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- Yamada Tarou Monogatari - The finest poetry was first experience (1/?) by Honooko - I have been waiting for Yamatarou fic and fandom has never really seemed to want to give it to me, so I perked up when seeing this fic posted. And I really like what Ho's building with this fic, the way Tarou still gives so much of himself to everything he does, yet still has moments where he's not always perfectly sunny. There's a real person in there and shown through Mimura's eyes--who is very insightful and I love how the story shows how fascinated he is by Tarou instead of just telling the reader--something starts to slowly, but surely move forward in their relationship. At this point it could still be practically gen, which I really like, because it fits together with the way I see them on the screen and makes it feel just that much more like it fits between the frames of canon. (Eventual Mimura/Tarou.)

- Yamada Tarou Monogatari - untitled by Chrissie - Omg! More good Yamatarou fic! The world needs more of it! And, of course, Chrissie writes such fabulous, fabulous piece and I love the plot of this and the way she wrote it. Tarou needs money and Mimura "helps" him and, of course, most of us have wanted to see the series go down this path, but I always worry that it'll come off as being not quite right, despite how very slashy the two of them were, but in Chrissie's hands... it's hilarious and fantastic. I could just see the whole thing and I love the frame of it. Excellent. ♥ ....and shut up, I know this rec is incoherent, just go read the fic, okay? (Mimura/Tarou.)

Yamada Tarou Monogatari: Apple Blossoms & Lilacs by octavoice - After reading the author's Arashi fic, I went searching to see if there were any other fandoms I recognized and happened to stumble over her Yamatarou fic. There's been very little fic for this fandom but this one... really hit me just right, there's something really sort of subtle and unsaid about it that works for the characters, just by having Tarou watch Mimura arrange flowers. I like the use of the flowers here, the way they say something but no one is really quite sure what, least of all Tarou himself, and yet in the end... somehow they work so well together and this is why they're so shippable. A really nice little gem for the fandom. <3 (Mimura/Tarou.)

Yamada Tarou Monogatari: The Start by capncosmo - This is a charming story told in a series of scenes in backwards order and I really like the way that frames the story, the way it shows the progression in a different way, and really works for it. The author's take on the characters is so sharp and it's filled with those little moments of humor that I liked so much about the series and she achieves that just right balance with Mimura and Tarou. The writing is lovely and oh man at this rate maybe we'll actually get a decent fandom yet?? One lives in hope. ♥ (Mimura/Tarou.)

Yamada Tarou Monogatari: with a little help from my friends by waxrose - I wouldn't have thought that I'd necessarily even want porn for YamaTarou, but... I'll read just about anything by waxrose and just totally eat it up, because I didn't realize how much I kind of wanted something like this until I read it. I love her porn SO MUCH, I love the shower handjobs here and how easy it was to see the characters in this. I love that it's an excuse to write shower porn, of course, but there's a whole lot of character insight here as well and it has this really delightful... almost day in the life of quality to it. I love that Tarou is so... Tarou, while not being ridiculously dense, he still takes a bit to catch on, but he isn't to one ridiculous extreme or the other, it's hard to balance a character like that, but she does it wonderfully here. The Mimura/Tarou dynamic is fantastic and totally spot-on as well. *___*♥ (Mimura/Tarou, R rating.)

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