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- Remy/Rogue recs - I admit, I was very, very hesitant about the way Gambit was portrayed on the series at first... well, "horrified" might be closer to the truth the first time I saw him. Given. You know. That hair. But, the Evo producers/writers saw fit to put in just enough (ha ha) charged Remy/Rogue moments that I wasn't completely turned off (since I've been such a big goober for them for years) complete with some really fantastic animation when they're fighting and... the more Gambit appeared, the more I really fell under Evo's charm. (Evo was a series I was wary about at first in general, but by the end of the first season, I was sold. It's true to the spirit of the characters, even if it's a completely different spin. And some of those spins were kinda cool honestly.) And Remy/Rogue is... well, if I have an OTP in the Marvelverse, they would be it.

- Scott/Jean recs - I like Jean. On her own, even! Of course, this comes from many years of comic book reading before Evo ever aired, so, I was more apt to like her. Even so, she's a nice, thoughtful, kind, caring girl and the bad fanon for her drives me up the wall. And I actually really kinda like this Scott, when I've never really cared of the character before. Evo made him likeable for me, not such a stick in the mud that he usually is, a bit more human without bending the character so far that he's unrecognizable. Plus, OMG I love the way Evo has handled the relationship and when I find good fic for these two, I'm just delighted. They're adorable together!

- Maximoff/Lehnsherr family recs - Oddly enough, Pietro was the first character I found myself gravitating to in the series, despite having never given too much thought to Quicksilver before. But, then, I'm a giant sucker for the father/son dynamics and Evo played on those wonderfully. So when I find fic that doesn't turn my stomach at the portrayal of the Maximoff/Lehnsherr (this includes Wanda, of course, who is REALLY interesting in Evo) family dynamic, I'm all over it. Pietro - Wanda interaction fic also makes me delighted and the occasional good Magneto insight piece is always a rare treat.

- Other Pairings recs - So, I have this big, huge soft spot for both Lance/Kitty and Kurt/Amanda, right? And occasionally someone might write a Logan/Ororo that I would really like. (Not that I'm holding my breath.) Or there might be some other pairing that I haven't even thought up yet that might not make me run for the hills. (This will probably be rare, though, as I rarely read outside my set pairings.) If I actually manage to find any of these things, they'll be chucked into this section. ^_^ But, yeah, mostly Lance/Kitty since they get written the most about, outside of my other usual pairings.

- Gen recs - It's rare (largely because I'll lower my standards for my favorite pairings, but in genfic I usually want something that absolutely sparkles), but occasionally there's a really excellent genfic that's not about pairings at all. This section will probably never be too big, but there are at least a couple of decent-sized fics rec'd inside, so it'll at least be a starting point? Eheh. ;;;;;

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