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- TricK - Newlywed Games by Pero - With all the drama watching I've been doing lately, I've been poking around for fic and remembered there were a couple of TricK stories out there and I decided to go back and read. Because HOLY CRAP did I love Ueda and Naoko and totally wanted them to get a room and this fic kept both the chemistry between them and how they bitch and snark at each other even after they're married. This fic was totally hilarious and it's exactly the kind of thing I could see both of them doing and I really liked the voices for both characters and eeeeee! There should be more TricK fanfic out there. ♥ (Ueda/Naoko.)

- TricK - Half and Half by Pero - afldsjlaf;j, ahahahahahAHAHAHA OMG. Ueda and Naoko's kid and it's just so beautifully perfect that I can hardly stand it. Because of course the poor kid would probably have a complex with those parents and, hell, even that grandmother (who was completely awesome in this fic, btw) and it was just... this was a treat to read, it was hilarious in all the right places, and the ending was just... it took me a moment, then I thought back over the series, and totally started giggling because, yes, that is exactly how things would turn out. Fabulous, totally beautiful idiocy from everyone involved, and just... *flails* TricK fanfic! That's funny! OMG. ♥ (Ueda/Naoko in the background, but it's only half the point.)

- TricK - Drunken Honesty by Calophi - I swear I've read more TricK fic than I have recommended, but I was randomly browsing FFNET the other night and realized I'd never gone through these fics. And this was fantastic, it was full of little details that made the Ueda/Naoko relationship so very delightful to watch, how much they fought each other and there was obviously more going on underneath (obvious to everyone but those two idiots) and somehow managed to stumble their way back to each other (if only to fight again) by the end. The author's take on their characters, especially as they start moving towards something more is lovely, she gets them down fantastically well, and makes me want to go watch the series all over again. ♥ (Ueda/Naoko.)

- TricK - Suspending Belief by sutaretagaisce - This is a really cool look at what makes Naoko tick, what it's like in her head, especially during specific points in the series, and how her father affected her life. There's a real sense of her character being lost in this fic, being adrift and not knowing quite what to do and having her beliefs crumble around her, when that's all she really had before. The use of Ueda, who is so unlike her father, is very nice as well, but I like that it's really more about Yamada Naoko and what she's going through, rather than a pairing. A really cool little fic that deserves a better rec than this. (Some Ueda/Naoko, it's not really the point of the fic.)

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