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- Princess Tutu/Wolf's Rain - Rondo [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ..... *dies at the beautiful, beautiful Wolf's Rain fanart* Oh, my god are these gorgeous. Just... stunningly gorgeous. *_* The colors are amazing, the lines amazing, the poses/concepts amazing, the very, very, very mild hints of het and shounen ai (if you're looking for them) are amazing, babble, babble, babble. Seriously, I cannot *squee* enough over these illustrations. And then the Tutu illustrations.... *swoons* I love Fakia to little itty, bitty pieces! The first one of him looking so vulnerable with duck-Ahiru in his lap just melts my heart, the group illustration is wonderful, and Fakia holding Tutu/Ahiru in his arms.... It makes me fall in love with the characters/pairing all over again. I could cry without much I love this site. Not that I'm PMS'ing right now or anything. Noooooo. (Some mild het/shounen ai with WR, a little bit Fakia/Ahiru with Tutu.)

- Wolf's Rain - Warmth And Comfort by Delas - Awww! Wolf's Rain WAFF! Tsume/Toboe WAFF even! =^_^= I haven't sought out too much Wolf's Rain fic just yet, I'm not quite that far along in the craving stage, but I liked this one so much. It was sweet and fluffy and just the right kind of fic I wanted--not quite shounen ai, but hinty if you wanted to read more into it and just... warm. *wriggles happily* (Mild Tsume/Toboe.)

- Wolf's Rain - Valse De La Lune by keir - All right, I admit that I found the dancing thing to be kind of yaoi-fic-cliche, but when Tsume and Toboe were so wonderfully in character, I found I didn't care. ^_^v (And, really, that's a compliment, I'm usually very fussy about these things.) For such a short little fic, it really did a wonderful job capturing Tsume's growliness mixed with his softer heart and Toboe's cuteness/gentleness/smallness mixed with his inner spirit/determination. So cute! *hearts the WAFF* (Mild Tsume/Toboe.)

- Wolf's Rain - Light at the End by Minerva Solo - I admit that I don't really crave too much Wolf's Rain fic (I'm still waiting for someone to write me Tsume/Toboe snuggling ^_~), but every once in awhile I come across a fic that looks good and I read. And that's what this was--a very nice way to spend a few minutes with these characters, an interesting little scene I could see taking place in between the pages of canon, and some very nice characterizations. I *heart* Tsume and I really like when a fic can give me an extra shot of him, but still keep that group dynamic down. Plus, it always helps when there's a hint of shounen ai if you want to see it that way~ (I wouldn't even put a shounen ai warning on this one.)

- Prince of Tennis/Last Exile/Wolf's Rain - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this site is so very, very, very bad for me. Last Exile fanart. The appeal of this artist's style is difficult to explain, it's not necessarily something everyone would go for right away, but the lines are very smooth, the colors nicely subtle, the details wonderful, the poses lovely, but more than that... there's a feel to the art that's just nice. As much as I love pretty art (and this art IS pretty!), what keeps me coming back to fanart again and again is the feeling it invokes in me and this site had me twirling around the room with her Prince of Tennis art. There was one of Tezuka and Fuji in winter scarves and gloves that I just LOVED and then one of them sharing ice cream that was just FUN. And then her Lost Exile art (Dio is especially beautiful, but the one of Alex has to be my favorite, I think *loves*), and the Wolf's Rain art was just fabulous. A really great site for me to explore and I'm so very much looking forward to getting to tackle some of the other LE sites out there. *twirls* (No single pairing themes, perhaps a little TezukaFuji, but it's really more of a multi-pairing site.)

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