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- AyaxKen Fanfic recs - [ page one - page two ] Ahh, my beloved RanKen~! *hearts* If I had to choose an absolute favorite WK pairing, this would win, hands down; it's the pairing I've loved the longest (as soon as I saw episode four, I fell in love... hard XD) and the one I think actually works the best. *fangirl fangirl fangirl* I love this pairing best with just a little bit of an edge, the two of them being guys, but a real friendship underneath that. There are a few bumps along the way, but each are exactly what the other needs. Aya is loyal and true, Ken is stubborn and won't let him mope and straightfoward. I also love Gluhen and how it evolved the characters and I would totally dig more Side B fic, but I will always still love Kapital. So... er, yes, all over the map, I suppose?

- CrawfordxSchuldich Fanfic recs - [ page one - page two ] And then there's my beloved CrawfordxSchuldich, which still surprises me to this day, because I used to be bored stupid by Schwarz... and now Crawford is one of my very favorite characters. I love these two when they're nasty, but not psychotic towards each other. They're not nice... but they look out for each other. Schwarz is a (dyfunctional >_>) family of sorts... which I guess makes Schuldich some sort of psycho mother figure? ^_~ (Kidding, kidding, but I do really like the... *waves hands* they care, but you'd never be able to drag it out of them even under torture, and they each drive each other insane, but the sex is really good... that sort of dynamic. XD;; )

- YohjixKen Fanfic recs - For many of the same reasons I like RanKen, I also like YoKen... which may sound weird, but once you get past the surface differences between Yohji and Aya, you'll find that they're eeriely similar... and hence they both need someone like Ken. Plus... it's just fun! ^_^v But, in some ways, I also find that YoKen has a slightly different feel to it, what with Yohji's more outgoing personality, so sometimes I just really crave a good YoKen fic... which makes it shame that there's not more out there. ;___; *pines for more* What little I've found and liked, though, I've slowly started to rec.

- SchuldichxKen Fanfic recs - .....yeah, don't ask me, I don't know, either. I just like it. I suspect a large part of it may come from that Ken is my favorite character, so I like to see him paired up with a lot of people and he's just so pretty when he's angsting (and being played around with >_>) and... it's not that I'll read ANYONE x Ken, but... something about this particular pairing calls to me. Even if it's rarely done in the fandom. I tend to be all over the map with this pairing, but usually leaning towards something a little darker, because that's about the only way I can usually believe it happening. Sometimes it's something nicer, sometimes it's something darker.

- Misc/Gen Fanfic recs - Not that it happens very often mind... but sometimes I do read gen fics. ^_~ Also, because I don't read enough "other" fic (like the occasional Schuldich/Yohji that crops up in the fics I read, or maybe the random Crawford/Ken fic I've read, or whatever else have you)I'm going to chuck them into this section. Maybe if the catagory gets big enough, I'll sort out the gen stuff from the other stuff (which I probably should do if I'm going to give Yohji/Omi it's own catagory >_>), but for now... err, well, I figure that if you're in the WK fandom only for gen, you're used to sorting through the tons of yaoi by now? ;;;;

- Schwarz Fanfic recs - In an odd twist, the longer the fandom goes on, the more that Schwarz develops a fandom with some really talented writers. I've come to love the group as much as I love Weiss and there were just enough fics that weren't quite Crawford/Schuldich enough to stick them in that catagory that I decided it would be better to give them their own section. Anything that focuses on a pairing will usually get chucked elsewhere, but for the stories that are more about Schwarz as a team or don't really have any pairings (though, some may be hinted at), they go here. :D

- YohjixOmi Fanfic recs - Not my absolute favorite pairing in the world, but occasionally I come across a fic I really like, that works for me (which is difficult, because I'm really, really picky when it comes to Omi with any of Weiss), enough that I felt I should put up a catagory. ^_^; I rarely read fics just for them (partly because they're not my passion, partly because I'm so out of the WK fandom these days), so they'll probably mostly be backdrops in a RanKen storyline. However, they happen often enough (and I had an image for them >_>) that I figured what the hell. XD;

- OmixNagi Fanfic recs - This pairing does not get written about nearly often enough, which is too bad, since it's about the only pairing for both characters that I could really see, personally. Also, it's not just fluff and cuteness, I honestly do think that with their issues... they're some of the only people who could work together. I'm not saying OMG THEY'RE MEANT TO BE BECAUSE THEY FIT WITH NO ONE ELSE, just... I've seen it work in a few fics and I've found that I could actually buy it in those, more than I could with anyone else with either character. Plus, they can be really fascinating and interesting and EEEEEEE DID YOU SEE GLUHEN AND HOW THEY WERE WORKING TOGETHER WHEEEEEEE! ....shut up!

- Fan Art Sites recs - Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much WK fanart out there--whether or not there ever was a ton and the artists have simply just closed up shop or that there was never the same following that it had in the US, I don't know. (I sometimes think that the US following was built solely on the fic and once the actual crappy series hit the US--I love the series and the characters, I do, but, man, it was a cheesy show XD, and I do say that with love, honest--the series just sort of faded out.) However, every so often, I manage to hunt something down and rec it, especially if it's friendly towards my darling Ken.

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