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- Vagrant Story - Dreams May Befall Us by Harukami - Oh, this was a very nice story to start my VS fic reading tour out on because... well, I admit, after about halfway into the summary of the series (that Haru was wonderfully providing or the script that she pointed me towards to read as well) that I was vibing on Sydney/Ashley (and I could certainly sense something between Sydney/Hardin) and this was... it wasn't particularily nice, but it wasn't evil, either. It was something a little bit harsh and entirely fitting with their interaction towards the middle of the game, all those layers of vagueness of Sydney's replies, of Ashley's memories, of Hardin's feelings, and it all fit with my perception of the game, especially the way Sydney used Hardin to get to Ashley. The half-dream-like quality, the half-very-much-real tone was nicely done, the conversations between Sydney and Ashley were really nicely done, and I just... I loved the whole story, especially the end. (Sydney/Ashley, hard R-ish content, potentially dark content.)

- Vagrant Story - Magic Circle by Harukami - I admit, I don't know SaGa Frontier (which this fic is a crossover with--as the summary says: Crossover with SaGa Frontier. Sydney summons a very very flamboyantly gay Mystic Lord to bring Ashley down. He wasn't quite anticipating the method.), but I don't think you really need to know the series to enjoy the fic. It's the little moments in the fic (especially with Sydney) and the giggle-inducing end (that was wonderfully timed), this was a very nice light-hearted fic to balance out all the heavier, dramatic fic. (m/m overtones, just about all that you could expect, I'd think?)

- Vagrant Story - A Candle in a Dark Room by Harukami - There's a certain tension to this story that really works, especially for a character like Sydney, while he's being skinned and, despite it not being terribly graphic or descriptive, there's a certain sense to the story that had me tightening up the entire time, that felt very much like what I know of Sydney and just... *wince* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Vagrant Story - Plans Vetoed by Harukami - Okay, this fic actually got a good cackle out of me, after reading a fair amount of serious VS fic and all the more weighty stuff, I could have really used a lighter, sillier story and this was perfect for that. Especially, as Haru says, after all the weird stuff that's thrown at game characters and they just go with it, a little petulance is a fun thing. And I just utterly crack up at the image of Ashley casually not doing what he's supposed to be doing and Sydney getting all bent out of shape about it. Heeheehee. (There might be slight slashy overtones, but nothing implicit.)

- Vagrant Story - Sealing the Dark [ prologue - chapter 01a - chapter 01b ] by Harukami - One thing I will warn about this story is that it's over a year old by now and Haru's probably not going to continue it any time soon, but... that rarely stops me from reading a fic, because I simply enjoy what's there and this story intrigues me because it has glimmerings of an actual plot and has lovely characterization (Ashley did his best to ignore the sensation and snorted. "I suspect, Sydney, that a life without trickery is a foreign concept to you.") and lovely writing. I love the dynamic of her post-game Ashley and Sydney, the way there's a certain tension there without it being too obvious, the way they can sort of get along, but Ashley is still Ashley and Sydney is still Sydney. Verrrrrry interesting beginning of this fic. <3 (Mm, no real warnings/pairings, I don't think.)

- Vagrant Story - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was initially the chibi-esque illustrations of the main characters that won me over with this site, but then it was Ashley and child!... um... I think it was child!Sydney and not child!Joshua? Anyway, whichever it it is, it's pretty. I love the colors, the way they almost look like colored pencils or watercolors, but prettier somehow. And the one of Guildenstern after slicing off Sydney's Rood tattoo was also pretty in an awful sort of way and I just... I liked this site, it had some very nice art. (No real warnings/pairings, I don't think?)

- Vagrant Story - [ English Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art on the site, but I had to rec it because the four or so illustrations that are here? Amazingly detailed and look quite incredible. Oh, well, there's actually more if you go sorting through the oekaki section, which I'd definitely recommend as they're also very nice. The real highlights of the site, though, are the amazing Grissom illustrations that just... wow, the colors, details, and lines! But also the very lovely and detailed illustration of Sydney, Joshua, and Hardin as they're running away from Bardorba's mansion and any single one of them is worth visiting the site for, I think. (Maybe a little shounen ai, but nothing too explicit.)

- Juuni Kokki/Cowboy Bebop/Vagrant Story/Lord of the Rings - TEHANU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the Vagrant Story fanart, but wound up staying because there's a lot of really amazing stuff here. The Cowboy Bebop lines/colors are clean and smooth and genuinely pretty, probably some of the best I've seen for the series. Her Spike is gorgeous, there's a beautiful one of Ed that I love the eyes of, and there's a wonderful one of Spike and Faye in space suits. And I mentioned her Spike is gorgeous, yes? Okay. Oh, and the one of Faye laying back with her shirt half open? WOW. Beautiful. And, okay, there are only three Vagrant Story images here, but I had to include the site in this section because her Sydney is utterly gorgeous and these three illustrations are some of the best I've seen for the fandom. The one of Sydney, Joshua, and Hardin is just... whoa. Beautifully colord and drawn. The 12K stuff is more of the same--beautiful, almost delicate lines, gorgeously warm colors that fit the series and, wow, her Youko is beautiful and her Taiki adorable and I love the oekaki. And, finally, the Lord of the Rings stuff is also just amazing--she did an illustration of each major character and they look just terrific. ....I gush. A lot. >__> (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Vagrant Story - Bell the Cat by Harukami - Someday, I'll finish a VS story by someone other than Haru. Until that day comes, I'm going to continue to delight in her Sydney/Ashley fic because she... I mean, with most fic, I just don't do the bloodplay thing, but somehow she makes it work with these characters and makes it interesting even to me. The dynamic between the characters rings really true for me (not that I've played the game, mind, but they still give off that sense to me) and the ending? Really, really good. (Sydney/Ashley.)

- Vagrant Story - Next Time Around by ladysisyphus - I was greatly intrigued by this fic--an author I like and Sydney/Ashley? I had to read! And it's a lovely fic, haunting in the tone the author uses and the imagery that she weaves into the fic. Ghosts abound and there are claws everywhere and you can just see the empty, dark places and all the implications of this fic are creepy and fantastic. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous piece. (Sydney/Ashley.)

- Vagrant Story - Melee by seta_suzume - This is one of those stories where... I'm not sure how I would have reacted to this if I hadn't played so many games over time and known what it's like to be mobbed by a bunch of enemies at once and you have to slowly hack away at them one by one until you can get to the treasure chest you came there for. But since I have, this was a cool little fic about Ashley killing a bunch of enemies in some random dungeon and I really liked the way the author wrote the action scene, there's a lovely flow to this scene, and it was just an interesting little piece. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Vagrant Story - Lead Me Not Into Temptation by chibimazoku - This was a really fantastic post-game fic with Ashley and all that has changed with him since then, the new life he has for himself and the ghosts of the past and the Dark that still wander around with him. The language of this fic is just gorgeous, it gives off this vaguely creepy/haunting tone to the entire piece, and holy crap this rec is failing so hard. But it's a really, really good introspective piece on Ashley and it does so much awesome with the Sydney/Ashley relationship and the hints of touch are so beautifully done. Just. asd;flkjaslkj yes plz. (Sydney/Ashley, sort of, sort of not.)

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