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- Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction Recs - I'm not far enough into the series to read that much fic for the series yet, but... I know I eventually will. It's already got that sort of tugging at me that lets me know that I'll cave eventually. Most likely, I'll head towards just about anything to do with Kaiba, as I've already fallen rather hard for him. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Kaiba/Yugi just because it strikes me the hardest, but... I'll probably end up being a gen fan or something, knowing me. *wry* Beyond that... I really don't have any preferences yet. Gen is good. Slash is good. Het will probably be fine eventually, too.

- Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanart Recs - YGO fanart recs were sort of what got me to cave with this series in the first place, because I've been looking at art for the series for awhile now. There are a handful of sites that are just absolutely gorgeous and even before I'd read a single page of the series, I was alternately drooling over the art and barely not tearing my hair out wondering, "Why does Yu-Gi-Oh! get such pretty art!?" But! I get the appeal now, yes. ♥ As long as it's pretty, I'll probably give it a whirl, I have no pairings I intensely dislike enough not to look for. Though, again, I'm a Kaiba fangirl, so that's the way I'll head with fanart, too.

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