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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: An Honest World (Of Doomsday Near) by dltoro - This is the first piece post-movie I read and, oh, it certainly helped set a tone and standard. The language of this piece is absolutely lovely, but the characterization is so fitting as well--this Peter is locked up so tightly, but Richard doesn't mind, he's able to read between the lines well enough, like an English teacher should. It lent the whole piece a subtle yet sharp air that was perfect, filling in the details of Peter's life and why it was just so wrenching for him to have to destroy it in the movie. And I adore how steadying Richard is in his life, that, too, felt perfect. (Peter/Richard.)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: A Very Ordinary Man by janescott - This is the second fic I read in this fandom and, oh, yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! It's a fix-it fic that still manages to be utterly wrenching, a believable break-up and reunion. Nothing can be terribly easy in this world, not to do true justice to the way (especially in the books, I take it?) their line of work destroys any relationships they have. But this. This made a believable way for the relationship to be repaired, if not perfect, and gave me gorgeous Richard characterization, especially the way he views Peter. The background the author fills in for them, both for Richard as a character and for the way they first met and how their relationship progressed and where it went post-movie, allllll of that is my new headcanon. (Peter/Rchard, NSFW.)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Second Chances by Luthorchickv2 - Okay, this fic was pure fluff, holy cow, but, you know what? I really wanted that. There are so many heartbreaking fics to be found (especially in the fandoms I find myself in lately) and the movie itself was heartbreaking on this front, that goddamn I needed something fluffy to soothe my soul. And I liked this one, I liked that it fixed everything immediately and made no bones about it, I liked Richard putting his foot down about the future of their relationship and its direction. So there. XD (Peter/Richard.)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Trade All Your Heroes in for Ghosts by lonelywalker - And then we're back to wrenching fic that I just can't leave alone. This fic is absolutely stunning, though, for how well it captures the feel of the movie, right down to the treatment of sexuality in that time, how being gay in that era served the life of a spy in more ways than one and for how beautifully written this fic was. Peter's eloquence comes through so well here and how he's not an entirely good person, it's so spot on that it's almost painful. And, oh, there was quite the killer ending when I really stopped to think about it. (Peter/Richard.)

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