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- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - untitled by Vikki - I have only gotten into the middle of chapter 16 as I rec this fic, but that was far enough to get a sense for the characters and to know that Fye amuses me and that I kinda like Kurogane. And this fic... was perfect for me, because it isn't really set in any particular world they're in, doesn't really have any spoilers, and was just FUN. Fye was perfect (given that this was from Kurogane's POV) and Kurogane... was just... I hesitate to use the word with him, lest he consider killing me worth the loss of strength, but he sparkled here. ^_~ The little details about the coffee and the pansy people who drank it were genuinely funny, his reactions to Fye were funny and sparkly, and the very, very, very faint hints at Maybe Something More Maybe Not were just perfectly balanced--it didn't push them too far, but it didn't just sit and spin its wheels, either. Much luff. ♥ (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Burnt Bridges by Vikki - Given that I have taken up with TRC (and XXXholic) again lately, this ficlet came at a really good time and it's a really, really good take on Fye and Kurogane's relationship, one that I can just see fitting together perfectly with the canon of the series. Kurogane's portrayal, as he talks a little about Princess Tomoyo and the way Fye watches him is fantastic, it hits all the right notes, both funny and painful because you can see so much of what they're both feeling without them having to say any of it. Plus, the emotion of it is really nicely done, just the right balance between bittersweet and something more upbeat. Lovely fic. (A little one-sided Fye/Kurogane.)

- Harry Potter/Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicle - And Then There Were Two by Shi-Lin - Speaking of stories that shouldn't have worked... Harry Potter and Tsubasa. It shouldn't have worked and yet... Shi-Lin took the right track with the story, making it mostly sweet/cute, but with touches of seriouesness here and there. What she got out of it was something that melted together shockingly well, but also was a genuinely GOOD story that left me with just the right feelings. After reading this, I wanted to give all of them hugs (especially Syaoran and Remus), I had the best WAFFy feelings, but without it being too sugary. Plus, all those little details of the culture clash? Of Sirius and Remus' friendship? Of the idea of Syaoran going home to tell Sakura-hime stories about his time at Hogwarts? Eeeeee, SO GOOD. I still can't believe how wonderfully the two series went together. (Faint Sirius/Remus, if you're looking for it.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Travel Companions by Elihice - Oh, wow, this was just... it was a gorgeous blend of X and TRC, really playing on the pain and hurt of the two versions of Seishirou and Subaru, just a wonderful crossing between the two that really capitalized on the potential, just like what CLAMP would do. Or, hell, maybe even better. It wasn't over the top, though, it was quiet and subtle and had all the more impact for that--and when the two travellers wandered through the world they weren't looking for? Ouch. A perfect tribute to these two series, I can't get over how seamlessly they went together. And that omake? Holy crap, the CREEPY. I'm not even entirely sure why, but it was just.... *shiver* (A little Seishirou/Subaru.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Gravity by Shi-Lin - Since I've been in a CLAMP-y mood lately, naturally, that means I must also turn towards TRC fic, which means finally catching up on Shi-chan's fic, because she writes the lovely stuff that always makes me go *hanyan~* This story is no exception, a sad, bittersweet Syaoran story about Sakura-hime waking up and the painful realization of just what exactly he's given up and what that really means, every time he looks at her. The imagery of the story is suitably CLAMP-ish, drawing me in and letting me feel the storm raging around and in Syaoran from that scene in the manga, Shi Lin does a fantastic job bringing that moment to her story and making it come alive again. The ending is also perfect for these characters--bittersweet, but not depressing. Loved this. ♥ (Some gentle Syaoran/Sakura.