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- Xiaolin Showdown - Friends and Enemies by Scribbler - One of the things I like about the show (aside from the sheer WTF of the series and the cuteness of it) is that I have surprisingly strong emotional reactions for such a young show. Oh, I might not be bawling buckets or anything, but I care about the characters more than I would have thought. That's one of the reasons this fic--the only fic I've found that I can read more than a couple of lines of, much less one that's written really, really well--hit me so hard, because it shows why these kids are so likeable, the way their friendships with each other are genuine. It hints at some of the hard things Omi in particular has to work through after "Time After Time", the way the things he saw hurt and won't leave his head until he deals with them and finds a way to accept them. My fangirl heart ached for the kid in this fic, it wasn't truly about black & white good vs evil, we can see hints of that every time Chase Young shows up. It's not simple. It's not always easy. This fic doesn't make things too dark, but it shows why it can be hard sometimes and was lovely for that. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - Chicken Soup for the Evildoer's Soul by avi17 - This was just a short, cute little fic about Jack being sick, Chase visiting because he was wondering where the hell the annoying imbecile had gone, and then kissing! What made it work for me, though, was the way I could hear/see everything in my head just well enough that I bought the whole thing. It was fun! <3 (Chase/Jack.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - Evil by Servant Gabrielle - What I wound up really liking about this fic was the way the dialogue just popped right into my head with the characters' voices, it really didn't take much work on my part to hear them, which is always nice. This was just a fun, cute little silly thing that was a nice fix for when I really just wanted some worthwhile Xiaolin Showdown fic! :D (Chase/Jack.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - The Summoning by calamity_bebop - You know, I never really expected to find much genuinely well-written Xiaolin Showdown fanfic. I knew the fondness I had for the show was totally batshit and that, despite it being an utterly delightful retarded show, the fandom was... not a place I suspected I wanted to be. However! I have found a few pieces I've liked and this is quite possibly my new favorite--the characterization is fantastic, the actual writing and descriptions are incredibly solid, and there's even a hint of porn! And humor! I was laughing during the entire summoning scene because it fit with the series' sense of humor so well. There's a really nice Halloween feel to the story (which was extra appropriate for me, since I read the story almost exactly a year after it was posted) and that fits well with the characters used and... yeah, it's well written Chase/Jack fic. I was not expecting that tonight! Certainly not more than once. ♥ (Chase/Jack, I'd rate it a very light R.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - Snow Dance by calamity_bebop - I was a little wary of this fic... Chase and Jack in the snow? They... did not quite seem like a pairing that would fit in well with moments of cuteness in the snow. But I liked the author's previous fic, so I wanted to give this one a shot. I'm very, very glad I did because it's another fic that's actually well-written on a technical level as well as well characterized. I could see the whole thing in my head, there were little moments of utter hilarity that were perfect for the series (asdlfjaslkj I had to XD-face a lot at the Jackbot's reaction when it accidentally threw a snowball at Chase), and even a really cool explanation for where Jack had been the last couple of weeks and hints of his home life. And, yes, there was kissing in the snow, you knew it was sort of eventual, but it was good kissing in the snow and it was very much Chase and Jack and I loved it. Fantastic writing and I just... I loved it! <3 (Chase/Jack.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - Black, White, and Grey by CBIzumi - This was an interesting take on Jack, solidly written and... well, I do tend to believe that Jack genuinely enjoys trying to be evil, that it's what he honestly wanted for himself, but it's neat to see a fic where he has doubts about his path in life, that maybe this isn't what he wanted. I like that it wasn't too over the top, that he was more just reflecting on things rather than being overly dramatic about it. The writing was smooth and clean, I could picture the entire thing in my mind's eye, and it captured the atmosphere of those moments of contemplation in the wee hours of the morning that we all have. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - [ English Fanart Site ] - I didn't really expect to find much more XS art than I'd already seen, the fandom for the series isn't that big. But I happened to stumble over this artist's account and a;sdlfkjasl;kj yes this is what I wanted to find. The art is sometimes cute, sometimes hot, sometimes interesting, sometimes adorable, sometimes really pretty (that one of young Chase especially!) and sometimes just makes me want to keyboard mash a lot because. Well. I'm still a Chase/Jack fan and this art kinda reminds me of why. You can tell that the artist is really fond of Jack a lot, but I actually love all the art here. There's a really kickass one of Wuya and Katnappe and a really great one of Dashi and some great group illustrations and-- well, yes. I liked this site a lot. XD (Some Chase/Jack, some gen.)

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