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- Final Fantasy XII - I Love You by SilverLocke980 - He is ruler of a large land, but his dreams are small. I didn't really intend to stop on a fic labelled Larsa/Penelo just yet, I'm still focusing on other possibilities from the game, but somehow this one caught my attention. And I'm so glad it did because it's a lovely look at Larsa's character, the way he's so young in so many things, but he knows it, and he's not really been a child for awhile now, not as the son of an Emperor and brother to Vayne. The way he thinks of Penelo, the way he thinks of his entire life, the House of Solidor, the world around him, it's very effective and nicely balanced between optimistic and painful. A very insightful look into Larsa's character and some lovely background stuff. (Larsa/Penelo, other referenced pairings not worth mentioning.)

- Final Fantasy XII - Expected Outcomes by Meg - You know, as punishment for making me read/like Larsa/Penelo fic, I think I am going to muse on how to make Meg write out the implied beginning of this fic, the bit with Basch and Ashe. Yes. Because she deserves more people chewing on her brains for FFXII stuff, especially when she writes them with such a sense of... you know that sense when you violently heartmark someone? That's the feeling I have the entire way through reading Meg's fic with Larsa in it. He's planning something, of course he is, but Penelo gets swept up in it before she realizes it anyway and, a;fsdljalkjsdf, *keyboard mashing* they can keep Vaan as a pet and the ending is just so perfectly... the ending is perfect and Larsa's logic is brilliant and there's so much fun here that I love it. (Larsa/Penelo with faint implications of Vaan/Penelo.)

- Final Fantasy XII - untitled by Meg - One of the things I really like about Meg's writing of this particular dynamic is that she doesn't forget about Vaan, even when she's writing Larsa/Penelo antics. She continues to have such a sense of fun and I love that Penelo is TOTALLY the kind of girl you'd get shiny, dangerous weapons for when it was her birthday, especially if they were sharp and pointy daggers. And I love, love her Larsa characterization, I love the way he resolves his dilemma for what to get her (and omg Fran! ♥) and what he actually winds up getting. Also, fabulous ending line. ♥ XD (....sort of Larsa/Penelo?)

- Final Fantasy XII - Mad World by Navie Chance - While combing through FFNET for more readable FFXII fic (which I think I may be officially out of now *mourns*), I came across this short piece with Larsa and Penelo. One of the things I like about it is that it finds a genuine connection between the two characters, set just after the scene at Mt. Bur-Omisace, it's not just about Penelo comforting him, it's about finding an actual connection/parallel there. I'm not sure about the timeline (I thought Vaan's parents died first?) but I liked the writing, it was simple and straightforward and clean, something I associate strongly with Penelo's character. A solid read that didn't push the relationship too hard, but still let me enjoy their interaction. (This is gen, but Larsa/Penelo fans may enjoy it anyway.)

- Final Fantasy XII - untitled by ladysisyphus - Okay, seriously, if fandom keeps writing Larsa and Penelo so cutely, I'm not going to have any resistance left and then I'll cave into whatever you people try to make me like. That would be bad! On the other hand, cute Larsa and Penelo fic with candy and Larsa being adorable and never having had sugar-candy before, it's kind of difficult to argue with that 'cause, asdf;ljasdflj, holy crap, it's both adorable and just the right amount of seriousness. Adorable. ♥ (Some light Larsa/Penelo implications.)

- Final Fantasy XII - untitled by wreathsandbells - More adorably fun Larsa and Penelo (with a touch of Vaan) fic, another little piece that the author wrote without feeling like the story was shortchanged. As much as I love longer stories, sometimes I greatly enjoy reading short bite-sized fic memes like this because these ideas are so perfectly captured each time. The writing is lovely, the characterization is lovely, and the pieces always end on the perfect note to wrap everything up. And just. Larsa is so. Larsa and the way Penelo neatly reads between the lines and is firm without being bossy is absolutely everything I loved about her from the game. This is why I love Penelo's character so much. ♥ (It's gen, but if you want to read Larsa/Penelo into it....)

Final Fantasy XII/Chii's Sweet Home: Secret Weapon by white_aster - asdl;fkjaslkjs this was so freaking cute! The author has a great Chii voice to start out the fic with, totally setting the tone for the super adorable, and then brings in the FFXII cast and it's kind of delightful how well these two series go together. The characters are all delightful, the sense of friendship between these four, as Vaan and Penelo visit Larsa and Basch, is easy and light, which matches that it's a Chii's Sweet Home crossover. Plus, the characterization of Larsa is really fun here. <3 (Some implied potential Larsa/Penelo, but it's only half the point.)

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