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- Viewfinder - Captured Prize by Gryvon - Holy crap, Viewfinder fic! I did not think such a thing could exist! But, I liked this story and was pleased to see that I could still follow the story, despite it being about a year and a half since I read the manga. I think my favorite part of the story was the sex, which was very nicely written despite not having to be graphic about it to convey the intensity of it. ....okay, that's not quite the word I want, but it's the best I can think of for now. ^_~ Anyway. Viewfinder fic, solidly written, and an enjoyable read. (Asami/Akihito, graphic content.)

- Viewfinder - Distorted Reality by Kadira - In my trolling around for Viewfinder fic (I've read one before, but that was probably more for the novelty than a driving need for any of it, given that I hadn't read the series in years), I happened to come across this one and noted that it was a threesome fic and after being yanked back into the fandom by Jenn-san, I have a new appreciation for Fei Long. So! Why bother choosing a pairing (even if I do lean towards AsamixAkihito >__>) when I wanted to see how a threesome would work between them? And, holy hell, this fic was brilliant. To the point I kind of suspect that no other fic will be able to match it for me. The writing is gorgeous and manages to capture that intense, beautiful style the manga has, the kind that I couldn't look away from until there was no more to read. The characterizations are stunning--Akihito is brilliantly in character here, trying to deal with whatever it is that he (and his body) feel towards Asami, how much he hates (and is scared of) Fei Long, the way he sees whatever it is between Asami and Fei Long and the conflicted feelings there. It's this entire bundle of feelings he has that are brilliantly captured into the writing here.

But then there's the smut that's really impressive, as the author takes her time, really builds everything up. It's not just three random guys shoved together, the dynamics here came across as being uniquely Asami, Fei Long, and Akihito. Not to mention gorgeous smut that was worth reading even if it hadn't been a brilliant look into these three characters. And if that weren't enough, the second half of the story, with just Asami and Akihito... it was breathtaking in all the same ways the manga itself is. Asami is not a nice person at all, you feel like you should hate the son of a bitch and want him to die a stabbity death, but he's so goddamned gorgeous and charismatic, that I'm sucked into the story and sparkle-eyed the entire way through.

Of course, even more than just that it's really gorgeous in character Asami/Akihito pr0n, the author carefully starts working on some of their issues, on Akihito's conflicted feelings and has Asami drag a few things out of him that he doesn't necesarily want to admit to, but in such a way that it is beautifully Asami. The motivations and style are so very like these characters, the sex is so very like these characters, the writing is so beautiful that the whole thing felt like the manga come to life for me while I was reading. It absolutely did the series justice in my my eyes. (AsamixFei LongxAkihito, AsamixAkihito, very NC-17.)

- Viewfinder - Cold of the Night by Kadira - This time, this is a more quiet Asami introspective piece from the author of the above fic, which I really liked because of the way she climbs very nicely inside Asami's head, the way he's so... himself. Again, I feel like I should hate the son of a bitch for being such a bastard, but I wind up being so entranced with his elegance that I can't help going starry-eyed over the character. The way Asami thinks about both Fei Long and Akihito here (mostly Akihito, really) is perfect and just... wow. (Asami/Akihito.)

- Viewfinder - Double Exposure by Pru - This was an interesting story that managed to somehow make Asami a little bit more human (and did a good job of getting inside Akihito's head, of showing his reactions to events and the lack of events around him) and the way things change when Asami isn't around so much and then he's around a lot more, but not in the same way as before, all without having to really remark on any of the ways things have changed, you just feel it. Plus, there were some absolutely classic lines in the story ( He is young and well-employed, though he no longer has his anal virginity and a significant percent of mafia groups across Asia either view him as their boss' bitch or number one target. Also, he has a yakuza boss in his bed, drooling on the pillowcases his mother bought for him. That was just one of those moments that is priceless.) and has some absolutely lovely photographic imagery strewn throughout the story without being cliche or overusing it. Pru hit exactly the right balance there, much like the... *waves hand* vague sense I had of clean, glossy manga art underneath my hands while I was reading. I love it when an author can give me a vague sense of actually physically having a manga, rather than just reading text on a screen. (Asami/Akihito, R content/not quite work safe.)

- Viewfinder - Cauchemare by ingenius_inc - This was also interesting for what it said about Akihito, about the way Asami's presence in his life has effected him, just dark enough to match the tone of the series, but not needlessly angsty or overly dark. The light-ish sprinkling of smut (even Asami wasn't there) was also very well-done and this wound up being a very nice little Akihito piece with a nice punch for an ending. (Asami/Akihito, probably not entirely work-safe.)

- Viewfinder - 30 Kisses theme #7 by ingenius_inc - Ooh, ooh, I loved this fic. It was so... Viewfinder, in a way. Asami inviting Akihito to a party, but not the only photographer there and Akihito is just... Akihito in his response and then Asami is Asami in his response and I love this dysfunctional, horrible relationship so much. There are a couple of really pretty lines of kissing that made me melt, but mostly it's that... Asami is always so Asami, no matter what Akihito does that got to me with this fic. Loved it. (Asami/Akihito.)

- Viewfinder - untitled, part 1 by ingenius_inc - You know, the idea of a fic about Akihito going to see Asami, running into a woman who smells like him, freezing over what that means, then, not really understanding his own reaction to it, running off to another country to report on the war that's broken out to report for his station and getting captured should have been such a weird, jarring thing to read for Viewfinder. But it wasn't, somehow it worked, keeping Akihito's hotheadedness, combined with that he gets himself into more trouble than he should, but he can still mostly take care of himself (...mostly) and the way he thinks/feels about Asami, the hate mixed with the attraction that even he himself doesn't understand, is beautifully done. The intensity of the whole thing is fantastic, it feels like it could have taken place in the Viewfinder storyline and, oh, the ending. The evil, evil ending that makes me pine for the next part of this one. *__* (Asami/Akihito.)

- Viewfinder - 15minuteficlets #92 by ingenius_inc - There's just something about good Viewfinder fic that puts me in a good mood, which really probably says a little more about me than it should. ^_~ In all seriousness, though, this was a really interesting look at Akihito and his relationship with Asami, the way that, no matter what steps he takes, things with Asami always turn out the same way in the end. Even when Akihito buys a gun to even the odds up a little... things still happen the same way as they always so, which is just so... Viewfinder. Especially the end of the fic. >D (Asami/Akihito, not quite work-safe.)

- Viewfinder - An Interlude of Honesty by ingenius_inc - It was more than an irritation having Asami here, on what Takaba liked to consider his turf, being so blindingly charming that Takaba was ready to puke. You know how there are occasionally those stories that grab you by the throat and won't let you go until they're done? Or even that demand an immediate rereading because the ride you've just been on was so fantastic that you had to go again? That's kind of what this fic was for me--tightly written, brilliantly characterized, and packing a hell of a punch to it, especially when Akihito is jealous and in denial about it, when the relationship between Asami and Akihito is so intense and hard that I want to either throw up or cry myself. The one quibble I might have is that the ending was vaguely abrupt, that it faltered a half-step, but... I doubt I would have even noticed it if I hadn't read the author's notes, because this is still a brilliantly written fic. The tension in this fic was really outstanding, that dangerous edge to the relationship between the characters, where you're not sure what Akihito is going to do or say next, you're not sure just how far Asami is going to go when he's pushed like this. The author does a brilliant job of building up Akihito's escalating exasperation and jealousy, really doing the idea of him being jealous over Asami's sudden rise in profile and the sudden interest from people--especially women who'd like to date him--covers just what it needs to. And it's not too much, it doesn't unravel or resolve too many of their problems, because they wouldn't be themselves if that happened, instead it just... got a little closer to the time when they will have to work it out a little more. Dealing with Asami and all the connotations attached was like the assignment Takaba didnít even want to think about, until the six hours before it was due. Absolutely lovely Akihito characterization. *__* (Asami/Akihito, at least an R-rating.)