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Travel Companions (chapter 02) by Elihice - For a moment- minutes- he is free. Nothing binds him to this world or any other, until the door opens again and he doesn't need the witch to tell him that there are ties that cannot be severed. It's been awhile since I've been so enamored with a crossover idea, to the point that I desperately crave more, but what Elihice has done with this story... it's both a really clever idea, but I'm also adoring the execution. The story very much has the CLAMP/TRC/X feel to it, which I wouldn't have quite thought possible, since TRC is so much lighter than X!SxS is, but this works. This chapter is Subaru's side of the whole situation, the reactions he has to the journey he's undertaking here and all the right notes are hit--I feel so much for him, wish things could have been different for him, and it's just... it's a crossover that makes so much sense, part of me can't help but wish this is where X/TRC would go. (Maybe a little Seishirou/Subaru, but.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Flowers For Her Hair by Vikki - Awww, yay! TRC cutefic where Syaoran is just so... Syaoran in that he's not crumbling under the weight of his own angst, but still with such a heavy burden for one so young. Vikki walks the line between too much angst and too much fluff here really wonderfully and just nails the Tsubasa style. Plus, her Kurogane and Fye are great, especially when they find out what day Syaoran's birthday is as well, when they do something nice for him (and the moment with Mokona, by the way, cracked me up XD) and the S+S fluff is just.... *feels all WAFFy and floats off* (Maybe some faint Syaoran/Sakura, but along the lines of the series itself.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Snow Days by Katharose - One of the best things about this fic is that it is so very, very Kurogane in every little touch, the way he thinks of the others, especially Fye, the way he's just grumpy all of the time, but it's in an actually clever way. But it's also that the author is really amazing at doing these more serious moments that just wrench your heart out, that play on the painful pasts of the characters without getting too overdone with it, the kind that are brilliant because they could so easily happen between the pages of canon. Her Fye is also absolutely brilliant, the way he's not just a flake, that there's a very real person under there, a very three-dimensional and strong person under there, who isn't always happy, but it's not the angsty emo woe kind of unhappy, it's... Fye. Brilliant Fye. And brilliant, brilliant interaction with Kurogane, who also gets a little lost in memories in such a way that's both touching, a little painful, and brilliant. Plus! Plus! The ending is absolutely perfect, just so incredibly TRC. This is the kind of TRC fic I wanted so badly. ♥ (Maybe a little Kurogane/Fye, but is closer to gen than anything.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Trapped by Vikki - Fye past fic! And it's lovely, because it... it captures this incredible intensity of emotion without being terribly obvious about it. What Fye goes through, his pain and why he feels so strongly about the way he does, it all comes through so well here, in a style that really fits with TRC. I could definitely see this being a past for Fye, it fits together with canon beautifully, and the last line packs such the fantastic punch. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - tsu_slavetoyou.txt by Meg - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - (In lieu of what else to call it, I'll just gank Meg's filename for it. >D) After reading this? I really only have one thing to say. MEG NEEDS TO GO BACK TO WRITING TRC *RIGHT NOW*. Well, okay. That's not the only thing I have to say, but I think it was the most prominent. In the hands of most authors, I wouldn't have trusted the idea of the TRC group being dropped into a situation that required they pose as slavers/slaves, because it just would have been... wince-worthy, but Meg not only manages to make it not awkward, but to make it work. The way the background world just falls into place, vivid and in detail, while still allowing the story to move along at a proper pace and drop in all the usual sorts of little details (like Fye and Kurogane's interaction <3) that makes TRC so much fun. It's one of those things that could have taken place in the series, is interesting for the hints of plot, and all the fun fanservice. XD (Some Syaoran/Sakura, Fye/Kurogane.