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White Collar: Charmed, I'm Sure by KitsJay - ....oh, I can't help it. I watched the first couple episodes of this show and just so badly wanted fic for these two that I had to start seeking it out. And this is one of the first ones I found, which is a really cute piece about just how gosh-darn charming Neal is and how it kind of drives Peter a little crazy. It's just. Cute, fun, and, yes, charming all the way around. (Peter/Neal implied/pre-slash.)

White Collar: Fashion Sense by kira_bouviea - One thing I did really enjoy and hope the show picks up on more in the future is that I think Elizabeth and Neal totally get along like a house on fire and I already pine for more of their interaction. This piece was a really great blend of focusing on that, how much that really kind of bothers Peter because it can't mean anything good, and yet has just enough dash of Peter/Neal to keep my shipper heart going. This was really just delightful. (Implied Peter/Neal, very pre-slash.)

White Collar: The Challenge and the Chase by the-con-cept - I think, after this fic, I have firmly fallen into this fandom. It's so much of what I want where I am right now (well, I keep thinking to myself, man, do I want porn right now, but the truth is that I think I want the flirting and light makeouts first, to really settle into the relationship/series first), where it's about Neal not wanting Peter to forget him and the whimsical, charming, obnoxious way he goes about it. The author has a really great voice for Peter here and I adore her Neal and the way she writes their dynamic, the way it's mostly platonic but flirting with something more (even when there's a kiss, it's played with just the right tone!) and it works for me, right down to the mentions of Elizabeth and Peter's reactions to all of Neal's actions. I ♥ this fic so bad already. (Peter/Neal.)

White Collar/Leverage: Accessories by halcyon-shift - I was a little wary of this crossover (I shouldn't be, crossovers have been amazing these last few years of fandom) but I had to give it a try. And, oh, lord, Neal and Hardison talking over his tracking anklet and then there is a conversation about Battlestar Galactica that is so perfect I can't even describe it and just. She does amazing justice to both Neal and Hardison in this fic and it's so easy to see and then there's actual moments of real emotion in there and just. Perfection. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

White Collar: Playing Cards by halcyon-shift - The line about the birthday cards was such an intriguing one and I think this might just be my favorite fic that plays on it now. The Elizabeth narrative voice was lovely, it felt so very much like her and the language of this piece is smooth and perfect, it matches the tone of the series so well. But it's the little touches, the different birthday cards that felt right for this universe, showing how creative and smart Neal is without showing off too much. They just are. And I love both Elizabeth and Peter's reactions to the cards, it felt spot-on, too. Just. Love again. ♥ (Some background Peter/Elizabeth, it's not the point.)

White Collar: Letters from Maximum Security (Drawing Strength) by sausuge - Again, that comment about the birthday cards is just too tempting to resist. And this was a different take from what I'd seen before, but an interesting one that I really enjoyed for Neal's side of things. With this fandom--at least, at the stage I'm currently at--the sense of slowly realizing attraction to Peter, the one-sided nature of it during those years in prison, that's kind of perfect for me right now and this fic was just so darn cute about it! Lovely. (One-sided Peter/Neal implied.)

White Collar: Lucky Man by Zelda - It's difficult to describe how badly I want to wriggle around in glee after having read this because it came along at the perfect time for me and is exactly what I wanted in my view of the characters. It's a conversation between Elizabeth and Neal about both their relationships with Peter and the whole fic just... walks this really fine line with the two dynamics. (Peter/Elizabeth and Peter/Neal, that is.) What it also does is brings me to a perfect place where I don't have to feel quite so guilty about shipping Peter/Neal when I like Elizabeth so much, then does so with wit and grace. The dialogue and descriptions are spot on for these characters, there's such a charming, beautiful air about the two of them and this Neal is quite possibly one of my favorites ever. The author captures his whimsical, almost puppy-like nature without pushing it too hard, it's just the right amount. as;dlkfjaslkj christ I think this fic might have made me a little giddy, shut up, I know this rec is terrible. (Peter/Elizabeth mentioned, implied future Peter/Neal.)

White Collar: untitled? by oh-mcgee - You know how sometimes you just need something, even if you can't really articulate what it is precisely? Yeah, I have that feeling with fic like this. That line about Peter owning Neal for the next four years did things for me and this fic took that up and ran with it. The way Neal wants to be owned, the way Peter's driven crazy by him and that tracking anklet, the full-on porn for this fic, all of it is just exactly what I wanted and finally, finally I find the hardcore porn in this fandom. Excellent. (Peter/Neal, NC-17.)

White Collar: Kissing Meme ficlet by moonythestrals - Oh, lord, I am so weak to fic with little kids in it when they're done right. And this one is all kinds of adorable and manages to get in all the best parts of kidfic without all the worst parts of kidfic! Ie, Neal being utterly charming to an adorable little girl while Peter watches and thinks about how much he just doesn't get along with kids and then something like ~*affection*~ sneaks up on him and I just. Want to coo over the whole damn thing. Adorable. Also, I ♥ the kiss in this fic, too. (Peter/Neal, briefly.)

White Collar: Distractions by grim_lupine - Mm, Neal's hair is very pretty and this fic makes lovely use of that fact and plays into this nice dynamic between Peter badly wanting to touch Neal's hair and how much the audience would really like to do the same. It's got some really lovely images here and just a hint of posessiveness that I love, making it a nice treat to read today. (Peter/Neal, a light R rating.)

White Collar: A Sure Thing by lightgetsin - I admit, I fell a little out of step with Whilte Collar after inhaling the first three episodes, but I think part of that was not quiiiite finding the perfect fic in fandom to satisfy me. Not that the fic isn't lovely, but I wasn't finding that one that suited my tastes perfectly. And then this fic came along. And hit my kinks so hard--posessive Peter and Neal who wants him to be that way and sharp, snappy dialogue and sex that's a little angry but more about how much both of them want it a little hard and fast. There's even a little bit of a theft case going on, used to drive the porn part of the fic beautifully, and it was just... what was brilliant about this fic was the way the author wrote Peter's growing anger at the situation, until you could practically feel him ready to snap, all the while Neal was as smooth as ever, just waiting for Peter to finally break. The build-up to when Peter finally did was as hot as the sex itself even. *__* It was that one perfect fic in fandom for me. Mmm. *___* (Peter/Neal, NC-17.)

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