- Viewfinder - moonflower by Jennifier D. - You know, I was honestly wary of an Asami/Fei Long story, because I worried that it would go against the tone of the series, but Jenn-san does a wonderful job of making it fit together with the series itself, with Asami's relationship with Akihito not entirely forgotten, even if it's not the point. The way she writes Asami/Fei Long... she does both characters justice, Fei Long being the elegant, willful creature that he is, Asami being the gorgeous, confident, semi-evil bastard that he is, yet still so damned charming that I go all *__* over him. Also, the story makes sense for the storyline, the way Asami has business with Fei Long that isn't quite just business, the way the "lesson" he's teaching Fei Long and the sex all come together in this story that I just... really enjoyed reading. It's elegant, lovely, charismatic, sparkling, all the things I associate with both Jenn-san's writing and the original manga itself. *__* (Asami/Fei Long, not quite work safe, not quite an R rating.)

- Viewfinder - untitled by ingenius_inc - Just a short little Viewfinder fic that I had to rec despite the length, because... well, because I'm totally over the moon for the series lately and the pretty, pretty images of Asami licking a trail down Akihito's body until he's nearly incoherent were... ahm, very nice. <3 (Asami/Akihito, not quite work safe, not quite an R rating.)

- Viewfinder - Squishy by ingenius_inc - Takaba takes a perverse sort of pleasure in dragging his wet feet all over Asami nice wooden floor, and even smiles at the squishy sounds his feet make. Well, there was no way I was going to be able to resist reading this, especially after how much I've fallen in love with the author's portrayals of the Viewfinder characters. It's just... the balance between Akihito being a brat by dripping water all over Asami's floors to the way he's starting to actively wanting what he wants from Asami that I just adore about the character. And what makes the relationship work for me, I totally get why Asami likes him so much. Also, the ending line is perfect. >D (Asami/Akihito, not quite work safe, not quite an R rating.)

- Viewfinder - untitled war fic (full version) by ingenius_inc - Everything I said about the fic previously still holds true--I read this story and it's one of those that's just... there's a lot of genuinely good, readable fic out there. But there aren't so many that have this quality that genuinely takes you on an emotional ride, that genuinely drag you into the story and make you feel with the characters. It could have so easily been overdramatic--Akihito passes by a woman smelling of Asami outside the man's apartment, spins into a tailspin of jealousy and confusion, runs off to report on a horrible war in another country, nearly gets himself killed both physically and emotionally, then eventually has to come back to Japan and all that that means. Could have been So. Melodramatic. Instead, the author doesn't overdo it, so I wound up all starry-eyed every time there was a confrontation between characters, every time Asami was angry with Akihito's stupidness or there was a breathless moment where something was admitted between the two of them that could only come out in such an intense moment as this. I just couldn't look away for all the same reasons I can't look away from Yamano-sensei's manga in the first place, because the intensity of the story just floors me. Because my little fangirl heart seized up every time the author meant for it to--and how often do I get to read a story that genuinely works on the level the author is aiming for, when it's a serious story? Just... so often, in stories, when the author sets up a premise for a really good confrontation scene, the result is a little disappointing, it's not quite all it could have been. But with this story... it's everything that it needed to be. Everything. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be wibbling over in the corner here. (Asami/Akihito, not quite worksafe, but not quite an R rating, either.)

- Viewfinder - HEAT: Seduction, Deceit and Betrayal in Paradise by dmnutv_archer (Sue) - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03a - part 03b ] - I'll admit upfront that this story could really have used some polishing, that it needed to be sat on a little longer and scrubbed with the grammar brush a bit more, it needed to be toned down in a spot or two, but that the base storyline was solid, that the author has a good grip on the characters. The thing that largely attracts me to this story is that the author does seem to be taking her time with it, that she's building up an actual plot, you can see stirrings of potential plot here and there, and there's even an original character that didn't come off at all like a Mary Sue, despite that she was practically hitting on the characters. She felt like she could have been in a story like this. I liked that I was initially intrigued for the promise of sex, but that I would have read this anyway, even without it. (Not that the sex wasn't enjoyed and that it wasn't lovely. ♥) The dynamic between Asami and Akihito is really well done, especially the way Akihito swings from being pissed off as hell one moment, confused and frustrated the next, to very turned on and wanting Asami badly the next, to back to being pissed off, but done with a talented enough hand that it felt natural, like the manga itself, rather than schizophrenic or manic, like it could have come off as. Wrapping this up... I guess, for me, the thing is that... by the time I was done with these three chapters, I found that I'm curious about the storyline, I want to know more about it, and I'm genuinely looking forward to the next chapter. That's all I can ask for really. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

- Viewfinder - PhoneSurprise by japanpeterpan - Okay, this isn't a fic, per se, but a manipulation of the scans/scanslations to create a new little storyline and it is genius. It's been six or seven minutes since I finished it and I'm still randomly cracking up because... HAHAHAHAHAHA, I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST THEM. Also, the author chose perfect panels to show the reaction shots... and just... THE ENDING.... *dissolves into laughter again* (It's late, I'm tired, I think it's HILARIOUS. Totally hit me just right.) Also, you should be familiar with the New Year's Special and the majority of the series to get this, I think. (Asami/Akihito, NOT WORK SAFE.)

- Viewfinder - Left behind by ingenius_inc - You'll want to have read the first fic before reading this one, as it may not have the full impact without it, because... wow, the power of this fic is really intense. I've liked the author's work since I first read her Crawford/Schuldich fic and wanted more, but her Viewfinder fic is just brilliant. Her Asami is absolutely perfect when he's refusing to think that he might actually be worried about Akihito, that he might actually care, but the little touches, the way he's so angry, the way he's just a little frayed at the edges, the way he's sharper than usual, the way he's more dangerous than usual, it's... Asami is one of those characters who has this incredible power to his personality, to everything he does, he's a character who is ruthless and scary, but also charismatic and attractive. The author does justice to his character, even makes him almost likable when he's trying to reassure Akihito's parents, when he's going after what (who) he wants and making sure that he's doing everything he can to get Akihito back safely. But neither is he ever, ever a nice guy and I loved that you could feel the full weight of just how furious he is here. This is the kind of writing that... it does something to/for me, it's the kind that makes my fangirl knees weak because she can't quite breath right until it's done. (Shut up, I'm all over this manga lately, okay? >E) (Asami/Akihito.)

- Viewfinder - Don't Go by ingenius_inc - I have to admit, I have a lot of fondness for ingenius_inc's War Arc for the way it changes Asami and Takaba--they're still recognizably themselves, Asami is still Asami and Akihito is as hotheaded as ever, but they've been tempered a little and feelings have been forced to the surface (which is why it's best to have read the War Arc before reading this fic) and there's still this... weight to the writing that attracted me to the series in the first place that still comes through even in something lighter and softer like this. *__* (Asami/Akihito.)

- Viewfinder - Smell by ingenius_inc - I really liked this shortfic, the way it rather brilliantly got into Akihito's head and what it said about him and his relationship with Asami, without really having to say it, without having to be too painfully obvious about it. I liked the imagery, the way the theme of smell was used with the fic so well that it was almost a physical thing. Really good take on Asami/Akihito yet again. (Asami/Akihito, slight content warning.)

- Viewfinder - Knowing by ingenius_inc - I was a little wary of clicking onto a fic that was labelled with an Asami/Fei Long/Takaba threesome, but since I was in the mood for Viewfinder fic, I gave it a shot anyway and was really quite surprised at how well the idea of this little AU worked, the way it was really rather insightful into all three characters' personalities and it was just... it was balanced and not exactly right, but still somehow rather balanced and perfect. Everything it needed to be. (AsamixFei LongxTakaba.)

