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- Fullmetal Alchemist/Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - Seventh Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suppose I knew I was going to rec this site when I got to the illustration of Ed underneath the sakura tree because it was just so pretty and so nicely detailed and the sakura blossoms look amazing and it was so solidly good, but... even before that, I kinda knew I would want to rec the site. Ed's got that beautiful gold coloring and the art has all this background detail that's actually good, so the images look very fully realized that it just makes me sort of burble happily. As for the FFVII art, the pairing isn't my usual one, but I'm a lot more relaxed when it comes to fanart and the artist draws a beautiful Cloud. The art has a lot of real discipline to it, which is especially noticable around Cloud's hair, the ton of detail and very smooth lines of it. And, hell, some of the poses are really kick-ass, I suspect the artist is also a doujinshika, her work is certainly strong enough to be. <3 And, omg, the FFX fanart! There's an utterly beautiful one of Yuna in the middle of her dance and I'm over here still wibbling over how gorgeous Tidus looks. Loved this site. (Vincent/Cloud, maybe some light Al/Ed, a little Tidus/Yuna maybe.)

- Bleach/Final Fantasy X - Joyful cats [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the FFX fanart, which is really super-cute stuff, a lot of adorable Tidus/Yuna and some really nicely done Rikku fanart as well. But what really got me all wound up? The Ichigo/Orihime fanart that was adorable! ♥ This is probably the third or fourth Ichigo/Orihime fanart site I've come across and maybe that softens me up or makes me more suseptible to it, but I really liked the art. There were several illustrations that were just squee-worthy adorably cute that might not work for another pairing, but because Ichigo and Orihime can be fluffy cute together (in my mind, at least) and the artist's talent really grows stronger the more she draws. It helps, of course, that I totally flail over stuff like Orihime flying into Ichigo's arms or the super-cute hats she often has on her head or Orihime with kitty ears or an oversized shirt. Shut up, I'm easy, but it's CUTE. ♥ (Tidus/Yuna, Gippal/Rikku, Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - Last Resort [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I keep thinking that eventually, I'm going to run out of Final Fantasy art to coo over because it's just so damned pretty, but it hasn't happened yet. I randomly started poking around again tonight and, zomg, I love this site so much, the art is just beautiful. I admit, I was a little happy with the whole Cloud with the one wing thing because I get dorky for references to the whole thing (given my OTP and all), then it was the absolutely gorgeous one of KH!Cloud and Leon, then it was the beautiful illustrations of Cloud and Tifa (AC!Cloud with game!Tifa was just so pretty), then it was the beautiful FFX illustrations and, yeah, I was totally head over heels for this site. The art is just so lovely, that soft, light, airy feeling that I like so much, so many pretty blues and and soft grays or greens, such beautiful lineart and so many pairings that I really have a great fondness for without being a shippy as hell site. It's one of those that has a nice, even spread across many pairings. And I mentioned pretty, right? Okay. (Mostly gen. I'm sticking it in the Cloud/Tifa section because the art is worth going for fans of that pairing, but the site doesn't really imply the pairing very heavily, it's very, very gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X/Juuni Kokki - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site I sort of waffled on for awhile, but was eventually won over because I thought a handful of the illustrations were just so impressive. The FFX and 12K art are probably the two most impressive series, because the artist just draws all this amazing detail into the images, uses all these pretty, soft colors and some of them really look like they could have been doujinshi or done on paper and scanned in, rather than just drawn on the computer. The site also has one of my favorite Laguna illustrations and, okay, there are only about four Juuni Kokki images, but they're just so pretty and so finely drawn that I had to include them. The one of Youko leaning against her sword is just beautiful and the En-ou and Enki illustration looks amazing. There's also some solid AC-based fanart that's worth skimming through that gallery for and, just, the site was all-around fun with the occasional amazing illustration. (Some FFX pairings, but no real themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And yet another site that Noel got to before I did, but I wound up crawling all over and finding a lot of really shiny stuff on it. The artist's type isn't always my favorite, but I was won over by how sometimes she could really make an illustration just pretty or tremendously cool. It also helped that the artist did a variety of different match-ups or stand-alone characters, so it wasn't just Cloud, often times Reno would show up and the artist's style, all the bold colors and seemingly jagged edges worked with the character. There's one where his hair is so red it almost looks like fire and the green of his eyes practically blazes out from his face and it's just really cool. Also, this site has what's probably my favorite Rufus/Reno fanart, like, ever. *__* The FFX fanart is much the same, there are all these amazingly vivid colors that attract my gaze and made them so pretty. Anyway, yes. Shiny, shiny site that I thought was neat and had a ton of beautiful stuff in the gift gallery. *__* Again, that's all I usually ask. <3 (Some pairings, a lot of gen, no particular themes.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - First Product [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noel pointed me towards this site and, once again, I'm glad she did. The art is very cute and very clean, bright without being gaudy, and occasionally just soft enough that I really, really like an illustration. The earliest one of Tifa is just so cute because it has all these softened colors and gentle lines, then it's followed right up by one of Tifa and Aerith is beautiful shades of orange-ish gold and I am weak to Aerith/Tifa fanart. Then it continues on with more adorably cute FFX fanart or a really wonderful Leon - Cloud from KH illustration and more of Tifa or Yuna and everything is just... CUTE. A fun little site. :D (Mostly gen, with maybe a tiny, tiny hint of Cloud/Tifa if you're looking for it.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - ICE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to warm up to this site, the realistic style of CG is rarely something that appeals a whole lot to me unless it's amazingly, amazingly done. I sat on the fence with this site for a long time and it probably wasn't until three-fourths of the way through the FFVIII gallery that I started to like it. (Well, okay, maybe I had a soft spot for the Laguna illustration about halfway through the gallery.) It's not going to be for everyone and it's probably not my favorite, but I totally have a weakness for the softness that the artist applies to the characters, especially Rinoa or Quistis. And even though there only about four FFVII illustrations, I had to include it because I really sort of love her Sephiroth (the coloring is just so pretty and good with the character) and her Tifa is great. (Some het with FFVIII, but I don't know what theme I'd call.)

