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- xxxHOLiC Gen/No Pairings Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two ] It used to be that I gave TRC all my recent CLAMP attention (setting aside the whole X thing, of course), because I was all over the CCS characters and the crossovers and such. But somewhere along the line, I think I fell more in love with xxxHOLiC than I did with TRC, which is because Yuuko, in just a handful of volumes, shot herself up to be one of the classic CLAMP characters, I think. So, now I scour the web in search of xxxHOLiC fic because I just want more period. It'll probably be an even mix of Yuuko or Watanuki focus and there'll be a lot of crossovers (because xxxHOLiC is brilliant for crossovers), but this should be all the major gen stuff. ♥

- xxxHOLiC Clow x Yuuko Fanfiction Recs - To be honest, I was never the biggest fan of Clow before xxxHOLiC, because the CCS fandom didn't use the character very well and often just felt off. Then along came xxxHOLiC and had Clow absolutely drive Yuuko up the wall even just in memory and I was sold on them. Because I totally vibe on the powerful magicians who drive each other nuts and drink excessively and torture their poor servents. Plus, how can you resist the couple that are the old married couple even if they would never admit it? (This section will include a lot of crossovers, since it's often strongly rooted in Cardcaptor Sakura, obviously.)

- xxxHOLiC Doumeki x Watanuki Fanfiction Recs - I like Doumeki x Watanuki. It's not my favorite aspect of the series (which would be Clow/Yuuko and then the gen part of the series ♥), but I definitely like them and I think that CLAMP has shown a lot of growth with this kind of pairing since the days of Gohou Drug. They're fun, Doumeki totally drives Watanuki crazy (along with many other things in life) and it's entertaining as all get out. Plus, they really do get some of the best fic. ♥

- xxxHOLiC Fanart Recs - I never really expected to find much (or any at all) HOLiC fanart, since I didn't really seek out the Doumeki/Watanuki stuff. But then there was this one Clow/Yuuko site and I couldn't resist it... so. This section will probably always be small, I might someday branch out when I run out of other series to scout around for or if I get an intense craving one day. It'll be pretty much the same as my fic selections above, I tend to like gen the best and maybe a little Clow/Yuuko, so that's what I'll go after. A lot of the sites will probably also wind up being CLAMP catch-all series, rather than HOLiC-focused, so don't expect too much?

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