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Torchwood: Trying to Communicate by Sam Starbuck - So. Pretty much everyone and their dog has either recommended to read this fic by now and, well, I might as well hop on the bandwagon as well. I'm nearly through all of season 2 of Torchwood and I've been vaguely curious about reading some genfic and I remembered the concept of Torchwood + LOLcats and I had to go see. This fic seriously deserves all the praise and comments it's gotten because it's a brilliant mixture of the show and internet memes, two things you wouldn't think would go together so seamlessly, but this fic pulls it off. It's just. I laughed the entire way through this fic, so many of the lines in here are just pure gold and even the way it was worked in was brilliant and... well, if this was going to happen to anyone, it would certainly be the Torchwood team, wouldn't it? Plus, everytime I get to the ending, I just break down into helpless giggles. (Eh. Nothing I'm going to really warn for, beyond whatever's canon.)

Torchwood: So Bad by TheSummoningDark - I kind of took a long path to get here, a lot of journal hopping, but eventually stopped to read because I've been kind of pining for more Jack/John fic in this fandom, but never looked that hard for it, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of everything else. But I stumbled over here and was surprised to find such a short little piece that was so powerful and so good, just what I wanted. For all that their relationship is a simple one, it's also a complex one, which the fic gets across without having to say a word of it. The connection and distance between them, two time travelers bouncing around like they have in their lives, that was done really well, too. And I really liked this take on John especially. *__* (Jack/John.)

Torchwood: Rude Introduction by 51stCenturyFox - More browsing of Torchwood Decaffeinated in order to find more Jack/John and I-- I really liked this. I love what a dick John was in this one, yet such a charming one and not entirely a bad guy, the kind you know is trouble and yet you can't help yourself anyway, which you could totally see he used to be. I had so much fun with the dynamic between him and Jack here, their first meetings and the way their relationship first unfolded, it was totally easy to see this happening. XD (Jack/John, maybe around an R rating.)

Torchwood: Excalibur, Week 1 by 51stCenturyFox - This is another short ficlet, but I liked the author's previous fic enough that I had to read this one, too. It's almost pure dialogue, Jack and John in the time they were partners and they're on a mission together, but it's fun and easy enough to hear the actors with their lines, yet still see that they're so much younger here. And I continue to love this characterization of John. XD (Jack/John.)

Sherlock/Torchwood: A packet of crisps and a Retcon pill by Jinxed-Wood - Oh, dear lord, this was amazing! I was hopeful about a crossover between Sherlock and Torchwood, but I didn't know how beautiful it was going to be! I adore Gwen being hazed and sent to try to get information out of a mysterious puzzle of a man and then their entire conversation is amazing and Sherlock is so perfectly in character and my face hurts from smiling so hard at this! This is why crossovers exist and, oh, what I wouldn't do for more of this! (No warnings/pairings.)

Sherlock/Torchwood: Temps by HumanTales - Since I'd read the author's previous fic (a fantastic Mycroft piece) and I'd previously read another Sherlock/Torchwood crossover, I was in the mood for another one! This one is sort of halfway between a simple oneshot and a full-out case fic (because there is a case here, but it's a very brief one, despite the 18k+ length) but it was such fun that I didn't care what it was! Mycroft needs to get Sherlock and John someplace where Moriarty won't come after them, so this is what he comes up with and Sherlock and John just... they pretty much fit right in with Torchwood. And I love that, I love how much fun this was, how they're both surprised and yet completely not surprised by all that they see there, because Sherlock is still Sherlock, of course. Hard to surprise anyone after living with him for months. But there's also such joy in this fic, like it actually remembered to have fun, you know? The dialogue was lovely (if a bit hard to follow at times, because my Torchwood knowledge is a bit fuzzy) and snapped right along, the dynamics between everyone were an absolute delight, the two worlds merged smoothly, and I could not put this fic down. I often despair these days of not having an attention span, but, when I can read this whole thing in one sitting, I know that this fandom can still save me from that, just by being awesome. (No warnings/pairings.)

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