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- That '70s Show - Spin by Libertyne - There's a line in this story that does so much to sum up why I like the Jackie/Hyde relationship: It's kinda funny. All our lives we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds, we know the person we truly love will always be an exception. This story was written before the post-"Get off my boyfriend!" episode aired and, surprisingly, I find myself liking it on par with the actual episode that aired. Libertyne, as usual, does a wonderful job with these characters, capturing their evolution crawling along with baby steps, because these two aren't the type to grow schmoopy overnight. Well. Hyde's not, anyway. ^_~ (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - Warning by Libertyne - I really do have trouble believing that there's a That '70s Show writer out there as good and sparkly as Libertyne is, because... it's a sitcom. On FOX! About (supposed) teenagers. So, it's wonderful to have such a good writer writing about my favorite couple, but it also sucks because I'm getting far too attached to this couple, and FOX will never give me what I want. Anyway. The fic. This one is about that summer where Jackie and Hyde got together, where Jackie had to learn to get over Kelso and this fic does a marvelous job. It doesn't drag, it hits all the right points in the slow progression of the characters (Jackie talking to Donna, writing the letter, starting to watch TV with Hyde, trying to call Michael, slowly forgetting certain things, etc.) yet still showing that process. I really like the way Libertyne writes Jackie, too, more mature than most people would think, but still meshing with the version we see on the screen, still liking the hearts and rainbows and unicorns, but growing up, too. (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - [ Untitled ] by kenzimone - Okay, this story frequently crosses over into overly dramatic territory, but I can forgive a lot because half of this story is from Jackie's POV, and that just makes sense. Also, it wasn't too bad, just a little over where I would have liked to have seen the characters. The writing itself was very good, very smooth, readable, and flowed very well. The flashbacks to Hyde's time with his mother worked really, really well, both in terms of how it related to what was happening in the present and what happened in the flashbacks themselves. Also, the little bits of humor amused me greatly and kept that That '70s Show feel to the story. After saying those three words to Jackie after finding her in a rainstorm (it's not as cheesy as it sounds, honest!) and she fell asleep on him: And it hadnít felt bad. Not like he had expected it to. Well, he hadnít expected it to be bad, really, but he had expected him ever saying those words would involve beer - or something stronger, a secret stash, and two or more hot chicks. Blondes, preferably.

Instead, he was sitting in a car in the rain in the middle of the night, saying them to a sleeping, drenched brunette with mascara running all over her face. He smiled. He was pretty sure she was drooling, too. It was better than he'd expected. (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - Overrated by Libertyne - Libertyne writes a really nice Hyde, keeping him his cynical self, yet at the same time, hinting at mild vulnerabilities that might be there. Every so often we see hints of those on the show, too, but Hyde never turns into an emotional wreck over them, and he doesn't do that here, either. I especially liked Hyde's musings over what happened with his mother, the way he looked back on those moments and the way he looks at those around him, especially the Eric/Donna and Jackie/Kelso couplings. Very nice. (No real warnings.)

- That '70s Show - Not Supposed to Be by Libertyne - A Hyde-POV for the post-"Get off my boyfriend!" episode--as I can't be bothered to learn the episodes' proper names. ^_^; I will admit, the Hyde POV faltered a little for me towards the end, especially around the "I'm not saying it back!" point, but I think that might be more of a difference of opinion as to what was going through Hyde's head at that moment. Not to say that I didn't absolutely love this fic, because I did. Hyde's view of "his Jackie" versus "Kelso's Jackie" was a great little plot element and I could just see it; I loved the way he saw Jackie, the way he thought of her, the way he viewed her. Like, Sure, his Jackie still loved stuffed animals and all things rainbow, but she also became more aware of other things -- grown up things. His Jackie seemed more attentive of the real world and all who lived in it. Sometimes, not all the time, she didn't seem as shallow. I really do love these two too much. (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - Change by Libertyne - This was the first That '70s Show fic I read after Jackie and Hyde got together in the series--I'd read J/H fic during the first two seasons, but didn't look all that hard for fic and didn't find anything I really loved. So it was so surprising to me that I found this fic and that it was so good. ....despite breaking my heart. One thing to note is that this fic is a little bit spoilerish so don't read if you're avoiding all spoilers.

