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- Ugly Betty - foresight by Mardia - Part of me really didn't want to read Ugly Betty fanfic because I'm mostly content with canon and fanfic seemed... extraneous, I guess? But I marathoned nearly all the first season in one go (after ignoring it since the second episode aired) and I wasn't quite ready to be done with it yet. So, fanfic it was. And I have this really complicated relationship with the idea of Daniel/Betty because I don't think that's where they were going in canon, but I feel like maybe it could eventually happen, despite that I'm not sure whether or not I want it to. I like that they're friends, that it's not about the usual cliche things. I even really like Betty with Henry. But, at the same time, I can't deny that I have an interest in Daniel/Betty and this fic just makes it that much worse. Because it's got a great voice for Daniel's character, the way things sort of blindside him even when he knows they're coming, the way Betty doesn't really change over the course of the fic, even as he slowly figures out how he feels. It's just... it's got a really amazingly deft touch for the idea of the pairing, not pushing too hard or trying to oversell it, nothing really even happens, and that just makes it exactly the right thing to hit me at exactly the right time. Fabulous writing here. (Some Daniel/Betty, some Henry/Betty.)

- Ugly Betty - anything but a triangle by Mardia - So. Since I read the previous Ugly Betty fic by this author, I was curious enough to start clicking around to find more. And I was curious about a fic from Amanda's point of view, so I read a bit and was promptly sucked into the whole thing. It's a really interesting look at the relationship between Betty and Daniel (not really a romantic one, but a very important one nonetheless) through Amanda's eyes, giving the character the depth we've seen fleeting glances of in the series while not taking away from the superficial, biting person she still is. The way she sees the two of them, the way she sees everything is really well-done here, it's a really terrific Amanda piece. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ugly Betty - Embarazada by svilleficrecs - ....I swear, I'm not really actively shipping Daniel/Betty, but it's just that... their dynamic, that weird platonic, yet-maybe-something-else-way-in-the-future dynamic just fascinates me, it's the one that really would benefit the most from exploration in fic. So, I'm attracted to the sort of writing that captures that--which this fic is all about. This is the beginning of their relationship, the awkwardness that's there until Daniel slowly starts to realize what an amazing person Betty is, the rough edges in their relationship that slowly smooth out into... something... else, that's not precisely romantic, not really even close to that, but something very real, friendship with maybe something in the future, maybe nothing in the future. That's what I like for these two. (....sort of Daniel/Betty, sort of not Daniel/Betty.)

- Ugly Betty - The Right Time by Jess - This is another story that hit me in the right way at the right time, since I'd been reading several fics that were only vaguely sort of Daniel/Betty, hinting at potential between them more than actually doing anything. So, I was primed for an actual get-together fic. One that took its time to set things up, to move the characters forward and get me to believe that maybe it could happen a little ways down the road (since they're obviously not ready right now) and this fic did a fabulous job of it. The dialogue is sharp and in the style of the show, the characterization and voices are fantastic for both of them set a few years from the series' current time, the insight into Daniel's character and the way he sees Betty, how much he actually starts to notice about her, the way his feelings are obvious to the reader, but slower to come to Daniel are all done with such a deft touch that it's pulled me from kinda-sorta shipping it to maybe actively shipping the pairing. Really excellent fic. (Daniel/Betty.)

- Ugly Betty - last beautiful girl (in the world) by Mardia - For all that I do sometimes ship Daniel/Betty, there are just as many times when I don't think I really want the show to ever go there because their relationship is something else. This fic does a beautiful job of capturing that something else dynamic, the way they trust each other, the way they even love each other despite it not being about romance, the way Daniel grows as a person because of Betty, the way it's such an understated relationship, but all the more powerful for that. The way he slowly comes to realize that he wants to spend more time with her, the way it just sort of happens somehow, and it's shown wonderfully here. I adored this fic. (This is gen, but Daniel/Betty fans may be interested.)

- Ugly Betty - Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, a Fantastic Fourth, and a Rockin' Cinco de Mayo, Betty Suarez! by krabapple - I am so completely shooting myself in the foot by reading all this Ugly Betty fic so fast, especially when so much of it is Daniel/Betty-friendly and the show itself isn't going to go there any time soon (I don't think...?), but... I can't help it! It's such fun fic and has great voices for the characters and I giggled out loud at several points during this fic, the various holiday celebrations that show off Daniel and Betty's relationship (sometimes romantic, sometimes it could be that non-romantic thing they have), all these great little scenes that could go together or stand on their own. I love that the characters just shine in these scenes, I love that it has the same quirky humor that the original series had, the way I can just see all of them like this. ♥ (Daniel/Betty.)

- Ugly Betty - A year in the life (or, seven times Betty and Daniel showed each other they cared) by gardinha - Another fic that could be something more than platonic or it could be just gen, either way it's somehow so very Betty and Daniel, that relationship they have that seems so strange on the surface but somehow is completely natural for them. I liked that it was woven together with a lot of the moments from the show itself, building on those to show the evolving relationship between the two of them, showing how those moments built into something more. Very nice. (This is gen, but Daniel/Betty fans my enjoy it as well.)

- Ugly Betty - The Fishbowl Vignettes: The Grown Up Table by samirant - A few months back, I picked up the link for this series of fics from tin's post and saved it for a rainy day when I was missing Ugly Betty fic. So far, I've only read the one, but already I really like this author's work. This story is a rather quiet night at the office, Betty and Daniel going through a pile of photos to try to pick a date for Daniel and it beautifully shows their friendship and how different they are while still showing that connection and care they have for each other. It's really clean, smooth writing as well, making it easier to read. (This is gen, but Daniel/Betty fans may enjoy it as well.)

- Ugly Betty - The Evolution of Us by ifyouweremine - Given that this fic was written almost a year ago, it's going to be a little outdated, of course, but I find that it holds up really, really well even today. It fits so well with where I am with the show right now (admittedly, I'm far behind on season two, I've only seen the first three episodes or so so far), how I like Henry/Betty because it's so cute and so darling and because he makes her so happy. I want that for both of them! But I love Daniel's growth as a person and I love how much he genuinely cares about and is coming to need Betty, which this fic does a lovely job of showing. Daniel isn't always a nice person and he's growing, but he still needs her and... well, the ending was just about perfect. (Daniel/Betty, Henry/Betty.)

- Ugly Betty - Appearances by shetiger - This was a very well-written future fic that I loved for being so much like an episode of the show. Daniel gets caught up in a mess (he's arrested for murder) and there's a Fashion TV piece to frame the scenes, which were spot on, by the way, and Betty being so very... Betty. The pacing, the humor, the style all fit with Ugly Betty as a series so fantastically, it's one of those things, one of those hilarious total soap opera moments that I could easily see this happening in Daniel and Betty's future, should they go in that direction. Fabulous, fabulous fic. (Daniel/Betty.)

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