- Viewfinder - Perfect Moment by ingenius_inc - Another pretty little threesome fic that I could surprisingly (to me) come to rather like the idea of, despite not usually being a fan of threesomes. There's just something about the lovely imagery of this one, the way all three of them are part of the story, even in so few words. It helps that it carries that sleek, beautiful style that Ayano-sensei's work has, to my mind. (AsamixFei LongxTakaba.)

- Viewfinder - A series of crimes and their punishment by ingenius_inc - You know, I really like this, especially as I reread it to write my rec here, because it... makes sense with Akihito's reactions to Asami, what kind of person keeps going back and fighting, what kind of person it would take to react the way Akihito does. The way one action elicits a punishment, the way the next one does the same. It's a really interesting take on the character, I thought. (Some Asami/Akihito, slight content warning.)

- Viewfinder - Ever After by ingenius_inc - I sat down to just test the waters with this fic and didn't get up until I'd finished the entire thing, even when I haven't really been reading Viewfinder fic lately. That's what ingenius_inc's writing does for me, especially with these characters, and a story idea like this, what the future holds for Asami and Akihito, the way they move on with their lives, get married, have kids, etc., it somehow works for me here. Because I believe it here, the way each of them find someone to marry, the way each of them have kids, the way they still can't completely cut off that connection between them, the way the story compares and contrasts them against each other. But it's also that... I mean, it's a story about Asami and Akihito getting married to other women, having kids with them, setting up a life apart from each other, and I feel like I should have been rolling my eyes at the concept, but because the author is just so good at these characters, instead it winds up being this interesting and believable potential future for the characters. Just... man, the author achieves what you think wouldn't be possible for the characters, especially someone like Asami, keeping him who he is while still softening the relationship between him and Akihito into something a little more mutual, yet does it so well that it seems perfectly natural. *__* (Asami/Akihito, graphic content in parts of the story.)

- Love Mode/Viewfinder - untitled by Ju - I've long thought that there should be a crossover between these two series, that they'd somehow work together really well... but I had no idea just how well a meeting between Kiichi (and Haruomi) and Fei Long would go in this author's hands. The crossover is seamless, I didn't even have to think about suspending disbelief, because I could so very much picture these two series being in the same universe. But it's more than just that, there was also this... certain atmosphere to the image, something that was helped along by the depth of these three characters, the way they interact with people, the way Kiichi and Fei Long would talk to each other, the way Haruomi would not quite hover protectively over Kiichi, the little details of how they touch each other, the little background details of the setting. Just... zomg, this is the fic I wanted, only better and it's beautiful. (Some Haruomi/Kiichi, but it's only half the point.)

- Love Mode/Viewfinder - Proprietary Interest by MadamHydra - I literally got one line into this fic and came thisclose to sqeaking in happiness. Asami Ryuuichi took a drink of the very expensive liquor in his glass and asked in a deceptively casual voice, "What would you say if I asked to join your club?" Part of the reason I fell so hard and fast is because I've had similar thoughts of a Love Mode/Viewfinder crossover, of Asami trying to form a business relationship with Reiji... and to discover one of my favorite authors has written it? Squee. And it was indeed lovely, the way Asami and Reiji interacted, two amazingly powerful men, both so different and still with so many similarities at the same time. The way she drew the parallels and contrasts, the way she drew the two characters into the same room, the way she had them both walking away, all of it was brilliantly done, the two universes slid so smoothly together. The characterization was a thing of beauty as well, both so incredibly themselves in the way they dealt with business and with their own "kitten" and everything was just... subtle and deft and intense and really, really good with this fic. I squee. ♥ (Reiji/Naoya, Asami/Akihito both referenced.)

- Death Note/Viewfinder - Chiaroscuro by Aishuu - Death Note crossovers continue to be fascinating and, like many of the commentors, I really like Aishuu's take on Misa's character, because she actually is interesting. The way the two universes are woven together (and for once without relying on the death note itself!), the way Misa and Takaba interact, photographer and model, yet somehow a deeper connection is formed in such a believable way... it's a really fascinating look at so many things about these two series, even an interesting little look at the (photography) world in general at a couple of places in this one. Very, very cool. (Implications of Asami/Takaba.)

Viewfinder: Squishy by ingenius_inc - So, I've been catching up on some older manga lately (well, mostly just Sex Pistols) and that led to looking for fic, which then somehow led to looking for Viewfinder fic to catch up on. Yeah, I don't know either. But this was a great way to start off my trawling through fandom again! It's a simple concept--Akihito comes home after a rainy night and Asami is hogging the shower but he's cold now--but it's written so perfectly with the two of them that it doesn't need to be anything more than it is. I love that sometimes these two can be almost kind of playful, too. (Asami/Akihito, slight content warning.)

Viewfinder: Bite by ingenius_inc - You know, for a manga that's really porny already, I still really want to seek out more smut for the characters. This isn't super hardcore, but it doesn't need to be to be super hot--Akihito finds himself with the urge to mark Asami in the same way Asami marks him, trying to hold it back, but failing at it. The brief descriptions of their coupling are lovely and it's a really interesting insight into Akihito's head here. (Asami/Akihito, some content warning.)

Viewfinder: Not a fic by ingenius_inc - Ahhh, I know Viewfinder is an angsty manga and all, but there's something about fic where the characters are (basically) happy and I'm smiling the whole way through it that makes me just ridiculously pleased. I love the dynamic between Asami and Akihito here, I love that it's about Valentine's Day and how they seem to always screw it up, I love that Akihito is such a hot-head at times and I love that it's full of fun and clever little touches. I love the gifts given between them, I love that you can feel the attraction even when Akihito is pisssed off at Asami. Everything feels absolutely right to me here and it's a fantastic V-Day fic. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Lies, poker and (dead) ex-boyfriends by ingenius_inc - Yes, I am pretty much going to go through all of her fic (that I haven't read already) for this post, shut up. :| The things I liked about this fic were twofold--I like the insight into/background for Akihito here, that makes him such an interesting character. Him and his complicated relationship with Asami. The second thing I like is that I could pretty much read Asami and Akihito playing poker (where nobody really expects Akihito to win, not really) pretty much forever. <3 (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: umbrellas + "I never knew you were so flexible..." by ingenius_inc - These two drabbles were posted together, so I'm going to recommend them together. I think the first one is my favorite, because I'm a sucker for a rain-drenched Akihito crawling into bed with Asami and it going about as you'd expect it to. But also because that last line sent me into a fit of inappropriate giggles because that's so like Asami. The second one is more fun and there's a delightful sense of something like playfulness between them that I adored. <3 (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Apartments by Rill - Akihito moves into a new apartment that's mostly but not entirely paid for by himself, sort of a mix of the two, and his life pretty much continues on like it always does, given Asami's presence in it. And I think that's what I wound up liking about this fic, that it was about things moving forward, even as they stay the same, that the author took time to add in more characters around Akihito to (lightly) flesh out the story around him. Well, okay, and Asami being a posessive bastard. I always enjoy that, too. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Sex on the Beach by sunflower1343 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is reasonably easy to join.] Asami and Akihito on the beach. I love what a real bastard Asami is in fic so very often, which just... fits really perfectly with the original canon material. It's so easy to see things like this, where they're almost in public, where Asami is teasing Akihito to the edge of insanity, where it should be shameful the position he's being put in, but somehow... somehow, with a series like this, it works. (If you like the series in the first place, that is.) But what I also love is that, no matter how much Asami teases him and backs Akihito into a corner until he finally gives in and shows what he does to himself when Asami isn't around, there's a breaking point for Asami as well. Because he is actually affected by Akihito and with this fic, when they have half of a real conversation... it's one more step forward. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: A Night Out With the Gang by Rill - You know what else I love about the Viewfinder fandom? It freely indulges in just about every kink or cliche that you can come up with--including shoving Akihito into a skimpy angel costume and then giving the readers porn for it. I like the way this fic was structured as well, with the brief flashes that kept the piece moving, yet didn't forget to actually make the sex scenes satisfying. Plus, yeah, okay, I kind of loved the ending. Of course Asami would. XD (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Shopping with Asami by rocquell - I think what I enjoyed about this fic was that... it has Asami just casually being kind of a bastard to Akihito by following him around in the grocery story and making his life difficult, because it's the amusing part of his day to watch Akihito just about blow up over the littlest things. And Akihito tries really hard not to let it get to him, but it wouldn't be Viewfinder fic if it was entirely successful, now would it? (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Omiai by sunflower1343 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is reasonably easy to join.] Part of me thinks that this kind of fic shouldn't work. The idea of Asami dragging Akihito to an omiai seems so... Asami is a better businessman than that! But the author really made it work for me, that Asami had control of the situation and that it wouldn't be dangerous to his actual business dealings and that he would find enough amusement out of this to actually do it. I really do love the dynamic between Asami and Akihito here, it's just so easy to see them going back and forth and trading barbs like this, especially how Akihito insults Asami left and right, while Asami just smoothly deals with them. The sex is just an added bonus. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Marks by Paunakan Jen - As much as I enjoy the harsher fics, every so often, I want something just a little bit nicer. And I can buy this fic as being nicer because it's set so soon after the events of Naked Truth, where Akihito is still pretty fragile and Asami is inclined to be a little kinder to him. It's a simple piece, about how Akihito has his tattoo removed, which is a little weird and painful, while Asami waits with him. It was a fun read today. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: The Man in the Photograph by Paunakan Jen - Okay, this one I kind of really loved. It's Akihito with his friends, while Takato isn't quite buying the story that's been spun about Akihito's disappearance, but doesn't want to press too hard too soon. When Akihito gets drunk, it's a chance to ease into it and... Takato is a good friend and Akihito, even when he's drunk, is... well, Akihito about Asami. I really liked this one a lot. (Asami/Akihito implied.)

