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- X/Utena - [ French Fan Art Site ] - There are other series represented here, of course, I'm just most impressed by the X and SKU stuff. *_* (Click on fan art for the majority of the fanart--the navigation is easy to figure out despite being in French--and click the 'images of Juri' link and scroll down for some of the most beautiful Juri fan art I've ever seen.) The CLAMP art is lovely, all the characters look like themselves, the art (at least the Seishirou+Subaru stuff) fit the atmopshere of X and it was just... pretty, dammit. And the Utena stuff... wow. The two images of Juri+Ruka (one of my favorite SKU pairings *_*) were beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm gonna shut up now. (All the usual X pairings, and Juri+Shiori/Ruka.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Tsuwabuki's OPERA-GLASS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - A long, long time ago, I surfed through a lot of Japanese fanart sites, but because I was still kind of new to the whole thing, I didn't save a lot of links so that I could go back and find them again and this was one of those sites I'd seen, been impressed by, but never kept the link for. Which kind of made me sad as this fan-artist is just flat out amazing and I'd always wanted to find her site again. The way she draws the characters really is on par with a professional mangaka (though, to be honest, I like hers better, I think >_>), the colors are amazing, the lines amazing, the characters just flat-out gorgeous, and just... this is one of those sites that's not only the best in the particular fandom they like, but in any fan-run site that I've ever seen.

I know I'm gushing here, but it took me so long to find the artist's site again and that I just stumbled over it by accident (on a site that was primarely Prince of Tennis, if I recall correctly), just... eeee! And I cannot say enough positive things about the way the artist draws the characters--all of them! But her Utena and Anthy especially steal my heart away because she captures the spirit of the characters and the entire series. And, seriously? This isn't just gorgeous fanart, this artist has amazing talent. *_* (Some slight Utena+Anthy vibes, but if you're watching SKU, that's already canon.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Breath After Breath by Jillian Storm - I blame this on Pengie, because I shoved fanart at her and in return, she shoved Utena fic at me and so I had a bunch sitting on my harddrive and I random gave this one a shot.... Anyway. SKU fic is an odd bird with me because I have rather complicated views on the series that make it hard to read fanfic for them. (Basically, my view amounts to that the majority of the SKU characters were various facets of Anthy, Utena, and Akio, pieces of themselves that they had to learn to live with.) But I have an amazing fondness for Ruka and this fic was largely centered on him, so I wanted to read it, and I'm so glad I did. This story was about the time he came back to Ohtori, about how he was trying to set Juri free, about how the complicated mess of Shiori in both their lives... and it was gorgeous, gorgeous characterization.

So often the Utena characters are difficult to explain or characterize, but this was just... amazing in how it slid right into the screens of canon, how it novelized what was happening and explained what each character was thinking and what motivated them. It tugged at my heart all over again, because the relationship between Ruka and Juri was one of my absolute favorites in the series and it just shone here, even if it did make me want to cry. The writing was beautiful, keeping that quality the Utena series has, that dream-like, rose-covered, lyrical quality to it. Normally, my attention tends to wander with series I've drifted away from, but I just could not put this one down. *___* (Ruka/Juri/Shiori triangle.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Roses Are Red, My Love by Gabi - There is a line in this story that reads: That willful spirit, would she have treaded the same path that I did, if she had been put in my place? Under differing circumstances, would she have come to lead the seminar of the Black Rose? All I strove to do was give those willing to fight for the preservation of their memories a chance to do so. Is that not concern for others as well? Mikage is one of my favorite Utena characters (if not the favorite SKU character) and it makes me happy to see a story like this that feels true to him, that understands his character and the similarities (and differences) between him and Utena. One of the things that most fascinated me was indeed the nearly mirror images of Utena and Mikage, yet the differences in so many ways. The writing was also lovely, very keeping with the feel of SKU, the poetic sort of style it has, and it was just a good story. *is happy* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - swordplay in the greenhouse by Kelsey - I suppose I read the fic because it was placed just above the Hanakimi fic that Kelsey wrote for me, but I'm terribly glad I did because it captures the feel of Utena so well, the quality that's almost dream-like or surreal, the way roses are strewn over everything, the way everything feels so sharply edged or barbed, even amongst the shoujo beauty, but without having to beat it into the readers' heads. And then there's the fighting between Juri and Utena and it's just so... so very SKU. I wish I had something more coherent to say, because this fic deserved it, I think. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Corolla and Finite by thorne_scratch - I am in complete love with both of these short fics. But Corolla did something that took my breath away--it crossed FFVII and SKU in a way that swept away all my "Bzuh? How'd that go?" because the feel of it was just so damned perfect. Aerith and Anthy and it was everything those two girls in the same place should have been. And somehow, somehow, it was just weird enough and twisty enough and using flowers enough that it worked. My heart ached while reading this gorgeous little piece. But, at the same time, Finite was fabulous as well, the post-SKU world and how things are different now. It's a gorgeous take on the surreal world of Utena and what life would be like afterwards, wrapped up in two of my favorite characters. Also wonderful. (The first is pretty well gen, the second is a Touga/Saionji.)