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicles - Time After Time by Meg - Speaking of fic that Meg needs to get back to working on... the potential for crossover between CCS and TRC is immense, but it would take a talented hand to pull it off with style, because it could so easily go flat. Meg certainly has a way with the CCS characters, all these little looks or implied meaning underneath the characters' words, and an ability to make me genuinely curious about where the scene is going next. She didn't go for the obvious tossing the two Syaorans together or the two Sakuras together, instead making it a lot more interesting to wonder how Eriol and Tomoyo (plus, Kurogane's seeing Tomoyo was wonderfully done <3) were going to handle this. Want mooooooore. (Hints of all the usual pairings, but nothing explicit.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Domesticity by Katharos - See, eventually I'm getting around to doing some TRC rec'ing for the premiere of the anime! ^_~ And this was one of the better Touya/Yukito fics based on one of the worlds we've seen them in, cute and fluffy and really capturing the spirit of the characters. Plus, YUE AS A KUDAN. That's one of those clever little things that could just totally happen with CLAMP and I'm going to have the worst time not taking as canon because I'll forget that I only read it in a fic, not in the series itself. :D :D :D (Touya/Yukito.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - A Tale of Three Weddings by Katharos - I love crackfics that are just... the kind that whole-heartedly embrace their crack and yet still contain those little lines of being true to the characters and have all these clever little moments. Like a lot of the other commentors, the line I immediately picked up on was But now Sakura was back; safe, well, whole, and perfectly - Touya twitched - capable - twitch - of bearing - Touya hit his head against the wall. because it was just so brilliantly descriptive of Touya's mood. This was the kind of fic that indulged both my sense of humor and the desire for a happy ending for all of the people, the kind that just... leaves you feeling bright and fluffy and happy by the end. <3 ( Touya/Yukito, Syaoran/Sakura, Fye/Kurogane.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - And along the way there may be rosemary by kittu - This was a lovely little Fye narrative, somehow carrying a weight that most Tsubasa fic doesn't quite have (nor probably should, dammit, I like the fluffy fics when they happen) but without going too far overboard into angst. I liked the balance between too many details and too much avoidance on Fye's part--the author works with what we know of the characters and weaves into a very... Fye sort of view of the little ragtag group of theirs. Plus, very pretty writing. (No warnings/pairings, really.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/XXXholic/Cardcaptor Sakura - utitled triple crossover by Elihice - Seriously. Still so much with the love for CLAMP's various worlds and how they cross over and how much potential is there for moments like this, when Clow and Yuuko are discussing and making plans for the future. I love the idea of this, the way two Clows from different universes meet up, the sheer amount of fun that scene was, but... at the same time, there's this serious undertone of what they know is going to happen, what they're doing to shape the future. It's sharp writing and it's all so... CLAMP. I love it. Also, MUCH TOUYA LOVE HOORAY. *shimmers* (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Lunch by Mina Lightstar - I probably shouldn't include all the crossed over series, because some of them are just cameos, but... well, really, you gotta understand that it's a crack crossover when you read it, because... I sort of feel like I shouldn't laugh, but there's just something about Hikaru's clueless "....what?" attitude and Akira's, "WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW." attitude and the Kurapika and Fuji in the same scene (HEY! WHY *NOT* A SEIYUU JOKE?) and Kurogane and Fye running around the background (It was the line that was obviously Kurogane's that got me to crack up so much.) and Fuji practically writhing in Tezuka's lap that all just combined to... I mean, Mina's got this comedic timing thing that makes the whole thing work. I could hear her Akira and Hikaru and the whole thing was just... HEEHEE. (TezuFuji, sort of Hikaru/Akira.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Magic & Coronation by Elihice - Magic: This was a perfect Fujitaka post-manga fic, the way magic affects him and the way it does. Elihice's writing is always lovely, but it struck me as especially so in this one, that she does the character perfectly and the writing is beautiful by itself. It's just... yeah, that's CCS, the different types of magic that always warmed my heart. Beautiful Fujitaka fic.