Viewfinder: You Don't Say by sunflower1343 - One of the things I really like in a series about Viewfinder (and characters like Asami) is that, despite that they're bastards, their bodyguards and underlings are deeply loyal to them, to the point of worrying about them on a personal level, and when one of Asami's bodyguards asks Akihito to ask Asami what's wrong with him lately (because anyone else would get smeared across the floor in a hurry), it's kind of heart-warming. In a yakuza sort of way. I also really like that Asami's intensity isn't dulled by being drunk, that Akihito might think he's less dangerous that way, but he's really not and you quickly sense that in the writing here. And I love that it's... it's not fluffy, but it's sort of nice and yet believable. Sometimes they need that, too. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Love Most Dangerous by Paunakan Jen - I admit that this fic often strays into sappy territory, especially with Asami admitting feelings to Akihito and Akihito being so much more in touch with his true feelings rather than being a little brat. But the writing was so smooth and clean that it sucked me in pretty much immediately and just wouldn't let me go, it was so easy to read! And I liked a lot of the elements of the fic, I really liked the idea of Asami's grandfather and the dynamic they had when it came to business and I liked that there actually was a plot running around in the background with someone trying to start a war with Asami. I like that it was a decent length without being drawn out ridiculously and that it made for a satisfying read. That's all I ask for from this fandom! (Asami/Akihito, some content warning.)

Viewfinder: A VF Christmas by sunflower1343 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm is reasonably easy to join.] This is another example of the Viewfinder fandom checking off pretty much every kink ever from its list of accomplishments. Akihito wakes up on a Christmas night to find himself in a certain outfit and somehow this works because Asami is a bastard and finds things like this amusing. And also because it's Viewfinder and, given how it started, this is probably pretty tame. It's still hot, though, and I continue to love WHAT A BRAT Akihito is to Asami and, hell, I even love the playful note this one ends on. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: There and Back Again by sunflower1343 - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - [Note: The second post is locked, but the comm is reasonably easy to join.] I was a little hesitant to read this fic at first, because it was set post-Naked Truth and had an Asami/Akihito breakup while I only wanted to read stuff where they were very firmly together. But it was longer than usual, it promised me porn, and I was very fond of the author's other work, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be one of the most satisfying pieces I've read in the fandom lately--yes, it breaks Asami and Akihito up, but that happened in the past and now Akihito is back and ready to try again. The reason they broke up is all about themselves, not because it wasn't going to work or because of external forces.

But mostly what made this fic work is that Akihito really has grown up here, even if he went about things all wrong, that the intensity of the connection is still there and it may take a lot of soul-baring to get things back to a good place, but the emotional wrenching of the scenes was worth it. There's a lot of tense build-up, but the emotional payoff is totally worth it in the second half. And then. Then this fic does what I love best about Viewfinder fandom--it finds a kink (one I have grown to be very fond of over time, because I am apparently that fangirl now) and just completely runs with it during the sex scene. Their dynamic is the same as ever--which means Akihito gets totally debauched and kind of likes it, while Asami gets to play with him and isn't as unaffected as he'd like to be. I honestly don't know what I loved better, the sex or the emotional insights into the characters, especially Asami. But, then, it was almost like it was tailor made for meeeeeee at some points. *__* (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Just Another Day by clueless_psycho - One of the things I really liked about this fic is that it actually showed the day to day stuff in Asami and Akihito's lives--the photoshoot/interview that almost gets interrupted by Asami, then them going out for dinner later, etc.--before they get to the sex part. This was a solid piece that was... well, pretty much as the title says, it's just another day for these two and that's what made it really fun to read. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Head to Toe by clueless_psycho - The more I read Viewfinder fic, the more I come to appreciate this fandom for being... I mean, when you read a manga like Viewfinder, you kind of expect the fandom to be god-awful and for the fic to be not that interesting or satisfying or emotionally healthy or something. But it's been remarkably sex-positive despite the creepy undertones that you have to use in a pairing like Asami/Akihito--and this fic is a good representation of that. Sure, Akihito bitches a lot, but he also seems to genuinely enjoy sex with Asami. I dunno, maybe it's just me? But I have been really enjoying the fandom a lot for fics like this--and I would not have thought I'd enjoy a foot fetish fic (though, it was very tame and really only in the very last part of the fic), but this fandom... makes it work for me somehow. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Very Fine by sunflower1343 - I've been reading a lot of Viewfinder fic lately and almost all of it has been from Akihito's point of view or, occasionally, third person point of view. There's not a lot of fic that gets inside Asami's head and even less fic that does it really well--but this fic really hit the right notes for me. It's a simple concept, he and Akihito are taking a sort of vacation after the Naked Truth events and Asami teases him along the way, as they walk along a wintery sidewalk in public. The way Asami looks at Akihito, the language of the piece, the attraction to Akihito that's not just a physical thing, the way it all feels like Asami was really nicely done. I enjoyed this piece a whole lot. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Kitten by sunflower1343 - Do you know what every fandom needs? Kittenfic. (God knows I've written my share in other fandoms, so clearly I am that fan for kittenfic, too.) The trick is in striding that line between gently touching on the cliche, waffy nature of the idea and not falling too far into the cliche that it stops working as a fic. This fic found that balance beautifully so that both Asami and Akihito were perfectly in character, all that sharp-tongued bickering, but in a playful and cute way. The Asami pov is kind of delightful here and a;sldkfjalkjs I really do love this kind of ridiculously. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: A Change of Pace by sunflower 1343 - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 ] - I will grant you that this fic is probably fluffier and more introspective than a lot of people would expect or seek out from characters like Viewfinder and I'll admit that I tend to lean a little further to the side from this fic, but. I found myself reading each piece of this fic today, always unable to put it down until I moved on to the next one because I really wanted to see where the author was going with this, because her momentum with the characters was really intriguing. After Akihito walks away from Asami because he needs more than what he's getting, they later strike up a series of e-mail letters to each other, slowly getting to the heart of their problems. I enjoyed seeing the author pull both of them apart and what did and didn't work in their relationship, that it wasn't entirely one person's fault or the other, that they both had to figure out who they were and make peace with certain aspects of themselves. I enjoyed the banter between them and, after all the angsty fic I've read for them lately, the assurance of a happy ending and the sense of something better and brighter, was a nice change of pace. (Asami/Akihito, slight content warning.)