- xxxHOLiC/Shoujo Kakumei Utena - This Ain't a Fucking Fairytale by Aishuu - The thing I say about SKU fic frequently is that there needs to be something more than simply straight-up fic for me with this series, given the nature of the series that I saw. But this has the sense of a twisted fairy-tale, which is something I really love about both HOLiC and SKU, the two series entwining together in a really cool way. One of the best things about this fic, I think, is the two sides of Akio and Dios, the way the prince changes from one to the other over time and, yet, through his two meetings with Yuuko, there is one thing that stays the same--that he can offer her nothing in exchange. It's a really brilliantly insightful piece and shows, yet again, why HOLiC crossovers are such awesome things. (A little Akio/Yuuko, but it's not precisely the point.)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Drunk Me Dry by Aishuu - This is a really cool look at Touga's character in the SKU world, why he agrees to go with Akio, what is going through his mind as he does. One of the things about SKU fic that keeps me from reading it more is the allegorical nature of the series, so straight up fic for them rarely works for me. There has to be something behind the surface of the fic or a look at a character that fits together with what I saw in the series. This piece did that for me with Touga. (Not really Akio/Touga, but...)

- Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Cardcaptor Sakura - First Steps by Aishuu - I enjoyed this fic for the point of it, the conflict between Touya and Touga, the hints of what it is that Touga sees in Touya. It's interesting and insightful. And yet I find the thing I liked most about this fic is the way it reminds me of just why I'm a squeeing Touya fan, why I love him just so damn much, why I want to run around LJ and FFNET and find every readable Touya fic I can. CCS fic should always do that to me, I think. ^_~ (....I'd call this gen more than anything?)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender/Shoujo Kakumei Utena - So I Bent the Rules Like a Revolutionary by gaisce - Avatar and Utena are not two series that I would have thought to put together myself, but I've read other Utena crossovers before and really liked them, so I gave this one a shot. And it really was a neat little idea with a cool execution--it was both meaningful and funny at the right points, it had a sense of humor about itself (Mai in the elevator and the scene with Mikage were especially humorous) but also made me feel for all of them. The parallels (and contrasts) drawn between the characters were all fantastic, definitely worth a read if you're familiar with the two canons. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Princess Tutu/Shoujo Kakumei Utena - With No Companion by gaisce - The second I saw these two series crossed over, I knew that it was a fic that needed to exist! They both have such an allegorical nature, both depend on stories/fairy tales in their narratives and themes, both deal with heartbreaking yet oh-so-shoujo-esque issues of princesses in stories that it just... it was a gorgeous fit. And the author puts in all these fabulous little connections and comparisons, the way Anthy wanders through the story and into Rue and Mythos' lives for a short while, the way she's been through so much, the way Anthy herself is a fragment of a story, the way she recognizes what Rue is, what she could/will become, the way all of this is heartbreaking and yet still so lovely... it's a really, really fantastic fic that deals with the themes and elements of both worlds in an awesome way. *fangirls* And the ending, what Anthy tries to show Rue is just... perfect again. (Some Mythos/Rue, but it's not really the point.)

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Dominion by timmesque - This is a really pretty little thing about Utena and Anthy that's... well, what I really liked about it was that it captured that sense of symbolism that you weren't quite sure about that the original series had, that sense of vagueness that was really pretty but without being over the top about it. Somehow this little piece just... worked for me. (Utena/Anthy.)

Princess Tutu/Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Evolving Archetypes by Aishuu - I really like the concept of having Tutu/Utena crossovers and Aishuu plays on what makes them interesting--they're both stories that played with fairy tales and archetypes on something of a meta level. I really liked all that was said about these types of stories as Fakia and Ahiru continue on their journey and meet a character from the SKU story, about how these kinds of things work. It was a fun little story that I really enjoyed. <3 (Some Fakia/Ahiru and implied Utena/Anthy.)

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