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- Veronica Mars - first breath after coma by passionflows - After my experiences in previous fandoms (like Battlestar Galactica or House), I really, really shouldn't be getting into another TV-based fandom. Especially not when my pairing of choice is Duncan/Veronica. But I watched 30 episodes in the span of two days and craved more, so I set about poking at the fandom. This is the second fic I'm reading and it was just... five scenes, some that happened, some that didn't, but all with a clarity and emotional punch that hit me like the actual series hit me. They're subtle when they need to be, the little details of everything in Duncan's life that hurts so much, these turns of phrase that are just beautiful and aching, the moments when things are just so perfect and what could have been, what should have been, what actually was... each of them were beautiful and fit together to make this gorgeous whole. This is what I wanted from the fandom, right down to the ending of the last scene that was just perfect. (Duncan/Veronica.)

- Veronica Mars - then we'll understand by passionflows - Again, I know I shouldn't dive into VM fic, but I couldn't help it, not when the writing was so lovely from right off the bat and the fic is packing the emotional punch I hoped it would. Ten scenes, all moments in time after Lilly's death, the way they each move forward, each one of them hitting so hard and showing what happens to these people. Each one is just... they all fit together somehow, each one showing a little piece of the puzzle, until you get to the end and there's this vague ache in your chest because of the way things are never going to be like they were, the way they're all not quite so lost as they were before, the way all these little things are so... insightful. Like the yellow dress or Veronica's hair and it all just said everything it needed to and I can only flap my hands and burble incoherently about how fabulous this was. (References to Duncan/Veronica, Logan/Lilly, Logan/Veronica, but it sticks very close to canon.)

- Veronica Mars - Drifting by rachel_shanz - I almost didn't rec this fic, because of the sad tone to it, but then I realized... this fic's ending hit me like a ton of bricks, that it was incredibly effective at what it was trying to accomplish and I can appreciate that like hell. Every line of this is beautifully written, it manages to capture Duncan's voice somehow, and even more than that, the potential for tragedy and hurt in this series. With each line that passes, despite it being so short, so much is revealed bit by bit, so by the time I was done with the third paragraph, I felt like I'd been put through the wringer already. Just... very powerfully done, really. (References to Duncan/Veronica, but it's not entirely the point.)

- Veronica Mars - Requiem for Uncomplicated by Amelia Keylime - [Note: There will be SPOILERS for the second season of Veronica Mars in both this fic and this rec.] After I'd finished the Veronica Mars second season, I had a bit of an itch for fic. Mostly I wanted some Duncan/Veronica fic. So, I was entirely surprised to find myself reading fic about Dick Casablancas when I didn't really even like the character that much. But the temptation of Dick post-finale was too much to resist, especially when the fic made me hurt in all the right ways. Hurting for a character like Dick Casablancas is just... it's strange. As strange as there being something almost like depth to his character, when he thinks about his brother and tries to look back on everything, trying to deal with Cassidy's death, and it's such a gorgeous, gorgeous piece for both the series and the character. I cannot explain it any better than that. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Veronica Mars - He's The Good One (Go On, You Can Laugh) by trollprincess - [Note: There will be SPOILERS for the second season of Veronica Mars in both this fic and this rec.] Even more surprising than that the first fic I read post-VM season 2 was Dick fic, is that the second fic I read was also Dick-fic. And this one hits just as hard as the other one, both are brilliantly characterized and the direction I could see the characters going in after 2x22. This fic was just... I really can't describe how utterly hard the author nails the show, Dick's characterization, even Veronica's occasional comments as she comes and goes. Every line of this hit hard, the little details of Dick suddenly being forced to deal with being the brother of the kid who murdered all those students, of being forced to deal with no one being left in his family, the dreams he can't shake, the drinking that doesn't really help anymore, all of it. It's just painful to read at times in the exact way it should be, the voices are spot on. The little touches are incredible and I still can't believe how bad I feel for Dick. Just. OUCH. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Veronica Mars - prelude in C-sharp minor by Lizzen - [Note: There will be SPOILERS for the second season of Veronica Mars in both this fic and this rec.] I really liked the Cassidy/Mac relationship, which made what happened in the last few episodes hurt all the more and got me to read this fic, because... that night is when everything started to break apart for real and the writing of this piece is gorgeous and there's this really amazing sense of... impending doom, even if it feels silly to call it that. It's such a nice piece from Mac's point of view, how hopeful and sweet and young she is, how much it hurts to watch her like this because we know what's going to happen. Very, very well worth reading. (Some Cassidy/Mac.)

- Veronica Mars - It's The Company You Keep by Tris B. - [Note: There will be SPOILERS for the second season of Veronica Mars in both this fic and this rec.] In a companion piece to the previous fic (though, they can each stand on their own), this is more about That Night and more from Mac's point of view after everything is done and things start to settle and just... it hurts so much because she was so young and hopeful and cute, but now she's messed up and she can't get it all out of her mind, not even the way she used to touch herself can take it out of her mind, it just makes it worse, and all so very, very... Mac. The voice is really strong, especially since she's been through so much and isn't quite herself anymore, but the voice for that is just perfect. Dammit, why does this show do this to me? Sigh. (Some Cassidy/Mac.)

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