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Togainu no Chi - Fanart - General/Multiple Pairings - Also known as the "Everyone x Akira" section. Togainu no Chi is a BL game, so I can't exactly have a "gen" section even if a handful of sites don't really have any pairings, just illustrations of a single character in each one. Instead, I'm going to dump everything that's not specifically about a character (or sites that are worth visiting even aside from a particular pairing) into this one section. Now. Togainu no Chi. It's one of those games that I've always seen screencaps around for, always thought it was one of the most beautiful games I'd ever seen, but never really had a chance to get to know the series. Somehow, I stumbled over a fanart site (there's a strange crossover between Togainu no Chi fans and Gakuen Heaven fans of all things!) and there was some really gorgeous art and then there was a links page and then there was scanslating of the manga and then it was sort of downhill from there. I'm not usually attracted to the darker stories (I tend to be more of a happy fun smut kind of girl ^_~) but this one somehow snared me and wouldn't let go. I expect to achieve a rather large section here.

Togainu no Chi - Fanart - Shiki x Akira - The more and more I went through Togainu no Chi sites, the more I went through all the pairings they presented, one started to stand out for me more and more. Shiki intrigued me and I already had fondess for Akira and they got such pretty art together. I don't think it's just my imagination that they tend to get some of the best art (though, Motomi x Akira gets some really, really nice stuff a lot, too), certainly not that Shiki tends to look the hottest even when he's not paired up with anyone, so I figured... enh, what the hell. It's probably my favorite pairing now, too, and thus it gets its own section. It won't be quite as big as the general section, I don't think, but it'll certainly have a fair amount of sites listed. This is the pairing I gravitated towards the most, I'll hunt down as much of it as I can.

Togainu no Chi - Fanart - Gunzi x Akira - I'm not sure why I like this pairing as much as I do. Maybe it's that I find Gunzi hot. Maybe it's that I find Akira hot. Maybe there's something about the pairing that I have yet to put my finger on. But it gets the occasional really lovely fanart, sometimes all that blonde hair is just gorgeous or the tattoos or the soft-looking hair of Akira's or just something. There's not a ton of it, but it recurred fairly often and I have a kink for it, so I'd like this section to be at least decent, if not healthy. Expect a lot of sites that only have it as part of an overall Gunzi-focus or as a semi-frequent side pairing, though.

Togainu no Chi - Fanart - Kiriwar x Gunzi - I didn't think I'd like art for this pairing much, but the way the j-fen draw Kiriwar... he's really kind of hot. I haven't explored sites for them all that much, but I've at least touched on them and it's a semi-popular pairing, so I'll keep looking. And, yeah, this is another section that'll probably have a lot of Kiriwar/Gunzi as a side pairing or a heavy focus on Gunzi, but... well, it's hard to blame the j-fen when he really is hot. XD

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