series. *_*)

- Tenshi ni Narumon! Fanart Recs - To be honest, I didn't think that Tennimon would have been a popular enough series to have fanart for it and I didn't really have an interest in looking for it, either. But I was browsing another page (I think it might have been a Naruto site...?) and some very pretty Tennimon fanart was in another gallery and decided, what the hell... and then I checked out the links page in curiosity... and thus was born this page, for a series I'd seen probably a year ago. But... Mikael and Raphael...! *_*

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