It was the little things that really made this fic for me, like Okay. Well, Steven helped me in a lot of ways to get over Michael. One time, he taught me what he liked to call 'Zen".

For such a made up word, it really helps.

As with all of Libertyne's stories, you really get a sense of the characters maturing, not so far that they're unrecognizable, but a genuine maturing process. The ending broke my heart, but, really, within these circumstances, I couldn't see anything else happening and I admire the author and the story for not backing down from it. (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - Taking Care by anni - I'll admit that this story gave me some problems at first; the dialogue was very in character, but it was almost like reading a script. I could hear the actors saying their lines, but without actually being able to see their expressions... yeah, it was like reading a script of the series rather than reading a fic about it. Once the author gets past trying to make the fic like an actual episode, that's when I really started to like it. She's got a very good handle on the characters, what makes them work, what gives them problems, what makes me love them anyway. *sparkles* And she captured the mercurial moods of Jackie and Hyde, their issues coming up and being pushed away, very nicely, the way they move from one mood to the next just like they do in the series. I especially liked how the fic was written from Hyde's POV and yet was so wonderfully in character, he cares a lot about her, but he's still Steven Hyde. ^_^ (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - A Fool's Zen by Princess Twilite - Amanda suggested this fic to me, knowing my love of Jackie/Hyde fic and so I sat down to give it a shot, not having read a good Jackie/Hyde fic in awhile. (Not that I've been looking, mind.) And AUGH! No! I don't want to get sucked back into this pairing! Because there's not really enough to support my fondness for it! But... but... a good fic like this every once in awhile is really nice. I love the way Princess Twilite writes the characters, they're wonderfully in character, I love what Hyde did to try to win Jackie back, the way it could have been so stupid and cliche, but wasn't. I love the bits of dialogue that made me laugh, I love the way each of them speaks, I love the way they interact, just... everything. *sparkles madly* It's one of those fics that's a good read and makes me remember why the hell I let myself get dragged into looking for fic to read in the first place. (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - Jekyll and Hyde by Misty Flores - I admit, it took me about an entire page to get into the style of the fic, the way it was written, it was very... gossipy and high-school-y, but after that first page, it really grew on me and I wound up loving the style. It was just perfect for these characters who are still in high school, especially for Jackie, who's so involved with the high school social scene. And this fic was just a really, really good read, really satisfied that itch I had for Jackie/Hyde fic with good writing and clever lines and fantastic characterization. *sigh* I write really crappy recs lately, so just go read this one and enjoy the wonderful J/H-ness. *hums happily* (Jackie/Hyde.)

- That '70s Show - No Less Than I Deserve by Black Queen - I think the thing that sells me on this fic... is that the author really nailed Hyde's speech patterns. Which sounds like a silly thing to focus on, I imagine, but when an author can manage to be insightful with a character AND frame it in words that the character would say (as opposed to the author herself), I sparkle madly. I'm a little hesitant on the amount of self-introspection Hyde does in this fic, but I believe all of what he says/thinks, so it's not really a criticism--the author really got inside his head and did a fantastic job with the character, never stepping over the line of overly dramatic, which would be bizarre with a character like Hyde. No, he still had that edge of cynicism and sarcasm, even when he was being serious. The writing is smooth and very readable, which is a HUGE plus in the That '70s Show fandom, and, honestly? It makes me really wish that the author wrote more for the series because her style really fits with the show. *pouts* (Hyde/Jackie.)

- That '70s Show - The Pink Dress by angeleyes - ....I have an intense irritation with this fic because, goddammit, no Red/Kitty fic should be this cute and smile-inducing. No Red/Kitty fic should include a really funny Mormon joke. It's not that I don't like them, it's just... it's boggling because I never, ever expected good Red/Kitty fic. But the dialogue is snappy and just right, the pacing is good, and the ending was sweet, and it... felt like the characters, like it could have been one of the sweeter moments in the series itself. I liked it a lot. <3 (Red/Kitty.)

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