Coronation: And this one was a very nice pre/post-Coronation Touya-ou fic, where he has the weight of the entire country on his shoulders and he barely has time to grieve for his lost father and he's so Touya when he isn't quite sure he can do this, but that the sight of his special people give him strength. The Touya/Yukito relationship is lovely, I adored all the little details (especially Touya's views of that little brat his sister likes so much, that was perfect ♥), and it's just so... CLAMP/TRC. <3 (Just a hint of Fujitaka/Nadeshiko for the first, Touya/Yukito for the second.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Time is a Harsh Mistress by Katharos - This was an interesting take on TRC!Yukito and his powers--one of the strongest points of the fic was the way his magic was described, such intense and vivid imagery that I could vaguely feel it myself. The comparison of the sandstorm to the way the magic was tearing at him as he tried to learn was especially well-done and I liked the idea of just who might have taught Yukito his magic. It would make a sort of sense after all. <3 (Touya/Yukito.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - The Fairy Tale Try by WhiteCat - I can't decide what I liked better about this fic, if it was the adorable Fye characterization as he's teasing Sakura and Syaoran in that cute way he has or if the absolutely, perfectly, brilliantly adorable Sakura characterization had me sparkling harder. Because Fye came across so well in this fic, but Sakura... aw, man, Sakura was perfect here, she reminded me so much of the manga character with all the little body movements or the cute ways she would phrase her words, I loved her here. And the ending? So lovely and squeak-worthy. Plus, as always, WhiteCat's writing is the kind that's just soothing with how easy it is to read, how smoothly it flows, and how damned good it is. So much love. ♥ (Syaoran/Sakura.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Hidden Talents by Meg - I really should probably be saving this one for the ficbits page. But screw that, it was WAY TOO FUNNY not to give it a regular rec. Also, Meg somehow manages to make it seem like a full, complete fic and I kept thinking, no way was that just over 200 words. Anyway. Meg is a master of Kurogane!indignity, in such a way that it just makes me love the character more because she does it out of love. ....Meg is totally Tomoyo, isn't she? Huh. That explains a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Snow by Cairnsy - The summary of this one reads: Three difficult characters on a snowy day. And, admittedly, I don't read much TRC fic because so little is really that sharpness to the characters that I need, that beautiful writing that I crave for the characters, but Cairnsy just nailed this story brilliantly. Each character's thoughts on snow is breathtakingly insightful, the kind that made me fall in love with the characters all over again. Even the tone for each one was perfect. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - weakness by Zau - Again, I don't read much TRC fic, but when it's written by an author I like... well, how can I resist? Kurogane and Fye are both wonderfully intelligent here, each of them is so very much themselves and that teasing way they have without losing those sharp edges. The way Fye understands so much about the others, the way he's envous, but not an angsty emokid, and this lovely focus on the little touches that just... it's a really pretty piece. Go read. Especially for the last few lines. (Hints of Kurogane/Fye.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Omake for Travel Companions by Elihice - See, this is why I forgive CLAMP for so many things, why I love TRC/XXXholic so damned much, because they make fic like this possible. Because I love the Travel Companions series and now I love this omake, too, because I suspected where it was going about halfway through and AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, SO FUNNY. Go read. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings here.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - chaos, inevitably, ensues by Meg - ♥ ♥ ♥ Meg's been threatening to write this one forever and AHAHAHAHA SO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE SINGLE FIC. Sakura gets her period while travelling with a bunch of guys and Meg totally does the concept justice. Each character's reaction is beautiful, each line is wonderfully timed to be... well, it's not just funny (though, I did laugh like a loon, too ♥), it's also kind of almost-sweet as well. And, oh, god, I think I died at the bit with Mokona. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Effervescent by aki_omoi - Two short fics with Kurogane and Fye, the first one being a lovely little thing that affects a mood more than anything else, the kind where I become fixated on the little details of Fye's hand on the bar because it evokes a manga-like image in my mind. The second one... oh, god, what could I say? XD For once, I actually enjoy the crack again and just... hee hee, go read it. I cannot say anything more. (Hints of Kurogane/Fye.