Viewfinder: Compromise - Confrontation - Commonition by rose-mina - I've been reading a lot of the softer Asami/Akihito fic lately, so when I picked this one up, it was almost a bit like a cold glass of water to the face, to have it back to that sharp, painful relationship they have. But it honestly made it all the better for me, because that side of their dynamic is half of what attracts me to them. I will warn that this series only had three pieces written for it, so it leaves you hanging well before things get cleared up or settled, but I think they're worth reading anyway, because seeing some of the darker side of Asami and his reactions when he thinks Akihito has been unfaithful, the way they both suck at communication between them, it's really fascinating. The characterization is insightful and almost painfully sharp--which is something I keep harping on because it hit me just right with this fic, the way I could feel the tension right along with the characters. This was really a treat for me to stumble over today. *___* (Asami/Akihito, some content warning.)

Viewfinder: His Own Medicine by k-a-s-h-k-a - It's the little moments in this fic that made me kind of love it ridiculously. When Akihito gets sick, well, like that's going to stop Asami, even if he's actually pretty nice while Akihito is under the weather. This is one of my favorite tones for them, supposedly there's all this mistrust between them or everything is supposed to be angry and painful, but Akihito really kind of trusts him and Asami is really kind of gentle sometimes. Plus, yeah, okay, I too had to laugh at the image of Asami in an apron while he cooked. XD (Asami/Akihito, vague content warning.)

Viewfinder: Onsen by tosca - As much as I love fic set a little later on in the Asami/Akihito relationship, where things are a little more open between them, sometimes I also really enjoy going back to fic that was written early on in the manga's run, where things are a little sharper and more painful. I really liked this piece, it captured their dynamic so well, especially in such a (relatively) short piece--Akihito takes a trip to an onsen for a prize he won as part of a competition and has zero self-preservation instincts when it comes to Asami, which means things go pretty much as you expect. This is also one of those fics where the dual perspectives works really well, I enjoyed seeing the scenes from both Akihito and Asami's narratives, they both felt really spot on to me. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: In Memoriam by sunflower1343 - I was a little hesitant to read this fic because of the title, though, the author's notes promised that it wasn't what you'd immediately think. And, given my own history, this one hit me especially hard, but I'm glad I read it. The past this fic reveals for Asami fits together with the character I know, I can easily see this from him, and I like that there are no easy fixes for this kind of thing, that it's not all better by the ending. It's meant to be a painful piece, with a slight easing, because Akihito is Akihito and he is indeed just as stubborn as Asami is, in his own way. It was a really interesting take on the characters and one that resonated especially strong with me. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Mirror Mirror by sunflower1343 - This is an odd fic, made all the odder by the lack of direct explanation of exactly what happened, but... well, that's not really the point? It's weird and sweet, which is what the author intended from it and I like the way... when you have a character going through a drug trip, so often it's too over the top or too forced. I liked the (pardon the word choice) more natural-feeling flow of this one and the way Akihito's hallucinations played out. It was... well, weird and sweet, everything it needed to be. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Cookies by sunflower1343 - You know what else every fandom needs at some point? Cookiesfic. And, man, did this fic make me hungry for them, dammit. It's a sweet, fluffy piece about Akihito baking cookies and how it quietly makes the apartment complex he lives in all the more cozy, which is really darling. And then there's the omake which was my favorite bit, with Akihito ~*just happening*~ to stumble across several piles of cookies along his way, what luck~! The ending with Asami was the best part, too. XD (Mostly sort of gen, but with Asami/Akihito in the background.)

Viewfinder: How Bad Organisational Skills Will Lead You Astray by ingenius_inc - Oh, I love this fic. I love it kind of ridiculously. Because it's several years down the road and Akihito just sort of wakes up one day to realize just how domestic he and Asami have become and then proceeds to have a quiet little meltdown about it. It's hilarious because Akihito is always hilarious when he's flipping out about something, but all the more fun because it's a sweet, happy sort of future for them. I love all the little details (that Asami would like bad action films! yes!) and the thoughts running through Akihito's head. I grinned my way through this whole piece. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Snapshots by sunflower1343 - They went back, once, so Akihito could get it out of his system. They didn't go back and do the things lovers did. There were no "Remember whens..." or fond glances with shared happy memories. But Akihito's hand did slip into Asami's a time or two, and he allowed it to remain there. After finishing up through the current chapters of Viewfinder, this kind of fic was exactly what I was hoping to find. Like the title implies, it's snapshots of Asami and Akihito post-Naked Truth, the moments where they move on with their lives and put themselves back together and figure out how they fit with each other now. I love how nothing is rushed, but you can see the progress all the same, and the ending is perfect. It's one of those fics that hit all the notes I wanted to read, yet I suspect this rec is terrible (at least in light of what I hoped to achieve with it), so just... go read the fic. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Meet Half Way by starlighter - There's something about this fic that I really liked, something in the way it captures the chaotic feel of Viewfinder and Asami's world that Akihito finds himself in the middle of. There's such a wild crash of feelings and emotions and instincts with him that I think this fic really got down, all in a thing as simple as a (business) card game that Akihito accompanies Asami on, while watching and thinking, of this and of the way it is when he's in Asami's world. I'd really have liked to see more of this vein/universe. (Asami/Akihito, slight content warning.)

Viewfinder: The Way You Look Tonight by sunflower1343 - Another fic that I liked because of the way it balanced the (implied) darker side of the Asami/Akihito relationship and the more genuine side of it. The old pattern between them is still there--Akihito being the photographer at a wedding, Asami having arranged the job for him, Asami asks something of him, Akihito gets fired up and words fly between them--but it also shows that it can be turned into something nicer, something more real and meaningful, when Asami asks Akihito to dance with him. And Akihito can maybe finally recognize a little more about himself and be a little more honest. I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of fic like this, especially with endings like this one. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Back Where He Belongs by sunflower1343 - Another fic that deals with the aftermath of Hong Kong, with how Asami and Akihito needed to have an actual conversation about themselves and what they really meant to each other, because it wasn't the same as how it used to be. But it would never be easy, neither of them could be very open or honest, each in their own way. But, when Akihito is so quiet afterwards, Asami stokes the fire in Akihito and coaxes him back out, all the while the author making sure to show that Asami is not a nice man. By his own standards, he's probably being extremely gentle, but that's not the same as other people's standards and I love that that is so prevalent here. It's not really the central issue, nor is it really something to be resolved, it just is, which is a lot of what Viewfinder as a series is about. ....I'm explaining this badly, I suspect. But it's a really good fic that was a lot of what I wanted to read after catching up on the manga. The resolution here, while not being perfect, is extremely satisfying. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Blowjob by sunflower1343 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] You know what one of the best things from this fandom is? As much as there's a lot of sex where Akihito protests (despite being quite clearly turned on), there's also the occasional piece where Asami can get him to be honest about what he wants and how he feels. The attraction to Asami that lingers under the surface being brought up and dealt with for awhile is really satisfying, because it's one more step in the right direction for these two, even if there are some bumps along the way. But that only makes the resolution all the more satisfying. Also, it's really hot. I can go either way with blowjob fics, but this one was really nicely done, mm. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Parental units by ingenius_inc - There is something truly, truly wonderful about Asami meeting Akihito's parents, especially when it's played for laughs, but isn't total crack. Especially if Asami is being kind of an evil fucker because it amuses him. This isn't a long piece, but it manages to get pretty much everything into it--humor, some genuinely nice moments, Akihito's life being really hard, and even a very brief sex scene that was pretty great. And I love how... good everything is here. (Asami/Akihito, some content warning.)

