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- The 10th Kingdom - Man's Best Friend by tea_and_snark - ....I literally clapped my hands in delight at the end of this ficlet, because it's just perfect fic for the series, just capturing the whimsical and fun tone the whole thing had and EEEEEEEEEEEE! WOLF FIC! *shimmers* Utterly made my night to read this, especially with the whole dog theme and it's just... perfect. (Some mentions of Wolf/Virginia.)

- The 10th Kingdom - Waking Hours by kittu - Oh, goodness, how rare 10th Kingdom fic is for such a charming mini-series that I loved so much. This fic is... it's that blend of real world and fairy tales that made 10th Kingdom so interesting to me, the sense of whimsy and magic overlaid on reality, the kind that this fic captures rather beautifully. The look into Christine's character, the way one, indeed, doesn’t become a wicked stepmother overnight is lovely, delicate, and haunting, the way a story such as this should be. The use of conditions/issues that exist in the real world (like post-partum depression) and yet there's still such a sense of a fairy tale here is really impressive. (Nothing but what's in canon.)

- The 10th Kingdom - Alleinwolf by aloislanz - Since I don't read Yuletide fics until after the reveals (since I hate having to go back to edit my recs, I want to write them and be done with them), I figured I'd go back and read some of the fics from 2006 with fandoms I didn't know at the time or was too distracted to read. Somehow, this meant I started with not only a The 10th Kingdom fic, but one that breaks up the Wolf/Virginia relationship. Reading some of the comments, I see I'm not alone in my reaction to the fic--part of me wails at the idea that anyone would want to break them up (since much of the point of the mini-series was in the getting them together), but I also couldn't resist the utterly gorgeous writing. If such a thing were going to happen, if there were ever going to be slash with Wolf, it would go exactly like this. Not to mention the twist on the usual Happily Ever After endings, so much like what the series itself was about, putting twists on fairy tales, fit rather wonderfully with the mini-series, even if it did break my heart. (Wolf/Wendell, implied Wolf/Virginia.)

- The 10th Kingdom - And They All Lived by Mirkat - Every time Yuletide rolls around, I'm delighted to see a few more 10th Kingdom fics, because this fandom never got very big and the fics in Yuletide are usually quite lovely. And this fic is no exception, it plays on the feeling of twisted fairy tale cliches, the way things aren't exactly perfect and shining, but still gives a happy feeling by the end. There's something really beautiful about the way this fic is written, the way Virginia and Wolf's life slowly unfolds before them and Virginia thinks about her mother and there are some delightful little details (the power of names is probably my favorite little touch added to the fic) and it's just. This is what I wanted to read after the mini-series. (Wolf/Virginia.)

The 10th Kingdom: Fairy Tale Endings by Cadhla - One of the best things about Yuletide, for me, is the 10K fics that come out, because they're usually the best of the fandom, as far as I can find. (Not that I look all that hard, mind.) Because it doesn't matter how many years go by, I still adore this miniseries and the world of fairy tales that it built and this. This just worked together wonderfully with where I felt the characters were going--Wolf trying to adjust to life in New York and it's so strange, Tony trying to adjust to his new duties in the fourth kingdom, Wendell trying to change his kingdom for the better. All of it just sparkled with everything it needed. ♥ (Wolf/Virginia.)

The 10th Kingdom: The Fourth Kingdom Christmas Storytelling Festival by Bette - This was another really charming and delightful little Christmas-themed fic for Viriginia and Wolf. I really adored the idea of a Christmas storytelling tradition in the fourth kingdom and the little details of the stories told and how Virginia and Wolf's kid gets along in school and what they're going to do this year about Wolf being the storyteller and it's just. Warm-hearted and wonderful. <3 (Wolf/Virginia.)

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