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Fidelity by sasori - And so begins my hunt for the KuroTomo fics in all of the land because, omg, the most recent chapters have easily shot them up to my OTP for these characters. And this was a really interesting take on Kurogane's continued loyalty to Tomoyo-hime, even after he's forced onto this journey, the way his feelings for her are complicated, the way he's so pissed off, but there's an underlying respect that you can just feel without it having to be remarked on. It also does a lovely job with his frustration at various things, at Tomoyo-hime's use for him, his intelligence at knowing just what kind of person she is. Plus, I think I just really liked this paragraph: If it were anyone else but she who put me to this, I would have already sworn to put her through some nasty, painful death. Instead, I think Iíll hold off on the threats until I get back. And then Iíll whisper them to her softly and slowly while looking into her endless violet eyes. She would smile, laugh a little, her black hair would sway and she would agree. (Hints of Kurogane/Tomoyo.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - A Princess, a Retainer and a Cup of Tea by idiosyn - I am desperately trying not to flap my hands in glee, but I suspect it may be a losing battle. Kurogane! Tomoyo! Making him drink tea with her! Kurogane! Being his cranky self! Great dialogue! Lovely Tomoyo! I abuse the exclamation point! I just... I love the way the imagery of Tomoyo's delicateness (that we all know covers much strength and determination of will) goes beautifully with Kurogane's much larger and deadlier grace while the characterization is much the same, delicate meshing so beautifully with grumpy darkness. All while they have tea. I love this fic so much. ♥ (Not Kurogane/Tomoyo, but not not Kurogane/Tomoyo, I'd say?)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Precious by Mina Lightstar - I suspect I may have rec'd this story before? If so, eh, like it'd be the first time I'd re-rec something. Anyway. I adore this fic, because it's so... I love the way Tomoyo-hime is so evil to Kurogane in that lovely, delicate, sparkling sort of way. The way you can feel his respect for her, his loyalty to her, even as he's biting back foul words because she's hidden his sword just to watch him spaz all the way across the castle and he knows she did it. ♥ Just... lovely characterization and it put the biggest grin on my face and threatened to make me flap my arms in that dorky fangirl thing I do. ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/X - Travel Companions Omake by Elihice - It took two paragraphs into this fic and I totally burst out into laughter because, ahahahahahaha, so funny. And I love, love that no matter where he goes, some things are just never going to change for poor Subaru. But, really, this was all kinds of genius and I love Elihice for thinking of sending them to this particular world and doing a fabulous job with it and, god, this is why HOLiC and TRC own me. (Some hints of Seishirou/Subaru, but not entirely the point, either.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - untitled by ciircee - *squees madly* Kurogane and Tomoyo-hime! Written really, really well, with that certain sparkle that I pine for with them, the way the writing and dialogue are clever and fit with the characters and Kurogane is so Kurogane and Tomoyo-hime is so Tomoyo-hime and *sigh* everything that reminds me of why I fell for these two characters in the first place. What I really adore is that the characterization has that aspect of subtlety that it needs, Kurogane is terribly obvious without being a parody of himself and Tomoyo-hime's gentle, knowing way isn't too over the top, instead it's everything the author is aiming for. All set around a twisted ankle, the author uses it beautifully to show the underlying emotions. And, then. Oh, man. I wanted to write a coherent, intelligent rec about this fic and the snippet that follows in the comment below it. I loved it enough that I wanted to write something that wasn't just squeaking and flapping my arms. That? Is so not going to happen now. Because, yes, this is the good stuff. I love the final snippet with a sort of unholy glee. Srsly. ♥ (Kurogane/Tomoyo.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEs - untitled by gisho - Ever since Elihice proposed the theory of TRC's Clow actually being Eriol, I've been rather enamored with the idea of Kaho as Touya and Sakura's mother in this universe, but I never really expected fic for it. I'm not even sure how I stumbled over this fic now, but I'm so glad I did, because it's lovely. I can understand that the author may have some frustration with it (and the open-ended quality is a bit frustrating), but she she has so far is quite clever and I'm quite in love with the way Touya's conversation with his mother goes here. There's a certain quality to both their characterization, a young man still learning how to be king, an independant mother who must leave, a story that's almost like a fairytale beginning to unfold... it's lovely and I want more of it. ♥ (Some het implied, but it's not entirely the point.