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- Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy X - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art on this site, but I was totally taken in by one of the early sketches of Balthier and Fran pouring over some papers and plans, the details of it just fabulous and such an air of partnership between them. And then there's a gorgeous Basch sketch and then an adorable Balthier one with Vaan and Penelo hanging off him and-- ...well, you see where that's going. The artist frequently has a particular stylized look to the art, but I find that it's interesting and when she really works on an image (there's a gorgeous one of Vaan and Penelo in pink and rose colors), she does tremendous things. ....and, yeah, still a sucker for Balthier and Fran being totally hot around each other. ♥ The FFX fanart is much in the same vein--sometimes stylized, sometimes totally wibble-worthy, sometimes totally hot. I really like the artist's take on Tidus and Auron especially, she does great things with colors and poses. (The site could be pretty gen, but it might also be Balthier/Fran.)

- Final Fantasy XII - is:aD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was the combination of a Rasler/Ashe and then Fran illustrations back to back that totally got me to cave on this site. Not all of the art is to my taste, but there are the occasional images here and there that look really cool in the author's painting-like style; there's one of Vossler especially that looks kinda awesome. And I mentioned the totally hot Fran, yes? The frequent darker earth-tone colors are interesting and the site's definitely worth it for the handful of art I liked. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy XII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....okay, look, sometimes I'm just easy for really pretty art, especially when the artist draws a very nice Larsa. Her lines are clean, her colors are soft and pretty, and she drew Larsa with glasses. How was I not going to fall for the individual character art on the site? Also, there's shirtless Basch in the bath. Yeah, again, I was doomed to fall for the art on the site. ♥ The supposed pairing art on the site is pretty gen as well, the most risque thing is a kiss to the forehead, so even those who don't care for pairings could probably navigate most of the site pretty safely. Though, one may want to skip the "cosplay" section. I thought it was funny, but.... Anyway. The art is TOTALLY wibble-worthy, I highly recommend it. ♥ (Some yaoi pairings, but very, very tame stuff at best.)

- Final Fantasy XII - egoism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't sure about this site at first, but... well, I'm much more lax on fanart. Also, the artist is very talented, her colors are pretty and soft, her lines are delicate without being too whispy, and... well, there's not a lot of FFXII fanart available yet, so I'm going with whatever's pretty. And I don't run screaming from Balthier/Larsa in the same way I do other pairings and the artist draws the characters both looking totally gorgeous. There's also one particular image where Balthier's giving Larsa a potion in a really suggestive way while Penelo and Fran go o__o in the background that totally cracked me up. I couldn't help myself after that. (Balthier/Larsa.)