Viewfinder: Something Like Fate by sunflower1343 - Another thing fandom is not complete until it has? Christmas Carol fic. I laugh every time I think of Asami being visited by a ghost to get him to wisen up and see the error of his ways, because it's just so... because... it's just destined to never work out the way it should. It's a bit serious at first, but it doesn't really stay that way and... even if Asami doesn't follow anyone else's script (nor does his destiny), maybe he does see things a little differently by the end. Also, the poor ghost that has to deal with Asami. It was a delightful Christmas fic, but didn't have to be read then, it works fine at any time of the year. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Boyfriend by sunflower1343 - Another post-Naked Truth story that's about... how things aren't easy, how there's still those old patterns there, even when Akihito starts to actually see beyond the usual words and affects, but somehow things get a little easier each time. And, for all that this was kind of an emotionally wringing piece, it was also a good one, because they actually said words that needed to be said and made a few things official and there was a sense of playfulness here that was really nice to read. I am all for more emotionally satisfying resolution like this. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Busy by lilt_rill - Sometimes the implication of something can be hotter than the actual scene itself. (Well. After my latest tour through the Viewfinder fandom, I know that's not true, but... that doesn't mean the implications can't be nice, too.) And it's kind of hilarious to have a fic set from the POV of Akihito's friends who try to get Akihito's attention while he's busy and it's entirely too easy to picture the scene when it's not Akihito who answers the door. Add in some amusement with Asami's bodyguards and it's a fun little piece. XD (Asami/Akihito, implication of other.)

Viewfinder: Attempts at Normality by lilt_rill + Ikako - [part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 - part 10 - part 11 ] - I read this series over the course of two days, since it's ten parts long, and I found that I kept saying, "....just one more chapter...." before bedtime, even though I knew I should have been in bed awhile back. And that's a lot of what I really had to recommend this fic for, because I just could not put it down. Because it really made an effort to work in a plot, to really deal with the ups and downs of the Asami/Akihito relationship and give it a genuine plot and even work in backgrounds for the characters. It's not going to be a fic for everyone and I might put a few caveats on it (it's rather fluffy in some places and then rather dark in some places, etc.) but I felt like it was one of the more complete fics in the fandom. I enjoyed seeing what the author(s) would come up with for Akihito and Asami's families, that it was one of the few fics I've found that did so, and it was fun seeing the various scenes with them--Asami interacting with the Takaba family, Akihito interacting with the Asami family, including Asami's brother and mother. And I even liked that the fic dealt with Asami being very much not a nice person, though, naturally, it all works out to being fluffy sweet by the end. I have to admit, there was more than one scene that I went back to reread by the time I was finished with all of them. >_> (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Leave Your Lights On by sunflower1343 - This a short and interesting piece about why Asami might have kept the lights on when he slept. I like that it's not really explained, that it doesn't need to be explained, you can get enough of an idea just by Asami's reactions. I like what it says without having to say it direction--I don't necessarily subscribe to this take, but I find it an interesting and potentially plausible one that says a lot about the kind of life Asami has led. (Asami/Akihito, some content warning.)

Viewfinder: Business and Pleasure by sunflower1343 - I've talked about this a lot in the recs I've been doing lately, but it's this fic that really brought a lot of it into focus for me--the two tones in a series/fandom like Viewfinder, especially with Asami's character. He isn't a nice man and that's what this fic focuses on and very much doesn't shy away from--Asami is cold and brutal and violent and this doesn't bother him. He can kill without a second thought, can even enjoy it. And it'll roll right off him without a bit of guilt, even in the very next scene where he has an almost playful conversation with Akihito. It's a strong reminder that Asami is a yakuza and he's the boss for a reason. While I can't say I like that Asami, it certainly reminds me of why I find him to be such a fascinating character. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: It's Better to Give Than to Receive by shad0wg8 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] Oh, this fic. I... I realize that it probably makes me that fan, but well. It's Viewfinder. a) I'm pretty sure I'm not alone and b) like the manga doesn't encourage it. But Akihito realizing it's Asami's birthday and knowing that there's not really much he could get for someone who has that much money, so he's like, well, fine. :| Just for today. :| I'll do whatever you want. :| While Asami says, Anything, you say? And then takes him out on cute, fluffy dates. Because Asami is kind of a total fucker that way. So, I read this whole fic just kind of rolling around in delight at it, because clearly the author is one of my people and was gracious enough to gift me with what I wanted. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Hallowed Eve by shad0wg8 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join. Also, this is a follow up fic to It's Better to Give Than to Receive, which I think would help to have read that one first.] Reading this fic together with the previous one put me in just the right frame of mind for the fluffy date fic and how warm and happy it made me. I know, you wouldn't think that Asami/Akihito fic should ever be warm and fluffy, but... after all they've been through lately, I can't help it. I wanted it. And the author doesn't entirely forget that they always have their bumps and potholes along the way, but that sometimes they can be sweet, too. Also! Hay rides! And moving in together! The author clearly wanted to make me happy! XD (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Negotiations by shad0wg8 - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 ] [Note: These posts are locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] I'll warn ahead of time that this series is unfinished and hasn't reached resolution and, given the dates, likely won't be finished. But I was in the mood for Viewfinder porn this morning, so I picked them up out of curiosity, and was rather instantly hooked. They're very porny in the same vein as the series, right down to Asami being kind of a real bastard that you can never quite decide if you love him or want to punch him in the face for the way he treats Akihito. There's a lot of being tied up and various toys being used and keeping Akihito on the edge until he's just about broken and not listening to a word Akihito says and then it all sort of... shifts and suddenly you kind of get what's going on, even if you still feel conflicted about it. Pretty much exactly the way the Viewfinder manga itself made me feel. And that's what I got out of this fic--the porn and the moral ambiguity and maybe a hint of sweetness underneath all that. It's one of the few fics I really wish would be continued, when I'm normally pretty laid back about completed works vs WIPs. It doesn't help that the final chapter is dealing with Akihito possibly moving in with Asami and I we wantsssss ittttt preciousssss. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Yours Truly by sunflower1343 - I was almost sort of ready to read this one and run, because I am not one for angsty endings, but... well, I like the author and her work, so I read anyway. I think a lot of what made this fic work for me was the short tag she wrote in the comments that includes Asami's response. Which spun the short fic above in a new direction that I (personally) liked a lot better (being apparently that fan in this regard as well) and made it an interesting take on Akihito's character. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Pillow Talk by shad0wg8 - [ part 01 - part 02 ] [Note: These posts are locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] The first chapter of this fic was the first one I'd read by the author and I was picking it up because it was recent and it was porn and I was curious. I was a little hesitant at first, because it starts with Akihito being dragged in to see Asami, who says he's punishing Akihito, which Akihito... just sort of goes along with? Despite that he doesn't know what for? And I wasn't sure why that was. But, once I got further into the fic (and then the second chapter as well), it's one of those things where... Asami is Asami and you can't really stop him once he gets started. Also, explanation is not the point. Asami's terrifying stamina and Akihito being thoroughly fucked is the point and, man, the author is good at it. *__* The entire point is that it's an endless session of fucking, that it's that line between satisfaction and too much, that it's about being swept away by it all, much like the original series itself is at times. The author is also good at making Asami a hot as hell, but also a total bastard, just as he should be, which I always appreciate. *__* I am very intrigued to see where all this is going and would like the next part now, plz. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: The Bonds of Providence by shad0wg8 - [ prologue + part 01 - part 02 ] [Note: These posts are locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] I almost always skip AU fics, since I'm more about what happened in the actual series and AU fics just aren't as satisfying to me. But I liked this author's previous work and so I though, well, if she's going to give me more porn, the least I can do is give it a shot. I'm not sure why this one worked for me, if I'm just that easy for a fantasy-meets-fairy-tale style AU (Akihito is a prince who's put under a spell by an evil uncle in order to take over the kingdom, then married off to a far away king, who takes him to bed on their wedding night) or what, but... yeah, I really enjoyed this one. It might not be for everyone, it really skirts the line between non-con and dub-con, but... well, if you're reading Viewfinder, you're no stronger to that, most likely. I found the characterizations to work really well here and, wow, was the author ever not shy with the sex scene and I love that. But also that I would love more from this AU and where it's going and how it's all going to play out. It doesn't look like it'll ever be finished, but what's here stands well enough on its own, I think. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: untitled by sunflower1343 - Another short piece, from Asami's point of view as he watches Akihito sleep, as he thinks of all the different ways he knows this young man. Of how beautiful Akihito is, both for his looks and his personality, but that it's more than just that. I really like the idea that Asami knows he could possibly temper Akihito if he reached out gently to him, but that that's not the point or what either of them needs, that it wouldn't end well for either of them. It's a really interesting look into Asami's view on their relationship this time. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Missing Pieces by sunflower1343 - This is another fic where Akihito stops to really look at Asami and slowly fit another piece of the puzzle into the greater mystery that is Asami. For all that Akihito is usually stubborn and a little willfully blind, he's also a smart young man who can occasionally stop and get things, especially after they've been together for awhile. It's a calmer, quieter look at the characters, but an interesting and satisfying one. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: A Fine Pair of Eyes by sunflower1343 - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be reasonably easy to join.] I'm at a bit of a loss for how to describe this fic and what I really enjoyed about it. Sure, a lot of the reason I picked it up was for the sex and the banter between Asami and Akihito, but by the end of it... I thought it was an interesting look into Akihito's approach to their relationship. It was also an interesting look at Asami when Akihito's inhibitions come down, how he's not as calm or as perfectly in control as he appears to be. Is their relationship perfect? No, never. But it's fics like these that show what could be under the surface, the thing that attracts them so wildly to each other, and how they find a balance that works for them. ....which I feel I say a lot, but it's one of those things that's endlessly fascinating to me in this fandom, so I seek it out a lot, because there's always a new facet to them. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Preludes by sunflower1343 - As I've mentioned before, sometimes what I really like about Viewfinder isn't just the relationship between Asami and Akihito, it's the characters on their own as well. This is a short piece on Asami, one that gets into how he views the city sprawling out before him and captures his charisma and control over it, the attractive danger that he exudes. I like how it captures the darker sides of him, which is a large part of what I find fascinating about Asami. (No warnings/pairings.)

