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- Final Fantasy X - Baby Caught a Finger by memlu - Okay, see. I'm not supposed to be a fan of FFX, because I haven't played the game, I can only recognize about three-fourths of the cast, I only know the basics of the plot and the ending and all that. I'm just supposed to like the fanart. But... but... but... Jecht and Tidus fic! Baby!Tidus fic. By memlu. I'm supposed to resist? aselkfjalsdaljdsflasf, I can't. Especially not when it's sweet and adorable and it fits with my notions of the characters (such as they are in my head) and it's readable even if you don't really know that much. I have a weakness for father/son stuff like this, it gets to me when it's well-done and this fic certainly qualifies. I love that it's warm and happy and makes me go, "Awwwww!" without being over the top about it. So much love right here. (No warnings/pairings.)

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