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- Trigun Fanfiction Recs - I've actually read a fair amount of Trigun fic, but that was loooo~ng before I had a recs page, so I've only been able to slowly start on rec'ing fic more recently. However, every once in awhile, the urge to read a Trigun fic strikes me and I usually seek out either WolfwoodxVash or KnivesxVash--my two favorite pairings from the series. Or the occasional rare bird--the Knives-Vash gen fic. As in no pairings at all.

- Trigun Fanart Recs - Much like the fanfic section, this is being slowly built up because my Trigun fascination ebbs and flows, so I have to refind all those sites I've visited before and it takes time. But I do have a nice selection of sites to start with, and there's some GORGEOUS Trigun art out there. *_* Largely Wolfwood/Vash again, but as long as it's pretty, I'll probably like it.

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