Viewfinder: Descend with Me by respicefinem08 - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 ] - I actually picked this one up on FFNET and then found the author on LJ (and I know some people like to read it there more) and this fic was... it is not a fic for the faint of heart, between the rather wrenching descriptions of violence and rape, as well as the tension of the characters' situations and everything they go through. Given that it's a series like Viewfinder, I read a fic like this that I might not have otherwise, because... well, as much as I lean towards something more balanced after all the crap the characters went through in the NT arc, sometimes reading more in the same vein is really good. Especially when an author takes their time with it and really sells it to me. Akihito being kidnapped in machinations against Asami and the way things rather quickly spiral out of control and yet Akihito... I really love his character a lot, because the author gets how stubborn and willful he is, how he can find a way to scrape through whatever gets thrown at him. His relationship with Asami is far from perfect, sometimes you wonder what keeps them together, but then they're in the same scene together and you get it. As much as I love the shorter scenes in this fandom, it's also nice to find one with plot sometimes, too. *__* (Asami/Akihito, somewhere between R and NC-17 for violence and triggering content.)

Viewfinder: Halfway There by sunflower1343 - This fic is set post-NT (though, I think, was written before the extras?) and it pretty much picks up where the conversation on the boat left off, not that it needed much more said right then, but there were still a few more things that needed to be talked about, once they'd both calmed down a little more. As they fly home, things have changed greatly between Asami and Akihito, so much has been brought to the surface and they actually talk about it here, really getting into the depths of both characters, making it a sort of breath-taking story that is an intense emotional ride, if you're invested in these characters. It's a long conversation, but the flow of it is fantastic and characterization is spot-on, especially with Asami. The entire time with Akihito, the quiet moment with Kirishima, the way he views Feilong, everything. I have the feeling that I'm writing a lackluster rec here, but this really was one of my favorite fics from the fandom, one of those that I felt I really needed after NT finally ended. *__* (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Hotter Than Sin by lilt_rill - This is a really short piece, but it's kind of one of my favorites because the entire point is about how Akihito is hot as hell and it's one of the things I really like about Viewfinder/Yamane's works--that the uke is actually genuinely attractive and hot, not just pretty. You can see why Asami is attracted to him, especially in this fic where it's all about how hot Akihito is as they're fucking. Also, the opening line is kind of one of the nicest images this fandom could present me. :D (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: The Other Side of the Story by lilt_rill - A story set early on in the Viewfinder timeline, showing the first meeting between Asami and Akihito from Asami's point of view this time, touching on just what made Takaba Akihito so intriguing to him and how Akihito surprised even him. I really like that... Asami is not a nice guy here and he doesn't really know Akihito yet, so there's no reason to care for him yet, meaning this is a darker version than usual, but it works with his character, making him even more interesting. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Part of His World by Piru (pyrefly) - I was browsing AO3 the other day and decided to see if they had any Viewfinder fic there and, well, since I'd read the author's Kyou Kara Maou! fic, I figured I might as well try her Viewfinder fic. It's another fic that deals with Asami trying to get Akihito to move out of his current apartment and into someplace better/more convenient for Asami, but Akihito says oh hell no. What I adored about this fic is that it captured Akihito so well, the way he's stubborn and it's not just a front he's putting up, he really is just that stubborn and doesn't want Asami to just take care of him. But he's stretched to his limits and you can really feel that, you can believe when (and why) he gives in eventually, without losing that angry edge he has. It's really interesting to watch Akihito as Asami manuevers him into what he wants (an upscale dinner out, getting him a new apartment, etc.) and how Akihito doesn't lose his fight, but there's... there's something more there, underneath, that you can feel. And that Akihito is slowly realizing a few things--the final sex scene is both really well-written/creative, but also fantastic for characterization with both of them. Plus, it has a perfect ending that makes the whole fic just... it was definitely one of those surprise finds in fandom that just satisfied the hell out of me. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Past Midnight by clueless_psycho - I continue to kind of marvel at what this fandom has done to me! Akihito waiting in Asami's living room for a birthday surprise for the man and Asami is... well, Asami about his present, and all of it is just sort of... normal for me now? Which isn't to say that it's not very welcome, because I enjoyed this fic a lot, the author does well with the balance of their relationship--Akihito just sort of accepts Asami's whims, yet he's not a doormat, and that brave personality is so much of what attracts Asami to him, which is lightly touched on in this fic while they're having sex. Plus, yeah, the image the author presents is very pretty. <3 (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Nothing but Diamonds by desertriver - You know how I get a lot of those fics where... *waves hands* I didn't know I needed to read something until I found myself stumbling over a fic for it? Yeah, Akihito winding up as the focus of a photo shoot rather than working behind the scenes because their model is sick at the last second and he is really gorgeous, happens to be one of those things. Add in Asami being kind of a posessive bastard and I am totally not ashamed of my kinks, shut up. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Seven Days by clueless_psycho - [ prologue - day 1, part 1 - day 1, part 2 - day 2 - day 3 - day 4 - day 5 - day 6 - day 7 ] - This is one of those fics that I suspect you have to be in just the right frame of mind for, that you have to go in accepting what it's trying to do ahead of time to get the point of of it, it needs to be firmly fixed in your mind what this fic is and isn't. Basically, the fic's premise is: Akihito needs to borrow money from Asami, which is a struggle for him and Asami is amused as hell by it. Asami says, here, just take the money, but Akihito refuses. Asami says, well, do whatever I say for a week and you can have a lot more. OH HELL NO says Akihito, but Asami goads him into it anyway. And then things to exactly as you expect them to. The story is rough and you can feel the lack of a beta for the fic, but the author has a lot of promise (and, indeed, it comes out in her later work that I've really enjoyed) and the basic idea is one I never knew I wanted as badly as I did. It's one giant excuse for porn and the basic structure of the fic (as well as the different things Asami orders Akihito into doing, while mixed with undercurrents of insights into both characters and their relationship) is solidly done. I have a deep fondness for Akihito being kind of forced to admit how much he wants sex with Asami and/or Asami being kind of a bastard about it because he is. Between that and seven days of porn with the two of them, each trying something new out, I found myself really enjoying this fic. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Introductions by lilt-rill - One of my favorite things in a pairing like Asami/Akihito, where both parties are so stubborn in their own ways, is a bargaining process, especially when there's a power imbalance in play as well. The beginning of this fic played on that and it was like delicious, delicious candy for it, with Akihito trying to bargain for Asami giving him just twenty minutes to go do this thing. Asami's amusement throughout the whole fic, once Akihito can finally go inside and meet his friends, the way the surprises pop up to make things even more amusing, is all a lot of fun. (Asami/Akihito, a light R.)