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - untitled by Sabina - This is a lovely, lovely Kurogane/Tomoyo piece that I adored for two reasons. One is that the imagery is lovely, both of Kurogane's memories of her and his current situation(s), the way little details are worked into the story that make the atmosphere even more effective. Two is that the emotion of the piece is also startlingly effective, Kurogane's first moment of true realization that he may never get home or see Tomoyo again, hitting all the harder for the subtle language used. The characterization and pacing of this are both absolutely lovely. (Some Kurogane/Tomoyo implied.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Balance by Meg - I think I've read this fic about three times now because it does such a beautiful job of balancing out the (potential) relationships between Tomoyo-hime, Kurogane, and Fye, not ignoring any one side in favor of the other. There are three people in this fic, all of them important in their own way, and I'm especially rather in love with the very natural way Fye and Tomoyo-hime's reactions to/interactions with each other slide together with (rather established in canon) Kurogane/Tomoyo and Kurogane/Fye. But it's more than that, there's a certain softness to the writing, a certain clever sparkle... I think I was about bouncing in my chair when Kurogane finally came face to face with Tomoyo-hime again... and then at the end when a certain someone comes after Fye and, yes, that is why I love this trio here, because Fye should find a home with them and everything is beautifully paced/balanced here. It's a perfect fic that shows how Fye's (and Kurogane and Tomoyo-hime's) ending should happen and the characterization is stunning. The sheer emotion felt underneath Kurogane's yelling or Tomoyo's quiet grace or Fye's smiling was brilliant. (Kurogane/Fye/Tomoyo... sort of. It could be gen, it could be pairingfic....)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club/CLAMP Horitsuba Academy - Spectacular, Spectacular! by Tammaiya - The Horitsuba drama is so completely on crack that it somehow makes perfect sense to cross it over with Host Club. The two series are so... completely over the top in the best way possible that they blend together nicely here, the way the author is so... grand and romantic and sparkling about all of it is a great tone to take here. And there are tons of fun little details--my favorite is Kyouya and Yuuko having a conversation, how could that not be completely great? ♥ (As the notes say... hints of Doumeki/Watanuki, Kurogane/Fye, Syaoran/Sakura, Watanuki --> Himawari, Kyouya/Tamaki, Tamaki --> Haruhi, and Tetsuya/Ritsu.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - A Slight Distraction by still_ciircee - Wait, wait, how did I miss this story before?? Eight days! (But, then, there was a lot of fic posted this week that I was eager to get to that I suspect slipped through the cracks because I was busy feverishly playing Final Fantasy XII.) However, that aside, this is a fabulous, fabulous TRC fic with Tomoyo-hime and Kurogane and an exercise in sitting still and showing off both characters so very well. I love that this was Tomoyo, with her outward gentle personality and sparks of humor and whimsy underneath the surface. The way Kurogane is so... he's not precisely subtle, but he's not over the top here, either. There's an understated quality to both of them, the way she watches him and the way he affects her and the way he may not even be aware of it and the way Souma sees all. It's the kind of fic that leaves me in a happy puddle because it's all about the chemistry between them when they're just simply sitting there or talking, the way so much is conveyed without words from the author. Fabulous. ♥ (Kurogane/Tomoyo implications.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - The White Tower by Meg - So Meg says she's going to try to make us regret making her write fucked in the head Eriol and she is a lying liar who lies with her pants on fire because this was awesome. Creepy and fucked up and beautiful and tragic and eerie and powerful and all those good things. I love that you can tell how much Eriol loves his Guardians, how much they care about him in return, even when they're all as crazy as loons. I love the ending line, I love the faint echos of imagery all through the piece, but mostly I love that ending line. Gorgeous writing that's so very effective at what it's doing. (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/CLAMP - Q.E.D [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, has it ever been ages since I visited a CLAMP site, much less one with some really impressive art. The style on this site is very much like the old-school CLAMP art, with the tremendously huge eyes and all the wisps