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- Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fanfiction Recs - It's been so many years since I started reading YYH fic (it was the series that got me into anime/manga in the first place, back when I actually had time to follow favorite authors around to new fandoms because I'd read all their comic book fic XD) that my recs are kind of pathetic compared to the amount I've read, but. Slowly I build this section up. I'm mostly into Hiei/Kurama and the canon het pairings (Yuusuke/Keiko is a huge favorite of mine) and tend to switch back and forth between them. I don't have much time for epic fics anymore, but I can at least link to some of my old favorites and hope they stand up over time. ♥

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fanart Recs - Given how old the fandom is, I never expected to find much YYH fanart, but there are surprisingly a lot of sites around! For an older fandom, I mean. Every so often I get a real yen for art sites and start hitting up links and search engines, but... it'll probably always be a bit on the tiny side. I mostly look for Hiei/Kurama art sites, but there's a fair amount of gen, and if I ever find some het art with the usual pairings, I'd be all over it. I'm not that fussy about pairings when it comes to art, but I haven't really stumbled across a lot of non-traditional pairings? But this'll at least get you started, I like to think.

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