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- SeishirouxSubaru Fanfic recs - [ page one - page two - page three - page four - page five ] Ahh, my current (personal) One True Pairing! *hearts* If you know me at all, you'll know that the vast majority of what I read/see in the X/TB fandom is S&S-centric, so this is going to be far and away the biggest section. I tend to favor a delicate balance of hatred and attraction and obsession with these two, so if you prefer a... more loving and emotion-filled Seishirou, you may wish to look elsewhere. ^_^; This is not to say that I'm not afflicted by my desire for a happy ending and sometimes... yeah, sometimes I just want cute, funny, and fluffy because, dammit, I can only take so much angst before my fangirl heart starts to break. I am an unrepentent silly fangirl sometimes. <3

- FuumaxKamui Fanfic recs - Sadly, these two don't get as much fan-love as they should, because they really are a fascinating, complex couple of characters, with an even more complex and intriguing relationship. It's not flat-out abuse, there're more layers to it than that... I like both DarkKamui!FuumaxKamui and Dork!FuumaxKamui. I can't help it. I just like Dork!Fuuma and I refuse to be ashamed of it! ^_~v This section will probably always be small, I just don't have the same passion/drive for the characters (especially being so long out of the series now), but every once in awhile I'll still add onto it, I hope?

- KusanagixYuzuriha Fanfic recs - Speaking of things I refuse to be ashamed of liking.... ^_~ I like these two. They're so incredibly sweet together that I can't be freaked out by it. They're just... adorable! I mean, they're not necessarily my favorite pairing for the characters (I have a soft spot for the Kamui/Yuzuriha interaction in the series that would love to spill over into fic.), but they'll occasionally get a sweet little story about them or have enough of a background role that it'll be worth mentioning. Still, not a whole lot to rec here (I've found only a couple of fics I've really liked), but... I guess I like having catagories for pairings that I support enough that I would read the fic if it existed?

- Sorashi Fanfic recs - You know... it took me awhile to really warm up to SorataxArashi, but it really has grown on me, and these two are so sweet together. I have a few issues with the way they got together, but they're still so... wonderful to read about. This section will probably always be small because they were never my biggest passion and I'm largely out of the X fandom these days, but... I can at least recommend a couple of fics to get you started? Or at least give the names of a couple of authors who are good writers and you can check out their list of stories?

- AokixKaren Fanfic recs - Aoki somehow managed to make his way into my heart to become one of my absolute favorites in X... he's just so wonderfully nice and caring and honest and true.... (Honestly... if I had to pick one character to survive X, it would be Aoki... because I think he's the one who would live his life the most after the war.) I tend not to favor Aoki/Karen fics because one of the things I like best about Aoki-san is his devotion to his family, but Karen is so bright and intelligent and caring and sparkling that it's hard not to be won over by these two. If I ever rec much, it'll probably wind up being largely one-sided stuff that's closer to canon than anything.

- KeiichixKamui Fanfic recs - As much as I adore FuumaxKamui, I can't help but love KeiichixKamui to absolute pieces--again, Keiichi is one of my favorite characters in X. *hearts* There's just something about that cute, genki boy that I love so dearly... and I like this pairing because it would be so damned good for Kamui. He could really use someone not connected to the whole kamui thing, and Keiichi is perfect for that, and Keiichi could, actually, make Kamui's life a little brighter. XD (Why, whyyyyyyyyy don't more people write these characters? Sadly, I'm not sure I have ANY stories that I can rec for these two right now. *mourns*)

- Seals-centric Fanfic recs - It doesn't happen too often... but occasionally, I'll find a little fic that's just about a particular Angel or Seal (or maybe a site I really, really liked) and so I wanted to make a section just for the Seals, rather than lumping them all into the miscellaneous catagory. Occasionally some random pairings may get mixed in here, because I have an admitted fondness for some batshit pairings. ....that I'm not saying what they are until someone actually writes them. >_> And every once in a blue moon, someone will write a Seals group story and then they have my love and I pounce on it. <3

- Angels-centric Fanfic recs - And then we have the Angels side of things. Things like a Satsuki story, or a Fuuma introspective monologue, or AngelxAngel pairings (SxS and KusanagixYuzuriha usually have their own sections, and the FuumaxKakyou ones are all in seperate sections. Maybe some Fuuma/Subaru might find its way into here, if I ever find some stuff I really like. Or if there's some Yuuto/Satsuki or Yuuto/Kanoe in a story I particularily liked.), just little things detailing with the pretty Chi no Ryu.

- Fan Art Sites recs - Because X is such an old series (setting aside the lackluster anime), there's not a whole lot of fanart. But I did make the rounds awhile back and found at least enough to make it satisfying for me. There's some pretty stuff and there are a couple of sites that are really consistent and are still drawing stuff or have their archives still up and running and there's the occasional English fandom site. Just enough to make this a semi-decent section I would hope. It'll be almost purely Seishirou/Subaru, with a sidedish of Fuuma/Kamui, as that's what most J-artists draw. Other pairings will occasionally sneak in, but the focus will be on those two.

- Miscellaneous/Gen Fanfic recs - And anything that doesn't fit anywhere else. Not too much here, but occasionally there's, like, an interesting Hinoto piece or a 3rd person POV fic that I'll shove into this section. ^_^v Or sometimes there's just regular old interaction fic (I would love more gen interaction fic with the Seals, I really would <3) or the occasional pairing that didn't fit in elsewhere or maybe something with Seishirou and Subaru (and Hokuto) that wasn't quite SxS enough for me to put it in the SxS section. Stuff like that.

- X/TB Music Videos recs - I do have a seperate music videos recs page, but I wanted to put this section here as well, because I'm especially focused on X MVs. XD They can often be difficult to track down or the sites no longer up that once held them (as media sites are notoriously difficult to keep up), but I'll try to note as much info about the AMVs as I can to allow for easier hunting down. Will also probably largely be focused on Seishirou&Subaru, as they are, of course, my passion with this series, though, there aren't really a lot of X videos to be found around, sadly.

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