Viewfinder: Death by lilt-rill - This is a short piece, but it worked for me for two reasons. The first half is... not quite angry sex, but it's not gentle or sweet, either. Instead it's posessive and rough, without Akihito really knowing why--which is deliberate, of course. The second half is about why Asami is acting the way he is and I liked it because... yeah, of course that's how Asami would deal with things. :|b (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: Jammed by clueless_psycho - You can tell where this fic is going from the opening sentence. Hell, from the first half of the opening sentence. Akihito is stuck in a traffic jam and it's going exactly where you think it's going. But it's a fun (ha ha) ride along the way, with Asami being his usual amused bastard self, plus Akihito clearly wants it because a) he brings it up and b) he's really into it. Which makes this fic kind of the perfect balance of everything for me? Asami being a bastard, but Akihito bitches at him for it, then there's sex that they both clearly enjoy! In a car! Man, sometimes I really love fandom a lot. (Asami/Akihito, NC-17.)

Viewfinder: (Not the) Brightest Light Bulb in the Box by chrysa - Oh, god, this was beautiful. I've reread it a couple of times now because it's just so perfectly hilarious and made me fall in love with everyone and everything all over again. Based on the Viewfinder/Koi Suru crossover, the character that took a shine to Akihito as his sempai, Shouji, who is a bit of a deliquent kid but with a good heart, sticks around in Akihito's life and... doesn't quite get a lot of what's going on. The author really had a knack for making me adore Shouji here, all the more so because he doesn't quite get the relationship between Asami and Akihito, which is hilarious on its own, but also Akihito's difficult life is even more beautiful. The way it all leads up to a beautiful resolution (of sorts) is perfectly paced and just... so hilarious that I keep rereading and it still makes me laugh every single time. ♥ (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Aftermath by sunflower1343 - I pretty much never get tired of post-NT stories where Akihito starts to come apart at the seams because of everything he's been through. He held himself together for so long, but eventually he has to break and then pick himself back up and put himself back together, which Asami knows. I really like the way this fic starts out... it's almost sort of normal, except for the strained undercurrents and, well, like Asami and Akihito could ever be normal. But eventually it has to break and I really like the way this fic deals with the aftermath, the way Akihito is killing himself over what happened to him/what he agreed to in Hong Kong, and the way Asami sees him afterwards. I really like the dynamic between them, the way Asami treats him, the way Akihito clearly matters to him even as he's still an evil bastard, and the way Akihito fights and yet he cares about Asami, too. Their conversation at the end needed to happen and was all the more satisfying for it. *__* (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Like Normal by The Hoyden - Asami has lost it, and Takaba has proof. So, basically, Asami decides to adopt Akihito in order to draw him into the family and, despite that it's crack, it's the kind of thing that's just so easy to imagine that you go right along with for the amazing ride. Even on the second readthrough, I giggle at all the right moments, every time Akihito gets so frustrated with Asami that he's ready to explode and I love how their relationship works here and I just... I'm kind of uselessly flapping my hands over here. I wanted to quote so many lines from the fic, there are so many that are just pitch-perfect, but I'd have wound up quoting half the fic in the rec at that rate. Though, really. Any fic that's about Asami deciding to snake Akihito into his family via an adoption ceremony that might as well be a wedding AND contains this line: It figures, it just figures. It's like something out of Takaba's worst nightmares -- no, wait, it is Takaba's worst nightmare. Asami has turned into Bridezilla. you KNOW is going to be beautiful. Oh, I would read this pretty much forever. (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Offering by The Hoyden - As much as I loved the previous fic by The Hoyden, I think I may possibly love this one even more. Akihito is such an interesting character in his relationship with Asami, especially when it's Asami's birthday and Akihito has a gift to give him. I love what a clever idea it is, the present that Akihito gives him a few years into their relationship, and I love even more what it says about him as a person. Because Akihito isn't a saint, but he's still a good person, there's a fire to his character that you can feel here and the sort of balance he and Asami find is perfect. This is another fic where I had to hold myself back from quoting all these lines, especially the ending lines, because they're just so perfectly written. My only complaint is that I want more and I want it right now. +_+ (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Appetizer by sunflower1343 - Another short piece, but a fun one. It's just a scene between Asami and Akihito, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes a little more serious, but always very interesting. I have a thing for Asami cooking because, of course, he'd be good at it and, of course, Akihito would be a little brat about it. (It's hard when Asami is perfect at everything he does.) I also enjoy that pretty much everything is laced with innuendo, because it's not Asami if there's not some sort of double meaning to everything. XD (Asami/Akihito.)

Viewfinder: Everything to Lose by sunflower1343 - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - This fic contains so many of the things I love in a fandom like Viewfinder--Akihito has been shot, Asami is furious and just a little bit helpless, it's about drawing Akihito's friends into his world just enough to show them what's really going on, and it's about resolving a bit of the issues between Asami and Akihito. It's of a satisfying length as well, because this fandom has really made me start craving longer pieces, especially when they deal with such interesting, important issues. Giving Takato a burning drive to help Asami find the people who hurt Akihito and setting the story from his (semi-)outsider perspective is interesting and gives a fresh take on Asami/Akihito, especially with Takato being insightful enough to see a bit of what's going on under the surface. It's an intense piece, there are moments in the second half especially that are almost a little painful to read, but it's all the better for it, because this is not a nice world that Akihito has been drawn towards. I really like the way the author softens Asami's character because of Akihito, yet at the same time doesn't lose sight of what a scary bastard he really and truly is, this is not a man to be taken lightly and that's never forgotten here. It's not a light read, but it's all the better for that, it was a hell of a ride. (Asami/Akihito, R for violence.)

Viewfinder: Ate My Heart by eprime I'm not sure what posessed me to read Viewfinder fic today, but I stumbled over this one and got pulled into it. It's... well, it's Viewfinder, which means it's a bit dark and possessive and there are interesting toys in the games Asami plays with Akihito. The writer does a gorgeous job of capturing the feel of Viewfinder, though, everything that makes the series so good even when I feel like it shouldn't be to my interests. Her Akihito and Asami are both perfect, the way Akihito fires back at Asami, the way he has flare-ups of temper, the way Asami isn't moved by any of that, until suddenly he is and he's dangerous, but that's part of the attraction and just-- yes, good. (Asami/Akihito, NSFW.)

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