of hair around the characters' faces (like early X art and MKR era art) and while that's not my favorite CLAMP era, the artist certainly does a fantastic job with it. Several of the illustrations are so well done, that with a little tweaking they could just about be mistaken for official art, the artist especially doing an amazing job with Kamui. However, there is also an illustration of Kobato and I don't think I knew how long I'd been waiting just for one fanart image of Kobato. ♥ It's amazing how much detail the artist puts into every illustration on the site (it's seriously amazing just looking at the feathers sometimes!), how beautiful the colors are, and how very, very CLAMP-esque the art all feels. A fantastic site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/One Piece - Friends We Haven't Met Yet by Jaelle - As I was reading the author's notes, I wasn't sure I could read a fic with Nami and Yuuko in the same scene and not be disappointed because... well, how could a mere mortal live up to the potential of such an idea? But Jaelle does a fabulous job of it and I could picture it so easily and it's really hilarious and these two universes fit together so well. It's a hilarious little fic that's an utter gem of a read. Especially the ending. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Superbia by selecetiales - The style of this piece is a little too close to purple prose for my usual taste (a little too much of using eye or hair characteristics to describe the person), but in such a way that there's a lot of potential here for some really lovely writing (as well as being easy for me to forgive because it's CLAMP). Beyond that, the writing is very smooth, clean, and easy to read, making this little piece just sail right along. The characterization felt very right to me, Tomoyo-hime's frustration and upset that Kurogane continues to kill even when she expressly does not wish for that, Kurogane almost blase in the face of her anger, until it all comes to a subtle, but sharp head. Very nice, something I could easily see having happened in their past. (It's sort of Kurogane/Tomoyo, but it probably reads as gen.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Avaritia by selecetiales - I think what really makes this fic work for me, especially with Kurogane's characterization here, is that Kurogane is not right in the head, especially not when he was younger. He couldn't possibly be, not after what he'd witnessed and how long he'd been there and in the condition they found him in. I can absolutely believe that he would fiercely guard his claim on Tomoyo-hime this way, especially in the way it's done here--it's not overt, not even Kurogane really aware of what he's doing, just that there's a violence and an anger there that sometomes bubbles to the surface. When I think about what he must have been like in those days after losing his family, only to have Tomoyo-hime slowly coming to mean as much to him, this fic absolutely makes sense to me, right down to Tomoyo-hime's reactions. (Kurogane/Tomoyo.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Luxuria by selecetiales - While I suspect that I'm not as opposed to the idea of higher rated content for Kurogane and Tomoyo-hime than the author is, I'm not exactly constantly looking for porno for them, either. So, this fic that sort of skirts the line, that's more about the lust and Kurogane's trying to beat it back (or just not acknowledge it altogether) and combines it with smooth, clean writing was very nice. I also find the author's notes and all the thought that went into the fic to be interesting to read, especially about these two. (Kurogane/Tomoyo-hime.)

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: natural disaster by zauberer_sirin - I don't read a lot of TRC fic, but... Zau writing Touya/Yukito from TRC? I could hardly resist. And I love how much is underneath the surface with this one, how much they're both yearning for each other and how much they're not quite saying, just how much is here between them, even as they're touching each other and slowly connecting with each other. The imagery is beautiful, both of Touya/Yukito on the floor of the castle as well as the sunlight streaming in and the images their tones of voice bring to mind. This is the kind of TRC fic I could read forever. (Touya/Yukito.)

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: share the burden by zauberer_sirin - Yukito can read him like desert men can read the curve of a dune. I know this was on the porn battle post, but I have over a hundred tabs open right now and can't find it. And this will take you straight to Zau's fic comm anyway, so it works as well. And, mm, her Touya and Yukito from the TRCverse are some of the best I've read for these characters, I love her use of imagery and the way it's set through Yukito's eyes and the way he looks at Touya, the way he can read Touya, not because it's his job, but because it's Touya. This was simply lovely. (Touya/Yukito.)

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