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      T O L K I E N     L E G E N D A R I U M

            [ The Silmarillion + The Hobbit + Lord of the Rings
                  + Unfinished Tales + History of Middle Earth
                      + Laws and Customes of the Eldar ]

I started with the movies, first as a wee thing with the LOTR films and then The Hobbit movies, which I was casually into. And then the Greenwood Elves hit me hard and I dove into fandom with a fervor, which led me to The Silmarillion and the greater world of Tolkien's creation!

I focus primarily on the Elves, most especially the Sindar, but if they're pretty and immortal and possibly batshit, then I probably love them. It's easiest to find Thranduil & Legolas fic, that's where I generally spend most of my time, but I do enjoy Fellowship-era fic and I will find all the fic I can about Elrond and Elros' childhood with Maedhros and Maglor, I will seek out pretty much any and all Fourth Age fic in Valinor, I love the Feanorians and I love all of Finwe's children and their families, and I love a good Galadriel fic whenever I can find it.

Unless otherwise marked, you can usually assume that I'm working with book canon, rather than movie canon. The movies are dear to me for reigniting my passion and being very pretty, but they are terrible when it comes to the Elves, they did not understand the Elves at all, and often outright wrote the complete opposite of their personalities (I'm still grouchy at what they did to Thranduil) and I don't read fic in that vein. If it's movie-based, it takes a more nuanced approach with the Elves, is more true to who they are. Otherwise book canon for me all the way!

Tolkien - Thranduil & Legolas fic
Tolkien - Aragorn & Legolas & Fellowship fic
Tolkien - Gen fic
Tolkien - Sindar Elves (Thingol, Oropher, Celeborn, etc.) fic
Tolkien - Fourth Age/Valinor fic
Tolkien - Elladan & Elrohir fic
Tolkien - Silmarillion fic

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