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- TsuzukixHisoka recs - This pairing makes me feel all warm and fluffy and I love it to itty, bitty pieces. With TsuzukixHisoka, I tend to favor the fluffier stories, rather than too much heart-wrenching angst. Don't get me wrong, I adore angst (as Di-chan says, Hisoka is so cute when he's in pain.), but given how much hurt they already go through, I usually want someone to make it better already. But, really, as long as it's good, I'll read it and enjoy it.

- TatsumixWatari recs - Ahh, Tatsumi! *hearts* And Watari! I love them both so dearly and I absolutely, positively love this pairing. It makes so much damn sense to me, that I don't get why more people aren't fans of it. (For a long explanation on why I like/see Tatsumi/Watari--and if you're really that bored--you can check out my shrine to the pairing at Least Complicated.) The section will never be large because it's not a popular pairing, but it tends to be the only one I rec these days, since it kind of snuck up on my list of favorites and absolutely snatched my heart away.

- MurakixHisoka recs - I'm not really entirely sure why I like this pairing, but I know that it fascinates me. Hisoka is indeed adorable when he's in pain (or unconcious or being molested) and I find that I actually rather like Muraki as a character when he's being mean to Hisoka. So... yeah. I think this pairing is stunningly beautiful in an awful, horrible, heart-wrenching way, and I find that the more I obsess over it, the more obsessed I become. Eheh. ^_^;; (Keep in mind that I'm another one of those fans that likes Muraki to make Hisoka's life hell and then to have Tsuzuki fix Hisoka up with lots of warm snuggles. +_+)

- Yamimatsu Fanart recs - [ page one - page two ] Wheeee~! Yami no Matsuei fanart is a great joy of mine and I try to hunt down as much of it as I fan possibly find. (Hence this section being so huge.) I like pretty much everything--I still favor my favorites, but if it's pretty, I'll look at it and rec it. So, it's largely TsuzukixHisoka in this section, but you'll also find a lot of TatsumixTsuzuki or MurakixHisoka or MurakixTsuzuki or Watari fanart, too.

- Miscellaneous recs - *gasp!* Sometimes I actually read stories that aren't about a pairing at all! ^_~ Sometimes I like to read quiet introspective pieces or background stories about the characters (there are some lovely ones out there), and they'll be listed here. Also, anything else that I can't think of a place for obviously gets chucked into this section.

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