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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A Jack Knifed Juggernaut (I am born again) by arenotvalid - [Note; There are some spoilers for the first season finale.] I almost closed the tab with this fic in it because it was about 7500 words, but I really wanted to read at least on TSCC fic and figured I'd at least read the opening lines. I was immediately sucked into the incredible Cameron point of view that just nailed the character and the world she's in. The author balances the stiltled narrative of a robotic character with the things she learns every day, the little touches that make up the way she goes through those days. The characters around her are pitch-perfect, Sarah's words to Cameron are especially easy to see and hear in my mind's eye. But it's Cameron herself who is the star of this piece, how chilling certain moments are because she is a robot from the future, how amusing other little attempts to fit into present day society are, and just... it's hard to talk about this fic without keyboard mashing over how much I loved it and how engrossing it was. It's everything that TSCC is, right down to the greater commentary on life in general, almost philosphic, all while Cameron fights other robots and watches Battlestar Galactica episodes. Brilliant. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cinderella, Made of Steel by David Hines - As long as I was reading TSCC fic, well, I had to go back to Yuletide and read some of those. This is another Cameron point of view fic and it also really captures the dichotomy of what she looks like/tries to emulate and what she actually is. It's a handful of scenes that could take place just about anywhere, Cameron working on her infiltration of humanity, working to make the Connors trust her more, always on guard to protect John. The use of the fairy tale story and her interaction with Sarah (who was also brilliantly written her) and baking cookies and childhood, all of it was woven together in a brilliant story that was almost a slice of life, except not. Because it was creepy at all the right moments and that same undercurrent of something almost philosophical throughout the piece. the point that I'm kind of worried this and the above fic are going to ruin me for the rest of the fandom, boo. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings by David Hines - One of the best parts about TSCC is the interesting female characters and that includes Catherine and Savannah Weaver, whom this fic center on. It's a really gorgeous look that seems so simple on the surface, an almost normal life that unfolds for Savannah, despite everything that's going on underneath the surface. It nails the way Catherine interacts with other people, nails what Savannah seems to know without ever saying a word about it, and it captures this really amazing tone, that's something like happy and bittersweet at the same time. It's a fascinating look at the mother/daughter relationship, a little chilling and almost sort of heartwarming at the same time, something that really fits with the series. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Reese Boys by indiefic - Well, goddammit. Apparently I can't stop reading TSCC fic today. So I hit up crack_van's links and stumbled over this one and just. It's this painful, harsh look at Derek Reese, forwards and then backwards, and it felt so right on for the character we were introduced to with this series. How he's a hardened soldier but also family, going from not knowing to figuring out who John Connor was to him, as a leader, as a savior, as a guy he couldn't stand, as a teenage kid who wasn't so bad, as family, all of it done brilliantly. It's almost rough around the edges, but in a way that's deliberate and works for the character, the ending sort of breathtaking for someone who was fascinated with this character and this relationship. This really does justice to the potential of Derek Reese's character. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: tin girl or, the untold story of cameron phillips. by delgaserasca - I was curious about this fic after following a rec from somewhere (I think it may have been this post? I was doing a lot of journal hopping.), the premise being about why Cameron's personality shifted after the pilot episode. There's something really almost haunting with this fic, the combination of programming and something that's... almost... human. The way "Cameron" moves through this fic, the way it all changes, the theory and how plausible it could be, how neatly it fits with canon, all of it was really brilliantly done. Cameron isn't necessarily my favorite character in canon, but fic is a different thing because of stories like this, where it's possible to play around more and create something really brilliant. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fall Through the Night by Danahid - I actually stopped to read this fic without realizing it was a sequel to another fic (genius that I am, I managed to skip over that bit of the notes) but you don't really need to read it to understand this one, so long as you read the note. And I really, really loved this take on Sarah Connor, it was almost impossible not to hear and see TSCC's actors and style with this piece, it really nails Sarah's voice and her role in the story and just. Her attitude. How strong she is in so many ways and her stubbornness and everything that she does or doesn't say. I love it because it is spot on with everything I loved about Sarah being the leader of this series. I love it because I have a soft spot for Derek/Sarah interaction and this fic manages to nail that, too. (This is gen, but you could read potential Derek/Sarah implications? Sort of.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: These Things My Mother Taught Me by halcyon_shift - [Note: This fic and this rec will contain spoilers for the second season finale.] Admittedly, I have yet to watch the last couple of TSCC episodes because I know what a bitch of a cliffhanger they ended on when they cancelled the show, but when I read this fic... I kind of think I might be okay with it now, because this fic picks up right where the show left off and does a really amazing job of continuing everything forward. John is so lost and off-balance here, but trying so hard to hide it and sort of managing, the author does an amazing job of getting inside his head, of the almost understated way he looks at the world that makes it all the more powerful. The atmosphere and little background details, the relationship with Kyle Reese and Derek Reese and Allison who aren't his Derek or Cameron, it's all amazingly done. I can so easily see John fitting into (and not fitting into) the future wasteland this way. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Like Locked Rooms by halcyon_shift - [Note: This fic and this rec will contain spoilers for the second season finale. This is also a sequel to the previous fic, it would help to have read that one first.] I am kind of getting completely sucked into this series of fics, a way things could have gone after the ending of the second season finale. There's something that's almost stark about the picture being painted here, something that's very grim and painful, especially for John who is so alone here with what he knows and can't tell. The tension in this story was fantastic, the little bits that he can't help letting slip, the way this Derek suspects him, the way this Derek is pressing him for answers. I could hardly sit still, I wanted that scene so badly, much in the same way I can hardly sit still when a TV show builds up a situation like this. The author is doing an incredible job of continuing the storyline on yet keeping it humanized. This John Connor is a fascinating character, he's coming into his own, as much as that is breaking him. Just. asl;dkfjaslkj moar plz. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Never Said by halcyon_shift - [Note: This is the third fic in a series and both the fic and this rec will contain spoilers for the second season/series finale.] This is the next fic in the line of this universe and it's... maybe it was just the mood I was in today, but something about this fic hit really hard, in just the way it was supposed to do. John's life is so hard where he's at now, especially with bits and pieces fraying all around him and there's no one to really talk to. The author does a masterful job of using the other characters in the universe, the tapes from Sarah, the visit from Martin Bedell, the use of Allison here, all of it contributes to the mood of this piece, which is kind of super painful, but brilliantly done. I just... there's something about this fic series that's really caught me, that fits perfectly with my view of this universe. I love it. (No warnings/pairings.)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Widows of the Ashes by halcyon_shift - [Note: This is the fourth fic in a series and both the fic and this rec will contain spoilers for the second season/series finale.] This time, the focus changes to Sarah and Savannah back in present day and... I'll grant that they're not what I was hoping to read about, because the author's John has so captured my attention, but I also really wasn't bored while reading this. The author writes them just as brilliantly as she does everything else, the painful moments that are always there without being too over the top, the distance between the characters, Sarah trying to connect with Savannah and it's so hard on both of them. The use of Jesse was also brilliant here, I love that it fits so well with what TSCC was all about--tough women in this war against the machines, it picked up on all the themes that the show had going for it. I loved this one, too. (No warnings/pairings.)

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