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- Touching Evil (USA) - Intimation by AnxietyGrrl - You know, I was thinking about this fic and the certain tone/atmosphere it has to it and thinking about the series itself and the certain tone/atomsphere Creegan and Branca have to them... that would take me probably an hour to put into words, all of the little things with them, but Amanda captures it in a 1,100+ fic so incredibly perfectly. That Branca is serious, but not an uptight bitch, that Creegan is kind of an idiot, but not dumb, that they see through each other, but they still sort of play along, that there are things stirring under the surface, that I could just SEE the entire car ride and expressions on their faces and hear their words while they're discussing how everyone in the office thinks they're fucking and it was just... Amanda really manages to hit these pitch-perfect notes with each universe she plays in that leaves me insanely jealous. (Which is why I tend to comment on that a lot. >_>) She writes stories that could slip so damn easily in between the frames of canon that sometimes it almost hurts to read them. The kind of fic that I have to scrunch up my face and go, "Did I watch that in the show or did I read it in a fic...? I can't remember now." in about three weeks from now. XD (Creegan/Branca UST.)

- Touching Evil (USA) - waffle fic by AnxietyGrrl - Have I mentioned Amanda's ability to write sparkling dialogue? I'm just... so impressed by the way she takes a concept as simple as "waffles" and turns it into this little gem of a fic that says so much about the characters and the UST between them, while still including all those little details that make them so uniquely them. These aren't just two random characters having breakfast, they're these two specific characters, right down to Creegan's numerous quirks and vaguely unnerving body language and Branca's no-nonsense, yet still human attitude. Oh, and I have to quote a large chunk just because it's so perfectly clever and in character: He turned to the pancakes instead, mushed some butter on top of them, and then began to spin the syrup carousel. He picked up one of the pitchers and held it up to the light. "What the hell is boysenberry, anyway? Have you ever seen a boysenberry?"
"They're poisonous until they're cooked, I think."
"Oh, score," he proclaimed, dousing his pancakes. "The fugu of breakfast toppings. Living on the edge."
Another one of those "Wait, was that the show or fic again, I can't remember...." stories. (Creegan/Branca UST.)

- Touching Evil (USA) - changes are no good by daygloparker - I don't read too terribly much Touching Evil fic and I suppose I really only started tonight because Amanda got me started on hers and yet... occasionally, I find it fun, especially when there's genuinely good fic. This is another one that somehow captures the feeling of the series and the dynamic of these characters, especially with the narrative style that's not overly decorated, but still paints a clear picture in my head. Actually, I really like the tone to the narration because it seemed to fit Branca--no-nonsense, but not unattractive or dull/lacking. Plus, the chemistry between them was lovely, nearly a tangible thing, and the sex in the bathroom is something I might not have believed of the characters, but the way it played out here? It flowed so seamlessly that I could see it, I could believe it, that this is how it could go once they finally got there. Lovely, lovely fic. (Creegan/Branca, slight R-rated content.)

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