- Bleach/Final Fantasy XII - magre [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's a shame there's not more art on this site, it's very soft and pretty, the kind that is very warm and almost like sunlight shining on all of them, if you'll pardon the silly description. Or maybe I'm just a little too fond of the artist's illustration of a Viera that's just so pretty and fantasy-like that I was immediately taken with it. But there's also a lovely Rasler image and some gorgeous Bleach stuff--the artist's image of Aizen with a bird in gentle hands immediately next to an image of Hinamori crying is just... that's everything I love about that damaged pairing right there. The Gin and Kira illustrations are fabulous as well, making this a nice little stop on my fanart hunt. (No real pairing themes, it could be an entirely gen site.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Slayers/Final Fantasy XII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just idly poking around and somehow stumbled over this site, whereupon I pretty much instantly fell in love. The art here is gorgeous, there's such a strength to the lines and colors that makes Lina-tachi look just so, so pretty. Her Gourry/Lina art is so damn cute that even though it's not my favorite pairing (however, I do ship it, mind!) I was just over the moon for it here. It totally helps that there's a ton of art here as well and it's all just as adorable as the last. The HaruToki fanart is much the same, there's such a prettiness to the artist's colors and her style of drawing that I love so much--and, man, HaruToki3 really does attract some of the most amazing artists. As for the FFXII art, there's not a whole lot here, but it's some of the better stuff you'll find in the fandom so far. Her Vaan/Penelo art is just darling, her bright, cheerful style really suits them well. <3 (Gourry/Lina, a little other het for Slayers. Nothing I'll count for HaruToki. Maybe a little Vaan/Penelo for FFXII, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Zazen [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....okay, first of all, there is a Balthier fanart with bunny ears like the Viera have and that makes this site kind of awesome right there. Second, shota!Larsa isn't usually my cup of tea, but pretty fanart is pretty fanart and I enjoyed quite a lot of what this artist had to offer. The sketches/oekaki images are very cute, but it's the Larsa art in the gallery proper that especially attracted my attention, there's a very neat stylized feeling to it that I liked a lot. There's a surprising amount of detail to them and some interesting coloring styles and a lot of art tucked into various corners. Putting all that together made for a nice little site to collect some good Larsa fanart. (A lot of yaoi, but if you step v. v. carefully, you can find some gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy X - MISFORTUNE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So. The first image I stumble across on this site? Ashe holding both Basch and Vaan by collars. I am intrigued! Especially since it looks pretty and those are my two Ashe pairings. I scout around a bit more and find a love Basch/Ashe piece amongst the artwork here. It's probably more of a Basch/Vaan site than anything, but the artist clearly has a fondness for Ashe as well, so maybe it's more of an Ashe/Basch/Vaan triangle site? Either way, there's this really beautifully drawn image of Ashe in a black (mourning?) dress and veil that is quite possibly the prettiest FFXII fanart I've seen yet. The FFX art is much the same, some of them are just beautifully colored and beautifully drawn, absolutely worth going through. *__* If just for the blue one of Jecht turning into Sin that's just so, so, so pretty. (Some Ashe/Basch/Vaan permutations, some Jecht/Tidus I think, a lot of gen, too.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Starman [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally intended to pass this site by, since the style wasn't really my thing. I did really like the shiny colors and the nice amount of detail, but it wasn't grabbing me overall... until the image of Balthier with little kidlet Fran, who skinned her elbows and knees, so he's offering her a handkerchief. I'm not sure what to make of it, since I assume Fran's older in the game, but the art is SO CUTE that I wibbled and barely thought twice about falling for it. It's just the right combination of colors and adorableness that I couldn't help myself. <3 There are also some cute oekaki illustrations and it just wound up being a solid site to add a few more images to my list of FFXII fanart. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy XII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here in search of Odin Sphere fanart and was poking around the oekaki board and the art was interesting enough that I kept going with more and more pages of it. I think it's one of those sites that won me over because there's just so much of the art to be found and for several different series (I found a Rozen Maiden image I liked, too <3) that it sort of accumulated until I had to recommend it. There's not a lot of FFXII art sites that really hit me, but I liked that this artist drew almost all the main characters and seemed to really enjoy them as characters. The style isn't going to be for everyone, it took me awhile to really warm up to it, but... I like it now. It was a solid and really kind of fun site. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Renovatio [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally went through the FFXII gallery and I was kind of impressed, it's certainly some of the better FFXII fanart I've seen. (Which there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of...?) I liked the artist's style, it's got a lot of blended, almost sun-dappled-esque coloring. Or maybe watercolor-esque? But it wasn't until the FFVII gallery that I was really hooked on the site. *__* Of course it helped that the first illustration I clicked onto was this gorgeous Zack/Aerith piece, that put me in the right frame of mind, but it's also really fantastic art. There's a group illustration for the 2008 new year and, oh, man the detail and the light, pretty colors! I think the site is mostly focused on the CC-era of things, but that doesn't really hurt my feelings at all, especially not when they're as gorgeous as this. Plus plus plus! Beautifully drawn FFVII girls! Really pretty Cloud/Tifa! It's like this site loves me! ♥ (Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, some gen.)

- Final Fantasy XII/Okami - flies away [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where there's only a small handful of art for each series at the time of the rec (maybe three for Okami? maybe four for FFXII?) but the art is so well done that I really can't help myself. I knew I was going to be weak from the moment I saw the art of Lechku and Nechku (or whatever their original Japanese names were) and Ninetails in battle against Amaterasu, because that illustration was completely epic. Then there was a really beautiful illustration of Ultima from FFXII, a couple more really fantastically done poster-style images (and the one of Balthier/Fran is fantastic) and it was just. So impressive. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Final Fantasy III/Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy XII - Gratitude [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist's style isn't going to be for everyone, it's very cutesy and the colors are really bright, but I'm often fine with that as long as the artist has a certain charm to the art that draws me in. And what this artist did was put a surprising amount of detail into her work, so Rydia's hair looks fantastic or Desch looks really good in the close up or the Ingus/Sara illustration is surprisingly adorable or what have you. And yeah the style is the big chest with the big head and little body, especially with Rydia, but I was so charmed by the watercolor style that I didn't care. The FFVII stuff actually looks way more stylized than anything, but I'm fine with that sometimes, too. And while each section may not have a ton of art (except FFVII XD), there was enough for me to justify it for each of these series. And while the site is mostly Cloud/Aerith, there was one Zack/Aerith photograph-style illustration that just totally made me coo, especially since Aerith's hair wasn't about to eat her head in that one. The FFXII art is less tightened up than the FFIII of FFIV art, it's about the same level as FFVII, but--! Basch/Ashe fanart--! So rare! And some of them are genuinely adorable! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings themes for FFIII. Some Edge/Rydia, some gen for FFIV. Some Cloud/Aerith, some gen for FFVII. Some Basch/Ashe, some Vaan/Penelo, some other for FFXII.)

- Final Fantasy XII - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for FFIV fanart (since I was browsing pixiv) and happened to stumble over this site. It's a shame I haven't played VI yet because the art for that looks pretty as well, but I do at least know the XII art, which is a surprisingly rare thing to find. There's not a lot of art here and it might not be for everyone, but I was immediately pulled in because the Balthier/Fran art was really kinda pretty! It's almost sort of simple in detail, with watercolor-like style that somehow fit the mood of the original game for me. I really love the one of Fran just lounging around and there's even a Basch/Ashe illustration! \o/ I was terribly pleased with this site. (Some Balthier/Fran, some gen.)

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