- Final Fantasy X - Pure Pearl [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I've been to this site before, but I don't think I recommended it because I wasn't overly familiar with the characters at the time, I doubt I could have even come up with Gippal's name. But goddamn is the art just beautiful, it's got all this amazing detail and these soft, beautiful colors and it has that certain vibe that just hits me and it's... honestly? Every time I go through the gallery, I'm reminded of Arina Tanemura's art style, the sheer ton of detail, the shoujo-y feel of it, the tons of hair and beads and and little charms and accessories hanging off their clothes that doesn't overwhelm me, instead it all comes together to create an amazing piece. This isn't a bad comparison, by the way, because it just impresses the hell out of me, especially when the artist has so many illustrations in her gallery. And a lot of it is the eyes, there's that glowing depthful quality to them, the way my gaze is drawn to them over and over. And I just... I wouldn't say I'm shipping them because of sites like this, but I'm certainly willing to look at the beautiful art for them after this. ♥ And wondering if I shouldn't ship them just on the principle of them having so many beautiful sites like this. XD (Gippal/Rikku, a tiny bit of Tidus/Yuna.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy X - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have the feeling I may have seen or recommended this site before, but it's not quite familiar enough that I can say for certain. So, if I end up recommending it twice... well, oops? Anyway, this site has that sort of soft, flowing, warmly colored style that's not precisely sepia tones (since there are a lot more bright colors), but I get the same warm, not quite nostolgic feel off of the images. A lot of that is the focus on Aerith's character or the way the FFX series looks or feelings I associate with their characters, but a lot of it is also just the way the artist draws them--which makes them really quite pretty, actually. And I really do like the art, it's sort of in that catagory of style that often gets put on doujinshi stationary and it's just... really cute. Plus, hey, I don't seek out that much Aerith fanart, so it's nice when a site drops into my lap. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - okawariFREE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was officially won over to this site by the fanart of Raine with kid!Squall. So very rarely do I ever seen fanart of that aspect of the series, much less when it's done up really pretty. A lot of the art on the site didn't move me one way or the other, but there were a handful of illustrations (there was a really gorgeous Irvine one, a couple of good Irvine/Selphie ones) that were just totally worth it. Most of the FFVII fanart didn't impress me, but the FFX fanart was really solid, some of the Tidus/Yuna ones were even gorgeous, and the artist improved tons over time so that it became one of those sites where... I had a decently good time while I was here. It gave me a fix for FF fanart. It gave me a couple of kickass images. Sometimes that's all I need. (Some Tidus/Yuna, some Waka/Lulu, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy X - MISFORTUNE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So. The first image I stumble across on this site? Ashe holding both Basch and Vaan by collars. I am intrigued! Especially since it looks pretty and those are my two Ashe pairings. I scout around a bit more and find a love Basch/Ashe piece amongst the artwork here. It's probably more of a Basch/Vaan site than anything, but the artist clearly has a fondness for Ashe as well, so maybe it's more of an Ashe/Basch/Vaan triangle site? Either way, there's this really beautifully drawn image of Ashe in a black (mourning?) dress and veil that is quite possibly the prettiest FFXII fanart I've seen yet. The FFX art is much the same, some of them are just beautifully colored and beautifully drawn, absolutely worth going through. *__* If just for the blue one of Jecht turning into Sin that's just so, so, so pretty. (Some Ashe/Basch/Vaan permutations, some Jecht/Tidus I think, a lot of gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII/Final Fantasy X - GREEN GLASS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As I was going through the galleries on this site, first clicking through the original illustrations, I wondered if I had stumbled onto an only-original site and wished that the artist had done some fanart, too. (I'd have loved to see this artist do some Odin Sphere art, for example.) And then I hit the FFX art and I really liked it--it's the kind where it's super detailed and very doujinshi-like (I believe a lot of the images are scans of the artist's doujinshi?) and almost sort of reminds me of a common Korean style, but not quite. Or maybe some old-school doujinshi-style, the kind that was popular in the late '90s, early '00s? Either way, it makes for some really interesting art to look at. The artist also has some fantastic Howl's Moving Castle art and I would have loved to have seen more from her or even just a proper gallery. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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