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- Wonderfalls - Jolly by Fox1013 - Honestly, I don't know why I decided to read this Wonderfalls fic, but I clicked on the link, trying out the beginning of the fic and... wow, what an awesome Jaye voice the author has. Like, pitch-perfect and genuinely clever and made it work in text form, too. All the crazy in her life as she tries to remain sane, all the little snarky jokes (I about cracked the hell up in the snarky exchange with her sister), everything was just... fun and totally did justice to the character. And, okay, the ending was cute and sweet and kinda fun, too. ♥ (Some Eric/Jaye.)

- Wonderfalls - Hiatus Machines by k - I've read a handful of Wonderfalls fic and several of them have been very good. But I'm not sure I met one that felt as pitch-perfect with the show's style as this one. Everything's there--the voices for the characters (Jaye's voice is absolute perfection), the timing of the events around the characters, the way the narration mimics the off-beat style of the series. It's all just... perfect. And the idea is grand, the way the animals stop talking to her and she goes a little crazy, even kind of misses them. It's perfectly done, right down to her conversation with Eric: "I think my clinical insanity broke up with me. Just dumped me with no explanation, no goodbye." She glared at the bass. "Didn't it? Huh?" (Some Eric/Jaye. It's not really the point.)

- Wonderfalls - Jesus Complex by trascendenza - It seems like this is another one of those stories that I saw recommended frequently on people's Yuletide recs lists and, now that I've read it, it's little wonder why. Told from the perspective of a therapist that's trying to help Jaye, it has all that wonderful craziness of the series, it has spot-on dialogue, and it actually accomplishes something/moves Jaye's journey forward and gets her to realize a little something about herself. It's also a fantastic look at her experience through an outsider's perspective, how they don't see all the little things she sees, but does see the effects that happen around her. It's definitely one of the better Wonderfalls fics I've read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Wonderfalls - When the Messiah's Away, the Animals Will Play by trascendenza - This is a really interesting take on the various animals and statues that Jaye has kept over time, what they might say to each other when she's not around to hear them. I like it because it gives them almost a life of their own beyond her (even if that's still their sole purpose in life), that they don't really know that much more than what she does. It's something that fit well with the Wonderfalls tone and overall structure, I thought. (No warnings/pairings.)

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